Rediscovering Buoyancy

Posted by Amanda Painter


The Sun entered Pisces today, joining Mercury (which entered Pisces yesterday), Venus, Neptune and Chiron. On Friday, the asteroid Juno will join the pool party. Amanda Painter suggests you may be noticing that last week’s edginess is softening, or feel a sensation like pressure has finally equalized.

Opening the Door for an Aquarian Eclipse

Posted by Amanda Painter

Door of the Hermitage, Omega Institute. Photo by Eric.

This week we get the second in our pair of current eclipses: a partial solar eclipse during the Aquarius New Moon on Thursday, Feb. 15. There’s been a lot on Planet Waves lately about interrupting old patterns to allow new ones to form — patterns that will better suit who you’re in the process of becoming.

A Little Leverage, Right When You Need It

Posted by Amanda Painter


Have you ever used a simple lever to move something more easily that was stuck? Or have you ever felt backed into a metaphorical corner, yet feeling yourself there somehow enabled you to push back and regain your space? As Amanda Painter writes, those examples of how square energy can feel are being highlighted as we reach the midpoint between eclipses.

A Penetrating Mind, and Mars Changes Sign

Posted by Amanda Painter


What do you need to dig into, investigate or persuade someone about? Amanda Painter suggests that astrology this week offers support in those realms, though with a caveat: empathy and a goal of mutual benefit need to be guiding principles — along with an awareness of the potential for obsession and self-righteousness.

A Capricorn New Moon to Build On

Posted by Amanda Painter


The astrology this week appears to speak of building something new, thanks in part to a New Moon in Capricorn. Yet as the week progresses, it looks like you’ll be doing this building with a shifting frame of reference, thanks to several objects changing sign.

When the Universe Offers Traction, Use It

Posted by Amanda Painter


By now, you’ve likely read all kinds of damning and exciting tidbits from the new book that exposes the inner dysfunction of the Trump White House. The current astrology indicates the fallout from it will likely develop this week, and that should make for fascinating news; but here’s the thing: you’re going to want to tear yourself away from social media and your TV to use this week’s astrology yourself.

Dancing in the New Year with a Full Moon

Posted by Amanda Painter


This is the Cancer Full Moon, with the Moon in Cancer opposite the Sun in Capricorn, at 11+ degrees of their signs (properly known as 12 degrees). This Full Moon is exact at 9:24 pm EST on Jan. 1 (2:24 UTC Jan. 2). At the most basic level, moving toward a Full Moon is likely to amp up the emotional stakes on New Year’s Eve.

Time to Get Practical: Venus in Capricorn

Posted by Amanda Painter


Mercury is beginning to shake out following its recent retrograde (which ended Friday night, but which might still be reverberating for you). Amanda Painter notes this should help you to unwind anything that got tightly wound recently. Continued new activity in Capricorn, a sign of initiative, should assist as well.

The Case of the Capricorn Solstice

Posted by Eric Francis Coppolino


This could be the most interesting week in quite a while — and that’s saying a lot. I guess “interesting” is a charitable way to describe the rise of tyranny by ignorance, chaos and pixels, and any possible resistance, and events that seem outside our control — but it’s the holiday season.

From Here to Saturn in Capricorn

Posted by Eric Francis Coppolino


It seems like we’ll experience a microcosm of history before Saturn enters Capricorn: of shuffling of developments and ideas, of changes, referrals in course, many little surprises and revelations, and a few big ones. World events have been so compressed lately that few might notice the difference.

What Are We Birthing?

Posted by Amanda Painter


If you feel like you’re not entirely sure what just happened, hang in there. Today (Sunday) featured some pivotal astrology. But as the energy from these events settles or changes direction, you might find that your perspective shifts, or that insights come through in a new form.