IN THESE TIMES is my 2019 reading in the “midyear” series (now called the autumn reading). Organized by sign, it consists of 12 astrology sessions that will help you see where the stress points are, and where you can direct your energy and resources for the results that you want to get.

One of those results is feeling deeper peace of mind, balance and a sense of influence over your affairs. Using the techniques of spiritual practice, therapy and astrological counseling, I will help you focus on yourself, your priorities and your needs.

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Jupiter-Neptune, and Saturn Stations Direct

Posted by Amanda Painter

Congratulations on making it through last week. I’m hearing from a number of people that it was an especially challenging build-up to the Full Moon, which peaked early on Saturday — as in, not a typical Pisces Full Moon at all. Personally, I found it to be marked by a variety of external stresses, internal emotional detours, and a number of interpersonal situations not working out as anticipated at all.

Planet Waves

One of the largest and longest-lived storms recorded in our solar system, first observed on Saturn in 2010; pictured here in false color. The blue stripe is the rings seen edge-on; that black band is their shadow. Photo by the Cassini Imaging Team, SSI, JPL, ESA, NASA.

We can likely chalk a lot of that up to the primary feature of this week’s major astrology: Jupiter in Sagittarius in a long square to Neptune in Pisces (which was directly involved in this Full Moon).

On Saturday, Sept. 21, Jupiter and Neptune will make their exact square for the third and final time in this series; the other exact contacts were on Jan. 13 and June 16. Between now and Saturday, Saturn stations direct in mid-Capricorn — more on that in a moment. You might check your calendar or journal to see whether you can trace a progressing or recurring theme between the first two exact contacts of Jupiter-Neptune and now.

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Under Pressure: Pisces Full Moon Conjunct Neptune

Posted by Eric Francis Coppolino

Sketch of Jupiter and its moons from Galileo’s notebook, the night of Dec. 27-28, 1612. He noted the existence of Neptune, but recorded it as a star; you can see it off to the left side of the drawing. Such began the history of Neptune manifesting and unmanifesting, till it was finally officially noted to exist in 1846.

Dear Friend and Reader:

We’re now experiencing a Full Moon conjunct Neptune in Pisces. The aspect is exact Saturday morning at 12:33 am EDT (9:33 pm Friday PDT, 5:33 am Saturday in London, 2:33 pm in Sydney).

This is a complex chart for a number of reasons, most of which include many aspects to Neptune in Pisces, the distant ice giant planet discovered in the age of the telegraph, with an orbit of 164 years.

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Monday Morning Horoscope #194 for Sept. 16, 2019

Posted by Amy Elliott


Though the world might not yet observe the difference, within yourself you’ve come a long way in the past month. Your next step is to make those gains manifest in the external world, and build on them. This will first require you to cement your understanding of what has taken place: what you’ve discovered about yourself, and what it all means to you.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Sept. 12, 2019

Posted by Sara Victoria Emory


The Sun entered your sign this year with a powerful message of rebirth. This is an ongoing process of integration, of making-whole, and of emergence into a fundamentally more empowered sense of self. This weekend’s Full Moon asks you to feel into what part of your soul you’ve handed over to others, and the role anger plays in healing what might feel lost.

Monday Morning Horoscope #193 for Sept. 9, 2019

Posted by Amy Elliott


As we build toward an interesting Full Moon in your opposite sign, with your own still playing host to all the inner planets, you may benefit this week from remembering just how far your capabilities stretch. If you tend to need frequent confidence boosts, or if you’re in a situation where you feel lacking in power, it can be much more difficult to see just how influential you are.