Is America Ready for a Male First Lady?

By Eric Francis

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Dear Friend and Reader:

On Sunday, Hillary Clinton ended all the wild speculation and informed us she would be running for president. This raises an important question — is America ready for a male First Lady?

Bill Clinton could end up being the First Lady of the Land.

Could Bill Clinton handle the important responsibilities associated with being the president’s spouse? Can a man, even one who was POTUS, gracefully take on the arguably more difficult job of FLOTUS?

I consider this an extremely important role in American government and society. So much of politics is on the human level, and the First Lady is directly involved in holding that steady. Though the role carries no official power, everyone knows that she often is the influence behind the throne.

The primary role of the First Lady is to be the White House hostess. She is usually in charge of the domestic staff — the butlers, chefs and cleaners. She is president of the residential section of the White House. People often put down the importance of the role of women as the primary organizer of the household. Whatever feminist literature may say, this is an important duty and we may well ask if a man is capable of handling it.

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“I’m Baaaack!”

By Judith Gayle


Even as the echoes of the Uranus/Pluto energies begin to fade, the urge to act remains strong, but how, and to what end, is rather like a pin-ball in play, bouncing, bouncing, making a clatter but not yet at rest. It’s probably best not to be too rash in considering our options.

Planet Waves Daily Oracle for Saturday, April 18, 2015

By Planet Waves


What were your father’s messages to you? Don’t just consider the things he told you or the things you overheard; consider the implications of his actions. Consider how he treated people and most of all, consider how you, as a deeply sensitive and emotional person, responded to his existence. Take this back as far into your childhood as you can go.

Planet Waves Daily Oracle for Friday, April 17, 2015

By Planet Waves


Venus continues to make its way across your opposite sign, Scorpio. You can take the opportunity to explore the landscape from the viewpoint of someone outside yourself, or to experience yourself as the opposite of what you normally are. Any time a planet goes through Scorpio, people who feel it get a trial by fire.

Simmer and Sizzle

By Len Wallick


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Len Wallick today suggests you take a tip from the astrology: Have patience with the simmer, and practice appropriate timing with the sizzle. As Pluto stations retrograde in a verrrrry narrow sliver of Capricorn and the Sun and Moon meet in Aries, both what’s simmering in your life and what’s sizzling ask for your awareness.