From an Eclipse into Venus Retrograde

Posted by Eric Francis

Today’s eclipse in Pisces was what you might call a watershed moment: a point of transition from one phase of your life to another. This one put us under considerable pressure to wrap up old business and make way for new experiences.


Ruy Queiroz caught the Feb. 26 eclipse in Sao Paulo, one of the world’s major financial centers and the most populous city in Brazil.

Eclipses have lasting effects, and this one is not over. The Sun is still moving toward Neptune in Pisces, which will be inspiring if you can stay above the confusion.

To work with Neptune you must keep your confidence and clarity of mind, while still honoring your creativity and intuition. You can do it; it will help to take one thing at a time.

While this eclipse is pulsing through the water of Pisces in circular waves, another event is happening in Aries: Mars passing through the Uranus-Eris conjunction. This is radical astrology, it’s bold and it’s also asking for careful and reasoned thought.

Remember, the Sun is conjunct Neptune at the moment, which can be idealistic or foggy. Mars is mixing it up with electrical Uranus and rebellious Eris. So you’ll want to think before you act, even if you want to make some kind of sudden move. The problem with Neptune is that it can either conceal information, or make you think something is a great idea when it might not be. Hence, discernment is necessary. Real-time tests are necessary, before you go all-in.

One relevant example is that, often, people will smoke a little pot and think something is a great idea. It may be, it may not be, but you need to think it through in the morning, and maybe test it out in real life. Mars-Uranus-Eris can indeed spark inspired ideas; it’s just not guaranteed.

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Committee to Protect Journalists: Trump’s Attacks on Media Will Be Felt by Journalists Around World

Posted by Planet Waves


On Friday, the White House took the unprecedented act of barring The New York Times, CNN, Politico, the Los Angeles Times, the BBC and several other news organizations from an off-camera briefing known as a gaggle. Meanwhile, several right-wing news outlets were allowed to attend.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Feb. 27, 2017

Posted by Eric Francis


The full effects of Sunday’s solar eclipse in your sign will take a few days to settle in, though remember — you’re not drifting. Your life is on course, and you’ll stay on course for as long as you stay connected to your feelings. If you cut off from your own sensitivity, or if you try to override your intuition with logic, you’re likely to misguide yourself.

Four Winds Report for Feb. 26, 2017

Posted by Planet Waves


Today the Sun and Moon form a conjunction in Pisces: a new Moon, and also a partial solar eclipse. It’s been two weeks since we experienced the Leo Full Moon and lunar eclipse. It’s possible that these two weeks have felt strangely compressed: like a surprising number of events have been squeezed in.

Four Winds Report for Feb. 25, 2017

Posted by Planet Waves


Today Mercury enters Pisces, followed by the Moon overnight into Sunday. That will temporarily make eight planets and points in Pisces as we approach Sunday’s Pisces New Moon and partial solar eclipse. Have you been taking your swimming lessons these last couple weeks since the lunar eclipse?

On Approach

Posted by Len Wallick


We have been journeying between eclipses since Feb. 10. Now we are on approach to conclude a period of essentially being in transit from one place to another, and we’ll arrive with the Pisces New Moon and solar eclipse on Sunday. Len Wallick offers some travel advice to you today.