Battle of the Stars: Astronomy v. Astrology World Tour

By Planet Waves

Official promotional poster for the Eric Francis-Neil Tyson debate series.

Official promotional poster for the Eric Francis-Neil Tyson debate series.

Who is right? Astronomers or astrologers?

Who is closest to the truth, those wacky medieval prognosticators who lure their clients to give up control of their lives, or the enlightened, erudite scholars of outer space?

This question will finally be settled in the 27-campus Battle of the Stars, featuring Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Eric Francis Coppolino.

The tour begins Friday evening at Columbia University in New York City, and will proceed through the spring in North America, with the final stop being the University of Toronto.

Who knows more about Pluto, astronomers or astrologers?

Who knows more about Pluto, astronomers or astrologers?

The tour will continue onto Europe through the summer, where students are so intelligent, they insist on going to college even in the warm weather. The series will conclude this August in Prague on the anniversary of the demotion of Pluto.

The co-moderators of the event will be Nancy Reagan and Dr. Robert Hand, who have worked together for years as client and astrologer.

“I’m so excited,” Mr. Coppolino said in a statement issued by his publicist’s press agent’s representative. “I can’t wait to explain to Neil what a dwarf planet is. I read his book about Pluto and there were a few mistakes.”

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Planet Waves FM :: The Germanwings Air Crash, Mental Health, Mercury Conjunct Chiron and the Total Lunar Eclipse in Libra — and John Perry Barlow

By Eric Francis


Tonight I look at the Germanwings murder suicide, focusing on Mercury conjunct Chiron in the chart [view chart]. I also read teh chart for the total lunar eclipse that happens Saturday, and what we get when we pull back the veil over the Libra Moon. My musical guest is The Greateful Dead — in special form: a song by lyricist John Perry Barlow performed by keyboard player Brent Mydland; and then an oldie from the famous Barton Hall concert, Row Jimmy.

Out of the Blue

By Len Wallick


The astrology right now supports your being creative and positive enough to change some self-disruptive perception-and-response patterns. Friday’s total lunar eclipse in Libra suggests you adopt a new pattern; Len Wallick suggests you make releasing anxiety and relaxing into natural processes part of your agenda (breathe easy: astrology counts as “natural”).

Approaching the Libra Eclipse — and Your Planet Waves Update

By Amanda Painter


This week’s big astro-news is the total eclipse of the Moon in Libra, which is exact Saturday at 8:06 am EDT (12:06 UTC). This is the complement to the total solar eclipse we experienced on the equinox; pairs of eclipses act like bookends to discrete phases of time with unusual potential, especially if you stay tuned in to how your inner and outer experiences are aligning.

Danielle Voirin’s Photo of the Day for 03.31.15

By Planet Waves


Paris-based photographer Danielle Voirin travels the world and documents her experiences in photographs. She takes street photography and photojournalism a shade beyond even art, to the level of mysticism. She sees the world like the living Tarot spread that it is. We’ll be featuring a new photo by Dani each day of the week on the front page of Planet Waves. You may see more of her work on her website, or her alt website,

Planet Waves Daily Oracle for Tuesday, March 31, 2015

By Planet Waves


We have nothing in this life if we don’t take care of ourselves and have much to gain by being the first ones to respond to our own needs. Cancer is the sign of caring and compassion and now is the time to become much more assertive about this subject where your own life is concerned. The past few weeks have been an exceptionally busy and perhaps complicated time for you.