Leonard Nimoy, the Virgo Full Moon and George Harrison

By Eric Francis


In tonight’s program I look at the Virgo Full Moon that happens on Thursday. I also read the natal charts of Leonard Nimoy and George Harrison.

Not Dire, Maybe Tired — Virgo Full Moon

By Len Wallick


Len Wallick exhorts you to ignore any ‘doom and gloom’ predictions about Thursday’s Virgo Full Moon. Instead, describe what you are sick and tired of, own it, and support others in doing the same as you seek out something in common. No need to seek out conflict when we’re all in the same boat.

Planet Waves Daily Oracle for Tuesday, March 3, 2015

By Planet Waves


Your normal awareness is soaking in a dimension of which most people lack any sense. For you, it’s so ordinary that you barely notice. However, at the moment, it’s worth noticing. One possible interpretation of your chart is that someone is trying to communicate something meaningful and vital to you — but not saying it directly.

Psychovariant Belonging

By Planet Waves

Photo by Danielle Voirin

Greg Macdougall’s contribution to the Featured Articles on the Cosmophilia website is actually a poem in which he contemplates “this psychotic plague known as normal / ‘just the way things are’,” and the dissociation of not even wanting to belong. Yet he also notes that, “when not yearned for / there is that sense of being found / of being in place, right place.”