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Sun Conjunct Retrograde Mercury, and Solar Leo

Posted by Amanda Painter

This morning (Sunday), retrograde Mercury and the Sun aligned in a conjunction, marking the midpoint of Mercury retrograde. That retrograde ends on July 31, with Mercury in a square to Eris (and conjunct the recent eclipse degree). This suggests that we’re heading toward some unexpected development that has the power to shake things up, though in subtle ways.

Planet Waves

Seed head of a Tragopogon or Goat’s Beard; photo by Amanda Painter.

You will definitely want to keep your sense of humor through this phase, and treat lightly any gaffes, mishaps or lapses of reason that infiltrate your reality.

Mercury is considered the trickster, though in truth, Eris is the very master of the game, and the two will be provoking one another. Eris, particularly in Aries, would appear to signify a more aggressive form of game playing; Mercury’s tricks in myth generally were of a lighter tone, though anything in Cancer can veer into hypersensitivity.

This could be especially true if you’ve been re-living or trying to disengage from old scripts or triggers from the past. What tricks can you employ to avoid getting re-snared — in other words, what have you learned in recent weeks?

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What if the Moon Landing Happened?

Posted by Eric Francis Coppolino

Dear Friend and Reader:

For the past couple of years, I’ve occasionally posted to my Facebook page the question, “What if the Moon landing really happened?” I can’t take credit for that line — the phrasing originates with Andrew McLuhan, grandson and student of Marshall, who also had a knack for turning things sideways so you could see them better. We’ve been bouncing around the topic for a while.

Pres. John F. Kennedy tells Congress we are going to the Moon, 1961.

My question was intended mostly as a thought experiment. I was interested in two things: one, the basis of people’s belief that the Moon landing occurred or did not occur, and two, philosophical ideas about the implications of humans visiting another world for the first time in known history. What if?

The first relates to epistemology: how we know what we think we know. This is a topic that deserves more attention: a whole university department everywhere including the mall. The second was an inquiry to my readers for some ideas about such a profound event: humans actually leaving the only planet we know, and its atmosphere and its gravity field, and landing somewhere else.

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Monday Morning Horoscope #186 for July 22, 2019

Posted by Eric Francis Coppolino


Sunday, the Sun aligned with Mercury in your birth sign, which was also the indication of Mercury retrograde being halfway over (the midpoint was exact July 21 at 8:33:55 am EDT). Plenty else is happening on the Cancer-Capricorn axis, which has been a primary focus of astrology going back to May. It has been intense and dramatic, and you’ve probably had enough of all of that.

Weekly horoscope for July 18, 2019

Posted by Eric Francis Coppolino


Keep a handle on your affairs, gently. Mercury retrograde has made its way into your sign. While your worst fears are unlikely to be valid, there will be something of a chaos factor as Mercury approaches a square aspect with Eris. This is most likely to manifest as confusion, so you want to think in structured ways.

Where We Are Now

Posted by Amanda Painter

Photo by Amanda Painter

With eclipses now behind us, Mercury retrograde continuing, and Venus making contact with Saturn and Pluto, Amanda Painter asks, where were you coming from, and where do you seem to be heading now? Upcoming aspects and events suggest there’s time to make course corrections, and possibly more information to assist in that.

Color Blind

Posted by Planet Waves

By Jen Sorensen

In light of Pres. Trump’s recent incendiary, bigoted tweet about several Congresswomen of color, cartoonist Jen Sorensen offers an archive classic about race.