What is Real and What is Not

By Eric Francis

Photographer Gregory Crewdson, who was one year ahead of me at John Dewey High School, working on one of his elaborate images on a sound stage in Massachusetts.

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Dear Friend and Reader:

Saturday’s Full Moon — the Pisces Moon opposite the Virgo Sun — is overlaid on another aspect — Jupiter opposite Neptune.

Though the Sun and Moon pass through the territory quickly, the Full Moon raises the energy like a tidal surge, offering a unique event in space and time. This event, the Full Moon, calls attention to the slower-moving astrology in the background — Jupiter opposite Neptune. So while the Jupiter-Neptune opposition is not exact until Sept. 17, this weekend’s full Moon is one of its peak moments.

Laurie Anderson performs “Delusions” at EMPAC in Oct. 2010.

The Jupiter-Neptune opposition happens about every 13 years (the last one began on Sept. 11, 2002 and ended on June 2, 2003; and the next one will be on Sept. 28, 2028). The current event is a one-pass opposition, meaning that the alignment happens just once and Jupiter keeps going. (Due to Jupiter’s retrograde, it’s possible for such an alignment to happen up to three times within a few months, under some circumstances.)

In this cycle, we get our exact one-time opposition close to the Libra equinox, on Sept. 23, though an event like this has a wide influence; we’ve already been feeling it for a while, and it will remain an influence for much of the year. Notably, it will be part of the Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune T-square that I’ll be writing about soon and basing the 2016 annual readings on.

If you look up the Jupiter-Neptune opposition in an astrology book, you’ll likely get interpretations like the bubble bursts, unrealistic hopes and dreams, lack of clarity, getting lost in illusions and so on. It could manifest as the dreamer who doesn’t bother to manifest his or her dreams. There would be some questioning over what is real and what is not, though real is, of course, a relative term.

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Planet Waves Daily Oracle for Saturday, August 29, 2015

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Rites of Passage

By Len Wallick


Len Wallick sees a rite of passage with this weekend’s Pisces Full Moon. Looking at the movements of Saturn, it’s clear this past year has been one of transition — and that as we enter September, we’ll be entering a new and eventful phase. Like most rites of passage, this one should be celebrated, not feared.