That Scorpio Eclipse and Mercury Stationing Direct

By Amanda Painter

Thursday is an unusual day astrologically: the Sun, Moon and Venus all move into Scorpio, and meet up for a New Moon and a partial solar eclipse. Two days later, Mercury stations direct in Libra. So your life from now through the weekend may feel especially concentrated, but we’re all in this together — and it looks like some astrological factors will be easing the way.

Photo by Hal J. Cohen, taken at Amy Stacey Curtis' "Matter" installation.

Photo by Hal J. Cohen, taken at Amy Stacey Curtis‘ “Matter” installation, Oct. 4, 2014.

First, the basic facts: in a span of less than 12 hours on Oct. 23, the Sun, Moon and Venus will all leave Libra. The Sun enters Scorpio at 7:57 am EDT, the Moon and Venus enter Scorpio nearly simultaneously just minutes before and after 5 pm EDT, and the solar eclipse conjunct Venus happens just before 6 pm.

Scorpio is a water sign associated with intense emotions, deep eroticism, power, money and transformation — areas that make plenty of people squirm. Eclipses, in turn, are associated with periods of accelerated change: letting go of what you no longer need to make room for internal (and external) updates that will move you forward.

We tend to fear change just as intensely as we say we desire it, making eclipses more psychologically complex than perhaps they need to be.

A peek at the minor planets reveals something that may help us slide into Scorpio’s realm with minimal resistance — maybe even a sense of accomplishment.

Minor planet 1992 QB1 is in early Taurus, opposite where the Sun, Moon, Venus (and asteroid Pallas) are clustering. 1992 QB1 is associated with crossing thresholds into new phases of life and the people who assist the process. Midwives are a prime example of what Eric Francis likes to call a “thresholder.”

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Following the Eclipse — Mars and Neptune

By Len Wallick

len wallick

Len Wallick writes: “After the monumental confluence of events centered on today’s Scorpio solar eclipse has peaked, there will be no letdown for astrology if Mars and Neptune are any indication. So don’t let yourself down. Take the time to take care of yourself. Also take care to follow through. Honor transitions and commitments equally, and you will be one with the celestial flow.”

Scorpio Eclipse Live Call-In Edition of Planet Waves FM

By Eric Francis


This is a replay of Wednesday night’s live edition of Planet Waves FM, which focused on the solar eclipse in Scorpio, Mercury stationing direct, and a diversity of themes and subjects that our many callers brought to the conversation. We talk about the progressed horoscope, what it is and how to use it; horary astrology; and why you want to ask your clients a few questions before you try to read the chart. There are no musical breaks, just a lot of dialog between me and our subscribers.

The (Mostly) Good News Issue

By Amanda Painter

Screen shot 2014-10-08 at 4.59.20 PM

This week’s issue of Planet Waves’ environmental newsletter focuses primarily on environmental advances: the success of trans-border forested corridors for tigers moving between India and Nepal; the empowerment and training of Mongolian herders to use ‘camera traps’ to collect snow leopard data; rebounding vulture populations in India; China halting logging in a wide swath of state-owned forests; and the success of community-based sustainable agriculture in Burkina Faso. The fly in the ointment? The EPA’s approval of Dow’s new herbicide containing an Agent Orange ingredient and glyphosate.