You Are Held by Existence: Your 2015 Astrology

By Eric Francis

Dear Friend and Reader:

Belonging means being part of something larger than yourself, and also confident in yourself. To truly belong means being held by existence — a feeling that we would all like more of.

Abraham Maslow, a pioneer of humanistic psychology, considered belonging to be such a significant need that he compared it with food and shelter. Yet often a dry roof and food on the table seem easy compared to getting some assurance that you belong where you are.

I know that life demands constant adaptation that can make this seem more challenging every day — in your work, in relationships, or in our society that’s changing so fast nobody can keep up. Then of course there are your deeper goals, the ones that seem more difficult to reach.

Astrology can help — and as you know, it does so dependably.

If astrology speaks to anything, it’s the theme of aligning with who you are, at this moment, and navigating your way through life. This is the theme I’m taking up with Cosmophilia, your 2015 annual readings from Planet Waves.

My message: You belong here.

I will map out the fast-moving, exciting astrology of 2015 and offer solid ideas about where you stand right now, and what your most beneficial options are.

Looking into the future, I will offer ideas for how to plot your course forward, avoid obstacles and take advantage of hidden opportunities. My focus is always on a creative approach to relationships, sustaining yourself and doing meaningful work that helps you grow.

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Reclaiming a Sexual Identity

By Planet Waves


It’s a terrifying thing to consider: acquainting myself with an energy I don’t even remember possessing (before it was twisted by my father) and then reclaiming it as Me and mine. An energy that was my divine birthright, now manifested in a persona I call the Cronechild who, in her wisdom, wants so desperately to come out and play. It’s terrifying because it’s leading me to integrate my shame around things like sex and motherhood and status and identity. And power.

Seeing What’s Hidden

By Judith Gayle


We’re in the midst of that period in which nothing can remain hidden for long. Old secrets have come bubbling up in these last weeks, waiting for their day in court. The question at hand isn’t whether bad, dangerous or even criminal things have happened or if allegations are believable. The question is, do these realities so wound our sense of who we think we are that we will refuse to face them squarely? Continue reading

Sagittarius: The Ultimate Misfits, or the Ones Who Get It?

By Amanda Painter


Saturday, Nov. 22, is the Sagittarius New Moon exact 7:32 am EST (12:32 UT). Part of what gives Sagittarius its more “out there” feel is that it contains two mysterious, powerful deep-space points. The most compelling may be the very core of our galaxy, considered a “cosmic homing signal” in astrology related to the deeply spiritual leanings of more “evolved” Sagittarians. Note: If you you are not a basic subscriber or Core Community / All-Access Pass member and would like to read this issue in full, which includes Eric’s horoscopes written for the Sagittarius New Moon, you may purchase it individually here. Or try a free one-month trial membership here.

Planet Waves Weekly Horoscope, Nov. 20 – 27

By Eric Francis


Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22) — Don’t worry about how to do it, just take the first step and get moving. You seem to think that you need to have your whole strategy or agenda planned out, but that’s never the way things work. Sure, you can sketch out a rough plan, but I think that even that would go against your purposes because you could easily get hung up on having that plan be the right plan. Planet Waves Weekly offers detailed readings each week for all 12 Sun signs and rising signs. It’s available to Core Community Members. Here is how to sign up.

Planet Waves Daily Oracle for Saturday, Nov. 22, 2014

By Planet Waves


You must allow your concerns about your finances to be clear enough for you to take action. That is the measure of clarity; is the response obvious? Think in words and concepts, not emotions. How you define your problems will determine whether you are able to solve them; whether they have solutions can help tell you whether they are truly problems at all. Continue reading