An interesting week of convergence and contradiction

By Eric Francis

Mercury is slowing down to a station direct (on Oct. 25), the Sun and Venus are about to change signs (on Oct. 23) and we are approaching an eclipse of the Sun (also on Oct. 23). In all, many factors are on the move, and the next seven days are bound to take you somewhere interesting, if unexpected. Mars is now conjunct the Galactic Core.

My summary of the next few days is, don’t be surprised if you hear people saying weird things, things that make no sense, that seem to come out of nowhere, or that have the quality of bravado you doubt anyone can really back up with actions.

Rather than putting your energy into trying to allay your fears or into shoring yourself up with false certainty, take the time to consider your situation, get below the surface layer of appearances, and see if you can spot the aspects of your circumstances that really are subject to the power of decision.

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By Planet Waves

By Jen Sorensen

Political and social cartoonist Jen Sorensen nails it: how to use what the ebola scare is showing us to get people concerned about global warming.

The Weekend Tarot Reading — Sunday, October 19, 2014

By Sarah Taylor

I’ve always found the Queen of Cups in this deck interesting and challenging to interpret for one particular reason: she is not the portrait of your typical mother figure — eyelid slightly lowered, full mouth parted, blonde hair falling across one half of her face. She is more Brigitte Bardot than traditional matriarch. How can someone who seems seductive on one hand be the symbolism of motherhood on the other?

Evolution & Attachment to Crisis

By Planet Waves


Amanda Moreno writes: I was listening to Planet Waves FM today and was so relieved to hear Eric’s description of the general trend of being drawn deeper within the past week. Regardless, I am one of those people for whom the past few weeks have been particularly rough. Stressed out. Frantic. Fragmented. Shifting. And oh-so-profoundly exhausting. As Eric says in the episode — the whole world is tired. I’ve been thinking a lot about evolution — and attachment to crisis.