Mercury Direct: These Issues are Larger Than Us

By Eric Francis


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This past Thursday I hosted a live, call-in edition of Planet Waves FM. Our topic was listening to men speak up about their perception of gender roles and the impact of rape culture feminist theory. Listen or download the playback above.

And Now for Your Weekly Diary

Mercury stations direct this week, at about 10:57 am EDT on Friday, Oct. 9 (14:57 UTC). For the next five days or so we will move through what some astrologers describe the Mercury storm (a term popularized by Jim Shawvan, but he said he doesn’t remember where he first read about it, and this is apparently lost to history, at least for now).


Chart section for Mercury station direct on Friday. Mercury is represented by the green glyph with the 00 next to it. The North Node is the orange horseshoe. To the right is a grouping including Venus, Mars, the Moon and Jupiter — a complex setup that I’ll be speaking about in various formats as the week goes on. Check Planet Waves FM next.

The storm phase has a technical definition (Mercury moving fewer than so many degrees per day), but the practical or folk definition works — it’s about four days on either side of the station, increasing in intensity as the station occurs. So we’ll be moving through the Mercury storm for a little over a week.

The implication is that the retrograde effects will be more noticeable, though I would say that the use and theme of the retrograde comes into focus and is more accessible.

Remember, there are two primary ways to work with astrology: to see it either as something that happens to us, or as something we work with as a resource, tool or environmental factor.

This particular Mercury station direct has two extraordinary properties. One is that it happens in the first degree of Libra, opposite the Aries Point. That provides an amplifying effect, and an intersection between personal and interpersonal material.

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Marie Claire Horoscope for October 2015

By Eric Francis


Libra (Sep. 22-Oct. 23) — This may be one of the most interesting months in many seasons. You might have the feeling you’ve been granted superhero powers and a newfound craving to solve the world’s problems. Start close to home; indeed, I suggest you start at home, making the long-overdue changes you need to make. Then expand your idea of home to include anything you believe deserves your love and attention.

Shadow, Instinct and Redemption

By Amanda Moreno

Photo by graywacke/A Landing a Day

When the victim-perpetrator dynamic plays out in the media, we have a public figure onto whom we can project our own shadow material and all of the associated emotions. Amanda Moreno discusses the necessity for spaces where conversation can happen outside of victim-perpetrator polarization, and the need to recognize Shadow on personal and collective levels, rather than casting parts of ourselves out of the garden.

Fe-911 Delayed Until Wednesday

By Planet Waves

Fe-911 Delayed Until Wednesday

Hello — In order to bring you a re-cap of Tuesday’s Democratic candidate Presidential debates, Fe Bongolan is postponing her column until Wednesday afternoon. In the meantime, she reminds readers to watch the debates tomorrow night! — Amanda P.

Planet Waves Daily Oracle for Monday, Oct. 5, 2015

By Planet Waves


Whatever door has swung open the past couple of months is still open, and you have access to more energy and resources than you ever imagined possible. You’re also blessed with a passport to exploration of both ideas and experiences. Most of what you felt judged for in the past will no longer stick to you — so you don’t have to live as if it will.

Weekend Tarot Reading — Sunday, Oct. 4, 2015

By Sarah Taylor

In this week’s reading, Sarah Taylor explores the idea that “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” The Lovers brings you into the world of duality and choice, but paradoxically there are more choices available to you than you might think. It comes down to whether you want to walk the same path/s again, or choose something that may feel riskier (because it’s new), but which is creatively more in tune with who you are.

October 4 – Francis of Assisi’s day

By Eric Francis


Kate Bush takes a singing lesson from the birds.   Today is the day of Francis of Assisi, who talks to birds (I’m sure he listens too), loves critters of all kinds, is a protector of the natural environment and lover of people. Each year we honor his day, and summon his blessings for all […]