Love, Rain On Me

By Eric Francis

Dear Friend and Reader:

Though the Sun is in Aquarius, there is some extraordinary astrology happening in Pisces this weekend. Aquarius is certainly speaking its piece. On Friday, Mercury and the Sun form their interior conjunction. This is the midway point in the Mercury retrograde that began on Jan. 21 and ends on Feb. 11.

Photo by Eric Francis / Book of Blue – New York.

The Mercury-Sun conjunction can come with a revelation, an inner realization of some kind, a discovery or a moment of truth for society.

Unusual, and often positive, developments seem to attend this aspect, which happens twice per Mercury cycle. There is the interior conjunction during the retrograde, when Mercury passes exactly between the Earth and the Sun. Then there is the exterior conjunction, when Mercury passes behind the Sun when Mercury is direct. We are now at the interior conjunction.

Mercury is currently as close to the Earth as it gets — which is in part responsible for the whole Mercury retrograde effect. Mercury is a gigantic magnet. However, when the alignment is exact, that may serve to suspend the effect of the retrograde, or bring out some of its deeper properties.

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Belonging Through a Metamorphosis of Identity

By Planet Waves


In addition to the Cosmophilia audio and written sign readings, we’ve published Featured Articles by Planet Waves collaborators (with more coming!) that are open for everyone to read. Here is the beginning of Louise Lowrie’s essay about individuating from her twin, its psychological upheaval, and ultimately knowing that witnessing, self-work and healing can happen in many different containers.

Planet Waves Daily Oracle for Friday, Jan. 30, 2015

By Planet Waves


You’ve made some meaningful decisions this week or perhaps they have made you. It will take some time for the full effects to emerge but I trust you’re feeling a sense of relief like you’ve finally come around to a way of thinking that will serve you better. Be cautious because your newfound peace of mind is subject to disturbances by those who have not unpacked their personal baggage yet. In fact they may claim to have left it in the taxi. The next few days are an excellent time to let people work out what belongs to them; don’t let any of it interfere with your heard-earned sanity.

Waxing Toward the Leo Full Moon

By Len Wallick


Len Wallick walks you through a series of astrological milestones over the next week, on our way to the Leo Full Moon. His hope is that this advance notice will allow your own capacity to accommodate increased meaning time to grow apace with the waxing Moon.

Planet Waves Daily Oracle for Thursday, Jan. 29, 2015

By Planet Waves


In spiritual teachings (my own included, I must admit) we hear a lot about self-love, but not so much about self-like. Now, if (most of) our parents had not taught us so proficiently about our imperfections, if (most of) our schools had not snuffed away the flame of individuality, coercing us into hating who we were as individuals in comparison to the crowd, if (most of) our lovers had not made such unreasonable demands on us and vice-versa, liking ourselves might be much easier. But look, darling, there is very little about your soft, generous, kind, maternal, generous, loving self not to like, so, what more can I say? Get with it.

Planet Waves Daily Oracle for Wednesday, Jan. 28, 2015

By Planet Waves


You’re about to get a surge of energy — though I suggest you go for the slow burn. Keep your flame blue and clean and just the right temperature. In other words: plan for the long run. Mars is about to station direct in the first degree of your sign; then over the next 10 weeks it will work its way clear across Leo, touching the natal Sun of everyone born under your sign.

The Bisexuality Edition — Everyone, but Especially Male

By Eric Francis


In tonight’s edition, I cover the astrology of Venus conjunct Nessus and Mars conjunct Chiron. I introduced this in Monday’s Astrology Diary (free OR paid registration required to read that article). I expand the conversation to include specifically sexual themes of bisexuality and selfsexuality. This is not a discussion you’re likely to hear many places — my perception is that actual bisexuality is almost always left out of the queer discussion. However, “gender queer” and “trans” have to a large extent entered that vacuum, and now bisexuality can exist on the fringes of that territory.