Great American Eclipse: Looking Back, Looking Forward

Posted by Eric Francis

An astonishing photo of three simultaneous cyclones: Hurricane Katia making landfall over Mexico, Hurricane Irma approaching Cuba, and Hurricane Jose reaching peak intensity on September 8, 2017.

Dear Friend and Reader:

Astrology may be the most objective means of studying the world, since it’s inherently meaningless. Every experiment needs a control of some kind, and astrology, removed as it is from any known law of cause and effect, provides the perfect null value.

The charts and other tools used by astrologers provide information about the timing of celestial events, but no information whatsoever about their relevance to mundane life, with the exception of information about the seasons changing (good for farming) and the lunar phases (good for hunting and for farming).

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Brought to You by the Sun

Posted by Len Wallick


Seasons are a function of Earth’s relationship with the Sun. That’s the truth, and today Len Wallick guides you in a brief exploration of how that truth forms the backbone of astrology. Of course, you don’t have to take Len’s word for it. You can see the truth for yourself, but only if you choose to do so.

Amnesty International Reveals the Bomb That Killed 16 Civilians in Yemen Was Made in the U.S.A.

Posted by Planet Waves


A major new investigation by Amnesty International reveals a bomb that killed 16 civilians in Yemen’s capital last month was made in the U.S.A. Among the survivors was 5-year-old Buthaina, whose photograph went viral in the aftermath of the strike. She lost her entire family in the strike.

Four Winds Report for Sept. 22, 2017

Posted by Planet Waves


The Sun enters Libra today, marking the Northern fall equinox (spring in the Southern Hemisphere). The equinoxes are pretty special moments: for this short space of time, day and night are of pretty much equal length anywhere on the planet, energetically linking the whole species together.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for October 2017

Posted by Eric Francis


Since late summer, planets have been streaking through your sign; which often indicates the feeling of being driven, an increase in activity and commitments and, for you, a restless and nervous buzz. This culminates with something that is fulfilling and which arrives with a sense of completion and contact: a conjunction of Venus and Mars on Oct. 5.

Environmental Disaster Looms in Puerto Rico, Lashed by Hurricane Maria & Left Without Power

Posted by Planet Waves


Hurricane Maria made landfall in Puerto Rico Wednesday as a Category 4 storm, bringing record rainfall and catastrophic flooding, destroying power lines and leaving the entire country in the dark. This comes as many homes on Puerto Rico were still dark two weeks after Hurricane Irma.

Breathing Room

Posted by Amanda Painter

Photo by Amanda Painter

Do you feel ready for a breath of fresh air — or any kind of air, for that matter? Astrologically, we’re about to get one, when the Sun enters Libra on Friday for the equinox. Amanda Painter considers the Sun’s conjunction to Vesta in the equinox chart, plus aspects involving Venus and Mars that factor into the need for some breathing room, and constructive ways to access it.