Cuban Missile Crisis Finally Over

By Eric Francis

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Dear Friend and Reader:

The year seems to be ending on a positive note. Kenahorah! There are still two weeks to go, which include a rockin’ winter solstice, the Capricorn New Moon and a sign change of Saturn.

Che Guevara and Fidel Castro.

Before I get into Cuba, New York’s ban on fracking and the solstice, in case you’re not aware, tonight is the final episode of The Colbert Report on Comedy Central [airing 11:30 pm EST]. I know many in my reading audience are TV-averse, though I would recommend watching this — it’s a moment of history, and Stephen Colbert deserves the biggest sendoff he can get.

He will be leaving behind his faux-conservative persona and taking over The Late Show when David Letterman retires sometime in 2015.

It was Colbert, I believe, who personally turned the tide on the endless stream of glum news and the feeling of total disempowerment of the Cheney-Bush years.

That is a big statement, I know. Comedians and their extremely talented writing teams have been one of the few rays of light in these benighted times. But Colbert kind of cleaned up. He demonstrated that comedy can not only be relevant, but that in a media-dominated world, it can be a political weapon.

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Planet Waves Daily Oracle for Friday, Dec. 19, 2014

By Planet Waves


You’re figuring out that you like yourself, which is a huge step in the right direction. You now need to connect that improved opinion of your existence with permission to be motivated in the direction you want to go. At this point, you run the risk of giving up, but you could just as easily choose to face the repeated challenges of existence in a truly positive way.

Free Audio Preview of the Sagittarius Birthday Reading

By Eric Francis


Your Sagittarius birthday reading is ready — you may listen above, or download it using the links. If you like the preview, the reading is available for instant access! I give a overview of what I cover in this three-part, 90 minute reading, with much of it devoted to the positive aspects of Saturn entering your sign this year. I cover many features of your astrology, including the influence of Neptune and Chiron, and the collection of minor planets in your sign. Everyone who purchases this reading will be invited to a live conference call with me where we talk about how you’ve responded to your reading.

The Capricorn New Moon and Solstice

By Amanda Painter


Sunday, Dec. 21, the Capricorn solstice and New Moon occur within about 2 1/2 hours of each other. It’s an invitation to re-frame narratives about your past and initiate new structures in your life; this chart also says something about how your intentions and actions relate directly to the wider world — thanks to Venus, your values, and more.