A Tradition of Sound Astrological Guidance

By Eric Francis

Dear Friend and Reader:

In this world, having good information is a way of feeling like you belong somewhere. Relevant knowledge, when you need it, makes life easier. And someone offering you good information reminds you that they care enough to provide you with a hint, an idea, or when called for, a word of caution. Even better, a word of encouragement.

One thing that’s clear about our lives today is that we are responsible for knowing so much — even as the world gets less predictable, and information is relevant for less time. Our moment of history is the perfect time and place for astrology, which can embrace so much of who you are, and even help you see around the bend.

The Planet Waves annual edition, now in its 16th year, is a beautiful tradition of offering sound astrological guidance. I’ve been creating the Planet Waves annual since before most people had Internet access.

Year after year, I’ve conducted impeccable research on the coming four seasons. Then I’ve prepared readings designed to provide you with the ideas, guidance and encouragement to make the most out of your precious time and energy.

One thing you get with your Planet Waves annual reading is the benefit of experience. Lots and lots of experience, which is the result of astrology practiced every single day, year upon year.

In each annual edition, I cover the 12 Sun signs and rising signs in both audio and written format. The spoken word and the written word work differently in the brain, and I want to use both approaches.

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The short instructional manifesto for relationship anarchy

By Planet Waves


For this last full day of the Sun in Sagittarius, this week’s sex-and-relationships column comes from Swedish blogger Andie Nordgren. Even if you’re not into polyamory or “relationship anarchy,” the ideas of personal responsibility for emotions; respect for the autonomy of others; and co-creating unique, living commitments apply to all intimate relationship models.

What We Shall See

By Judith Gayle


Judith Gayle turns her attention to the spike in international news this week — perhaps anticipating Saturn’s coming slide into Sagittarius — and reminds readers that if we give the day to love, there can be no fear in it. If we get out of our heads and into our hearts, we can begin to breathe again, and find the expanding joy in these last days of 2014.

Planet Waves Daily Oracle for Saturday, Dec. 20, 2014

By Planet Waves


Is there going to be any end to the changes? Will the pace of your life ever slow down? You need to invent new ways to find rest and refuge. If there is no place you truly feel at home you need to make a few new ones. And if there are places you do feel like you belong like you’re perfectly safe and like you have what you need this may be for surprising reasons — reasons that have nothing to do with your past. You are a different person than you ever were you have different needs and you finally have the independence to act on them.

Planet Waves Daily Oracle for Friday, Dec. 19, 2014

By Planet Waves


You’re figuring out that you like yourself, which is a huge step in the right direction. You now need to connect that improved opinion of your existence with permission to be motivated in the direction you want to go. At this point, you run the risk of giving up, but you could just as easily choose to face the repeated challenges of existence in a truly positive way.

Cuban Missile Crisis Finally Over

By Eric Francis


The year seems to be ending on a positive note. Kenahorah! There are still two weeks to go, which include a rockin’ winter solstice, the Capricorn New Moon and a sign change of Saturn. In this issue I cover the big news about Cuba-US relations and New York’s decision to ban fracking, plus your solstice horoscopes for all 12 signs.

Free Audio Preview of the Sagittarius Birthday Reading

By Eric Francis


Your Sagittarius birthday reading is ready — you may listen above, or download it using the links. If you like the preview, the reading is available for instant access! I give a overview of what I cover in this three-part, 90 minute reading, with much of it devoted to the positive aspects of Saturn entering your sign this year and much else. Listen to find out more.