The Saturn Files: Reckoning

By Eric Francis

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Dear Friend and Reader:

The Sun, Venus and Pallas Athene have all entered Scorpio, joining up with slow-moving Saturn. Mercury is currently in Libra and will be joining the Scorpio grouping on Nov. 8.

No Earth-based telescope could get this view of Saturn — we just don’t have this angle from the ground. This photo, created in 2013, is a composite of images taken by the Cassini Space Probe that is now orbiting Saturn, providing a view of both the night and day sides.

That is an unusual influence coming from Scorpio, which represents a new phase of 2014 astrology — what I would call a time of reckoning. Scorpio is about shared resources, beginning with the most important of them all, the DNA that does its spiral dance down the millennia and creates new generations of creatures. By extension, this includes sexual reproduction, and by further extension, any other resources that are shared within partnerships, marriages and families.

All these planets gathered in Scorpio are saying there is plenty to go around. That each of them will soon make conjunctions to Saturn is saying there needs to be some structure to this process, and a concept of balance. Usually balance is maintained by structure, and by a process of accountability. These are the dominant themes of the Saturn Files.

Saturn has been in Scorpio since this time in 2012. Beginning in December, it will be transitioning into Sagittarius, a process that will take approximately nine months in all. Sagittarius is where we get to go after we’ve addressed all the subject matter of Scorpio. If you listen you may hear yourself or others wanting to skip over all the emotional, hormonal, sexual Scorpio stuff and jump right into the light, spiritual, aspirational subject matters of Sagittarius.

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Don’t Vote!

By Felirene Bongolan

Don’t Vote!

A friendly message in time for both Halloween and the November 4th mid term election day! Have a happy and safe Samhain and may you only be treated, never tricked!! – FB Post by The Young Turks.

Personal History — Mercury, Venus and Mars

By Len Wallick

len wallick

A failure to learn from history frequently results in a destiny to repeat it. So take a cue from Mercury, Venus and Mars to take a hand in shaping your own personal destiny this weekend. The three planets most often called ‘personal’ are each separately moving into the same aspect (a sextile) with an outer planet often associated with history. All three of those separate sextiles will be exact for most of you on Saturday.