Astrology Appreciation: Before the Basics

By Eric Francis

Dear Friend and Reader:

For many, astrology is interesting though the technicalities can seem overwhelming. How exactly do you cut through that, and get to a point where you can understand the basics? How do you even start the conversation?

Photo by Jeff Bisti.

I am offering a class on March 21 on the most elemental tools of astrology. The idea is to get you to the level where you can follow the basics, experiment a little and think thoughts of your own.

I will cover things like, what do you do with astrology books? What do you do with your astrology day planner? How do you go about learning the basics of your own chart? How do you conduct basic research into a topic? How do you use Planet Waves to your best advantage, particularly as a research tool?

This is the kind of information that is taken for granted by astrology books, astrology courses and even most articles. There always seems to be that layer that experts forget to mention. That’s the place where most people get lost — and the place where we will orient. It’s easier than it seems.

My class will introduce you to the basic concepts, put many fine tools into your hands and get you familiar with the landscape of astrology, well enough to go out hiking and have some fun. The class includes an email discussion group where I and the other students will share ideas and experiences.

The class will last two and a half hours (including a halftime break), and it will be recorded for future review. Here is how to register for the class.

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Planet Waves Daily Oracle for Friday, Feb. 27, 2015

By Planet Waves


Devote yourself to the art of compromise and you’ll come out with far more than what you think is your fair share. Lead the way. Embody the principle of the greatest good for all concerned, and trust the results. Look more closely at those who seem to come out on the losing end of an agreement and you will see what they have gained that you would not have otherwise noticed.

That Chiron Thing — In Pisces

By Eric Francis


Our Pisces Sun is slipping from a conjunction to Neptune (which was exact Wednesday, Feb. 25) into a conjunction with Chiron (exact Saturday, March 7). These slow-moving bodies are forming the backdrop of consciousness right now. Though it’s often difficult to see while we’re in the midst of it, slow-moving planets can reveal many things about both the challenges and the promises of the era in which we’re living. Not a Core Community or All Access-Pass holder? You can purchase this full issue individually here. Or sign up for a Core Community Pass here, and get our weekly issues my email (along with other great features).

Mercury Initiates March (and You)

By Len Wallick


Len Wallick suggests you make some effort to catch the swelling wave Sunday as Mercury initiates a new month, and perhaps you, as it aspects Uranus and Jupiter and prepares to leave its echo/shadow phase in Aquarius . Mind-expanding initiation (going to or doing someplace new) is the order of the day.

Planet Waves Daily Oracle for Thursday, Feb. 26, 2015

By Planet Waves


I believe that having same-sex experiences are an important attribute of being a well-rounded lover. To some people this is intuitive; it’s as simple as “this is what I feel, so it’s part of who I am and something I need to express.” Others need some gentle coaxing, out of insecurities and those solidly clad self-images that society tends to attach to us.

Our Journey Toward Identity

By Planet Waves


In this featured essay from Cosmophilia, Alison Beth Levy chronicles her search for her birth parents and rediscovery of astrology in her effort to feel a sense of belonging. She writes, “In my chart I see that I came into this life to experience my adoptee journey, longing for identity and a place in this world, and a desire to assist others who feel fragmented as well.”