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The Election, Saturn and the Great Attractor

Dear Friend and Reader:

It’s political season in the U.S. of A. Unlike most countries, where they get in and out of the elections, here in the States we have an endless phase of quarter finals, semi-finals, demi-finals, playoffs, and finally, the final finals.. The presidential race goes on for two years, with many hundreds of millions of dollars changing hands.


The Happy Man himself.

I’ve been watching both of the primary races develop, with genuine fascination. There are many elements that, if not new, are legitimately interesting.

That Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders came out on top of the New Hampshire primary on Tuesday is worth comment; and last night, during the recording of Planet Waves FM, I figured out how it shows up in the astrology.

Though I cannot stomach Donald Trump (it must be his particular shade of orange), I understand the anger and frustration that’s driving his candidacy. People are pissed off. Rage is a crackling, burning undercurrent of American life. That explains the guns, the road rage, the misogyny, the racism and the Tea Party.

On the Republican side, Trump is running against a field of, well, pallid, unoriginal liars. I can’t believe anyone takes any of them seriously, so on one level it makes sense that Trump is appealing to the most people. I do get the chills every time I hear or read “Let’s Make America Great Again” — for fluorescent-tinted alleged billionaires like him.

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Sparking the Fires of Consciousness

Dear Friend and Reader:

Early Thursday morning, the Sun passed the midpoint of the sign Aquarius. In the old calendar, this is the sabbat of Imbolc, one of the four cross-quarter days. Said simply, we’re at the midpoint between the winter solstice and the spring equinox — at least here in the Northern Hemisphere.

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Approaching the Cancer Full Moon & Moonshine Horoscopes

Dear Friend and Reader:

We reached the solstice yesterday; the Sun is now in Capricorn. Days begin to lengthen in the Northern Hemisphere (and shorten Down Under). Though it will be a while before the day length is noticeable, the night sky is currently graced with a waxing Moon adding some nocturnal light.

Photo by Amanda Painter.

The Cancer Full Moon is Friday (Christmas Day, for those who celebrate it). Between now and then, Mercury in its pre-retrograde shadow phase could wrinkle your plans, but you can take simple steps to keep the effects to a minimum. I’ve outlined the astrology for the first part of the week in the Monday Astrology Diary, as I continue to sit in for Eric.

Len Wallick has written this month’s Moonshine horoscopes interpreting this Full Moon for you, which features the Sun in very early Capricorn and the Moon opposite in Cancer, highlighting themes to do with ‘tradition’ and ‘home’.

Fe Bongolan looks at her life-in-progress and its telltale markers, and thinks about time — how far we’ve come; what has been. And how, for her, it continues to be observed and measured in both actual and creative children.

This week’s tarot reading by Sarah Taylor suggests you not only get to choose something, but you have the ability to choose it in a way that is balanced and serves your highest needs. What’s the best way to deal with actually getting what you wish for, for a change?

Amanda Moreno muses on how the last six months have flown, and time seems more compressed than ever. Events conspire to keep us fearful and off-balance, despite our relative material comfort. Still, our imagination can lead us out of the darkness.

In Judith Gayle’s latest column, she sidesteps the “corporate wet dream” that Christmas has become, and drops into the heart of this season’s meaning, urging you to shine through the darkness and the political “silly stuff” this season. She says of the Light, “It’s what we’re made of, it’s what we brought here with us and it’s what we came to do.”

Please note that Len’s Tuesday column has been delayed until tomorrow; I’ll be writing more about the Dec. 25 Full Moon on Thursday on the website. Also, the Thursday subscriber issue will be mailed Wednesday instead, due to the holiday, and it will feature a lead essay by Eric and your extended monthly horoscopes for January.

Wishing you peace for this new season,

Amanda Painter

Libra New Moon, the O+ Festival & a Crazy Retrograde Tale

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Sandy Davis, vocalist and writer for Pecas, which performed at the O+ Festival in Kingston this past weekend.

Sandy Davis, vocalist and writer for Pecas, who performed at the O+ Festival in Kingston this past weekend, as did all of my musical guests on today’s program.

Dear Friend and Reader:

In tonight’s edition of Planet Waves FM, I look at the chart of the Libra New Moon, which you can find in Monday’s article about the event, called You Are Human. I revisit my ideas about how robotics (that is, the Internet) is affecting our personal relationships and most of all, our ability to trust one another.

There’s a lot of interesting astrology in that first segment, including comments on the current Libra stellium, Uranus in Aries and a bit about its conjunction to Eris in Aries.

In the second segment I talk about the O+ Festival, which happened this past week in Kingston. All three of today’s musical artists performed at the festival — Pecas, Sean Crimmins and Sondra Sun-Odeon.

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A Total Eclipse of the Moon in Aries

Someone just asked me how tonight’s Aries lunar eclipse will affect them. They tried to look it up on the internet and didn’t find any useful information. I think it would be good to clear up a misunderstanding here — astrology works differently than that.

Lakshmi Girl in the Chironian, photo by Eric as part of the Book if Blue series.

Lakshmi Girl in the Chironian, photo by Eric / Book of Blue.

First, there are no objective definitions (none, at least, that are true).

Every collective event such as an eclipse will influence everyone differently; we are all individuals. We respond to our senses differently; we respond to ideas differently. Every person’s chart is different, so an event will ring each chart (which means, each life) with a different influence. This is why it’s essential to read astrology in a creative way; to see the possibilities; to remember that it’s a visioning process.

You might look in a old book and find out that Aries eclipses are bad for sheep. Besides avoiding lamb chops, or being careful if today is shearing day for your flock, how does that help? We might well ask whether eclipses affect us at all, or whether they are opportunities to respond to existence in a creative way. Your opinion on which of those is true matters.

It’s an indication of whether you have more faith in fate or in your own creativity. This is a meaningful thought experiment: do you expect life to happen to you, or to you choose to live, to direct the course of events, and to create your experiences — at least as best you can, given what you have to work with (which is plenty)?

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Ring That Bell

Early Sunday morning (in EDT, later Sunday in Europe and the UK) there was a partial eclipse of the Sun in Virgo. This is a delightfully busy chart, hinting at all kinds of things about to happen this week — Saturn changing signs, Saturn square Neptune, Jupiter opposite Neptune, Mercury retrograde — things, as in events and developments, are in motion.

Photograph of corresponding partial solar eclipse last March by our man in Athens, Anthony Ayiomamitis.

Photograph of corresponding partial solar eclipse last March by our man in Athens, Anthony Ayiomamitis.

Get ready for a ride and keep your hand on the rudder. No matter what is happening around you, or what is coming up for you, you are the one who guides your vessel. When the waters and other energies are moving this briskly, it’s essential to know where you want to go.

Look in that direction. When the planets are moving this fast, that opens up possibilities and you are likely to have moments when you have the option to choose. Therefore, it helps to know what you want.

The planets we are talking about, which are moving and making contact, are mostly in the transpersonal realm — that is, they address larger social currents, cultural trends, what seems obvious to many people, what appears in the news. The outer planets, the next tier out, are holding their course. We are in the same theater, on the same street. The set, the characters, the story, the audience: all are shifting and shuffling and recombining into new developments.

I will say this again — the Uranus-Pluto square and its sensation of relentless drive is behind us. We will still be seeing manifestations of the square for years, potentially the most interesting ones. I think it’s done its work to put a huge crack in the facade of “neoconservative” bullshit. Or rather, should I say, what is now obvious to the majority of people as BS.

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Neil deGrasse Tyson on the Making of Babies, GMO Fraud Exposed, the Virgo Solar Eclipse & Saturn Square Neptune

Neil deGrasse Tyson on Sway in the Morning.

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Dear Friend and Reader:

In tonight’s edition of Planet Waves FM [PLAY PROGRAM], I reprise Neil deGrasse Tyson and consider what he does not know about biology. I assess a segment from an XM program called Sway in the Morning wherein Tyson reveals he does not know how long human gestation takes.

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