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In 2020 we have not one but two conjunctions that mark the turn of a generation, and of an era in history. On Jan. 12, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn formed their once-per-33-year conjunction. On Dec. 21, 2020, Jupiter and Saturn, both now in Aquarius, form a conjunction in the first degree of that sign. Read more...

Of Gemini and Capricorn — and Pie for the People

Posted by Eric Francis Coppolino

Gemini is the happening place right now, home of the Sun, of Mercury, of Venus retrograde, and of the goddess Vesta.

Planet Waves

Much of the year’s most daunting astrology has been in Capricorn. All that has happened to society the past three months we can attribute to the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in that sign. Matters that fall under the Capricorn energy signature are not easily adjusted; they are more subject to breakdown and rebuilding, as we are seeing.

What happens in Gemini, though, is expressed through many adjustments, in a mentally dynamic environment.

Gemini’s form of ambition is the drive to be curious, and to take an experimental approach where many different ideas are considered. At times this can seem like too much meandering and not enough action, though that will not be a problem this week.

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Monday Morning Horoscope #230 for May 25, 2020

Posted by Eric Francis Coppolino


You are in one of those profound transformational moments. Yet this will only be the beginning that the astrology describes if you treat it as such, with the utmost respect for your mission on the Earth. If you’re in any doubt or confusion about that, please don’t push the issue. Instead, listen. Listen to your environment, and the people around you. Notice what you observe about the place and time in which you’re alive.

Monday Morning Horoscope #228 for May 11, 2020

Posted by Eric Francis Coppolino


You feel two ways about many things. There’s often a dialog going in your mind, which at times makes you want to go out for ice cream and leave yourself behind. The question you might ask is, are you really involved in a true dialog in there? Or is it something else? A dialog would lead someplace useful, so you might use that as a metric.

The Dream of a Common Language — With Yourself

Posted by Eric Francis Coppolino


On Wednesday, Venus turns to retrograde motion in Gemini. The retrograde effect has been present for a while, as Venus and Vesta have been moving through Gemini in a long conjunction, which culminates over the next couple of weeks. What I have for you today is a simple message from this retrograde: it is about reconciling with yourself.

The Beltane Full Moon

Posted by Eric Francis Coppolino


Beltane is often counted as the midpoint of Taurus, though this year there are solar events on either side of that marker. Monday, Mercury and the Sun form their exterior conjunction (when Mercury is, from our point of view, directly behind the Sun). Then on Thursday, the Moon opposes the Sun from the sign Scorpio, which is the Full Moon.

Monday Morning Horoscope #227 for May 4, 2020

Posted by Eric Francis Coppolino


Though the economy and society may be in tatters, keep working for the kind of success you want. You need a strategy, and its first element needs to be a clear and concise goal, or at least a point of arrival from which you can explore. Everything involves delineating a very basic series of steps you will likely take to get to another place.