Monday Diary: Strategies for Holiday Week/Weekend

By Eric Francis

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"Underwater Dreaming," found on the surprisingly intuitive and interesting astrology discussion board at The reader who submitted the image associated it with Sun square Neptune.

“Underwater Dreaming,” found on the surprisingly intuitive and interesting astrology discussion board at The reader who submitted the image associated it with Sun square Neptune.

The Sun entered Sagittarius Saturday morning, followed immediately by the New Moon in that sign. With this, we leave behind the Sun in Scorpio cycle, and enter new and very different territory.

Remember that two classical planets remain in Scorpio, Mercury and Saturn, a reminder that we haven’t left this energy completely in the past, though really, we never do. Scorpio is one of the most pervasive energies of them all — representing such facts of life as sex, death, secrets and taxes. We are always dealing with it in some way.

Mercury conjunct Saturn is encouraging deep thinking and putting the brakes on what might be a highway speed flyaway of Sun in Sagittarius — particularly square Neptune, as it currently is. And that is what I’m here to tell you about this week.

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The Poetry of Connection

By Planet Waves


I’ve experienced the drain and moodiness as well, but three distinct events have shown me the importance of maintaining connection during these times. Whether you believe it’s the Uranus-Pluto square, Sun conjunct Saturn, wintertime blues, or aren’t aware of a collective malaise at all, connection seems to be a vital thread keeping us warm right now. I’ve thought a lot this week about connection and poetry.

Weekend Tarot Reading — Sunday, Nov. 23, 2014

By Sarah Taylor

Do you stay where you are, holding on to what you have — and therefore holding on to the importance that you have attached to it — or do you acknowledge what it has taken to get where you are, and let go, not of what you have, but of a need to preserve what you have for fear of being without?

Reclaiming a Sexual Identity

By Planet Waves


It’s a terrifying thing to consider: acquainting myself with an energy I don’t even remember possessing (before it was twisted by my father) and then reclaiming it as Me and mine. An energy that was my divine birthright, now manifested in a persona I call the Cronechild who, in her wisdom, wants so desperately to come out and play.

Eric Francis | Sex By Sign #16: Week of Nov. 21-28, 2014

By Eric Francis


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Sagittarius: Misfits, or the Ones Who Get It?

By Amanda Painter


This post is the latest official subscriber edition of Planet Waves, which is emailed to all of our subscribers and available to Core Community members on this website. In this edition, we cover the nature of Sagittarius as an influence on the personality level, as well as look at the Sagittarius New Moon and the Sun square Neptune. This issue includes Eric’s extended weekly horoscope.