Aquarius Full Moon: Give Yourself Wiggle Room

By Amanda Painter

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Dear Friend and Reader:

Imagine you are focused intently on making your car fit into a tight parallel-parking space. You get it partway in, but maybe your approach wasn’t quite right. At a certain point, you realize that going back and forth at the same angle isn’t getting you where you want to go.

A Goat’s-Beard seed puff in front of the setting Leo Sun in Portland, Maine. Photo by Amanda Painter.

You need more wiggle room. But the other cars are not going to give it to you. The curb is not going to give it to you. Even your own car is not going to give it to you.

You are the only one who can give yourself more wiggle room — and you do that by pulling out and realigning, giving yourself space and perspective.

You have to try something new — even if just subtly. Your pride at typically being a great parallel parker will not help you, nor will letting your ego flare up at the nerve of these other people not giving you more space. You might need to try an approach that is different in its speed, angle, head start, and so on.

You might even experience the epiphany that you don’t have to keep trying that same parking spot, let alone keep trying it in the same way. Far from abandoning the process, you have given yourself the space to see the process for what it is, and negotiate it differently.

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He Who Laughs Last

By Judith Gayle


There continues to be a remarkable amount of babble going on in the world — media gone berserk and people either sensitized to the extreme, like the brave Greenpeace activists attempting to halt Arctic drilling by hanging from a bridge in Portland, Oregon, or deadened, like those who sneer at the callous criminality of Cecil the Lion’s death and think the Putinesque narcissism of the dentist that killed him admirable.