Mercury Conjunct Retrograde Venus

Posted by Eric Francis Coppolino


This week arrives with one of the more symbolic encounters along our current Scorpio journey: Mercury conjunct retrograde Venus. The most recent previous encounter was retrograde Venus square Mars in Aquarius. That was how last week felt — halfway between the Twilight Zone and a hostage situation.

Venus, Mars and the Milieu

Posted by Eric Francis Coppolino


Let’s look ahead to an aspect on Oct. 10. That aspect is Venus retrograde in Scorpio, square Mars in Aquarius. As of this time, Venus will be newly retrograde, and Mars will have just cleared its shadow phase and have entered new territory for the first time.

Mars Direct, Through Aquarius

Posted by Eric Francis Coppolino


We have just lived through Martian Summer, and are about to experience Venusian Autumn. It would seem like for about half the population or more, this has been a particularly rough summer. We have some pieces to pick up, some damage to assess and repair, and maybe some issues to settle.

At Last: Mars Stations Direct

Posted by Amanda Painter


By the time you read this, the Pisces Full Moon will have already peaked earlier in the day. Yet even if you can feel a situation resolving or softening in one regard, you might still be experiencing a little agitation: tomorrow, at 10:05 am EDT (14:04:52 UTC), Mars finally stations direct after having been retrograde for two full months.