In 2020 we have not one but two conjunctions that mark the turn of a generation, and of an era in history. On Jan. 12, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn form their once per 33-year conjunction. Then on Dec. 21. 2020, Jupiter and Saturn, both now in Aquarius, form a conjunction in the first degree of that sign. Read more...

Listening to the World Go By

Posted by Eric Francis Coppolino

Dear Friend and Reader:

One of my journalistic hobbies is listening to the scanner. All I have to do is unmute Channel 1 on my soundboard, and it comes through my speakers. I can then eavesdrop on the chatter of government. I hear some law enforcement, but mainly what comes across are medical calls, fire calls and stuff like road maintenance.

Planet Waves

My basic audio setup includes a Uniden scanner (device right under the candle, made in Sugarloaf), so I can listen to public service activity in my community. I make no secret of the fact that I monitor; I discuss events and procedures with local leaders. Photo by Lanvi Nguyen.

For me this is like a civics meditation. I don’t actively cover local news. When I hear something newsworthy, I will text the city editor at the Daily Freeman, which does not have the time to monitor. But that’s not my main reason for listening. I just find it interesting, and also, I feel reassured to hear that society is functioning.

One of my favorite items happens on the hour, when the toll plazas along the New York State Thruway check in with the temperature and road conditions. I can hear this because they’re on a relay system that broadcasts all the interchanges on one local channel. There is nothing special about this; what I love is hearing routine business, and also the sense of space as the toll plazas announce the weather in their immediate area, spanning hundreds of miles.

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Life at This Dangerous Crossroads

Posted by Eric Francis Coppolino

Thursday night, I presented the Aries Full Moon in relationship to its political implications, and how it aspects the charts of the United States, of Trump, and the U.S. Pluto return.

Planet Waves

Photo: The Daily Gazette.

To begin understanding the Aries Full Moon on a personal level, first consider what you’re feeling right now, and then consider this. We who are alive today live at a dangerous intersection, where the individual and the collective merge into one another.

This is so natural that we don’t notice it. But we live there, with all our stuff, not where two roads meet but at the railroad crossing of the collective (trains) and the individual (cars and pedestrians).

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Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Oct. 17, 2019 (#1265)

Posted by Sara Victoria Emory


The high-voltage Full Moon last weekend likely stirred deep-seated material that left you more consciously aware of what you must let go of, and what you require to feel safe on a fundamental level. How to bring those needs forward may be the question, but your evolutionary path demands that you overcome indecision and hesitation to act on your own behalf.

Chaos, Balance and Birth

Posted by Amanda Painter

Fire engine abstract #2; Photo by Amanda Painter.

Mercury may still be two weeks from its station retrograde in Scorpio on Oct. 31, but its effects have been emerging all week. Amanda Painter considers the Sun-Eris opposition against this backdrop, along with the potential for rewarding (if intensive) self-awareness and new ways of relating.

More Kicks than Pricks?* The Aries Full Moon

Posted by Amanda Painter


Sunday night’s Aries Full Moon, which will be exact at 5:08 pm EDT (21:07:45 UTC), brings the Saturn-Pluto conjunction to the forefront. Full Moons are one of the most palpable astrological events we experience — both internally, and through witnessing others’ behavior. This one is like running the essence of Saturn-Pluto in through an IV […]