1/21 :: Women’s Voices Heard Around the World

Posted by Eric Francis

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Dear Friend and Reader:

I saw Amy Elliott’s headline about Nessus, below, and thought: well, that about sums it up. The buck stops now. We do have that opportunity now. You might say that Nessus includes all that stuff about misogyny and boundary issues and sexual transgression. Nessus is on the South Node, the release point of the zodiac.

And this weekend, women of the world spoke up. There was both an embrace and a vast letting go. This was not an angry protest. This was a loving protest, a statement of presence, an experiment in raising our collective voices.

Tonight’s edition of Planet Waves FM [play episode here] begins with a crowd sculpture, recorded by Amy Jacobs and edited together by me, and I get chills every time I play it. The very sound of women’s voices in unison, expressing what has long, long, long needed to be said out loud, to our world today, sends me spinning with joy.

In the first segment I offer a summary of what happened and what I think it means. In the second segment, Amy Jacobs and I speak for about half an hour about what we learned this weekend, and in the last segment I offer my views on why the supposed issue of “woman” is very much about sex and sexuality: about biology, and humanity, and consent, and claiming who one inherently is.

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Democracy Now! Special Broadcast on the Women’s March

Posted by Planet Waves

In this historic event huge crowds converged on the capital to deliver messages of resistance to the newly inaugurated Trump administration. The rally featured the voices of America Ferrara, Gloria Steinem, Cecille Richards, Janet Mock, Michael Moore, Van Jones, Ashley Judd, Scarlett Johansson, Angela Davis, Alicia Keys, Janelle Monae, Maxwell and Madonna as well as National Co-chairs Carmen Perez, Tamika Mallory and Linda Sarsour.

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Monday Morning Horoscope for Jan. 23, 2017

Posted by Eric Francis


You know what your priorities are. Most people do. You have the strength and independence of spirit to act on what’s important to you, without making a big drama about it. The potential point of conflict is what you must give up to gain something that you want. You might ask yourself if this is really a sacrifice, or whether, in the alternate, you would be shorn of something you really don’t want.

Four Winds Report for Jan. 23, 2017

Posted by Planet Waves


Aspects by Mars today highlight the necessity of honesty and integrity. Possibly the most important thing in life is being true to one’s principles, however frowned upon by others. The urge to secure social approval is a powerful pull with biological roots. Yet the ability to overcome that urge is your privilege as a thinking, conscious human being.

Nessus on the Nodes: the buck stops now

Posted by Amy Elliott


Tuesday at 10:25 am EST (17:24:45 UTC), an aspect takes place that got Amy Elliott’s attention: the centaur Nessus will be exactly conjunct the lunar South Node. Melanie Reinhart’s catchphrase for Nessus is “the buck stops here”; Nessus passing the South Node could well be “the buck stops now.”

Four Winds Report for Jan. 22, 2017

Posted by Planet Waves


Venus is involved today in an intriguing aspect pattern. It seems to highlight the potential for growth in examining our standards for truth and general believability. It’s true the importance of fact-checking is now perhaps more important than ever; yet there is something more in this particular set of contacts.

Four Winds Report for Jan. 21, 2017

Posted by Planet Waves


Today Mars in Pisces squares Ixion in Sagittarius. With Mars in Pisces upping the sensitivity ante, you’ll want to watch how you react to things that upset you — especially anything that smacks of injustice or amorality. It does not give you the green light to react in kind; two wrongs never make a right.

Keep Your Mind In Mind

Posted by Len Wallick


After this weekend, the pomp and circumstance of a U.S. presidential inauguration will yield to the business of governing. As Len Wallick explains, besides emphasizing how and what you perceive along with where and how you focus, the astrology for the week to come is surprisingly deferential.