All Roads Lead to Scorpio

By Eric Francis

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Dear Friend and Reader:

Next week we have one of the most interesting astrological days I’ve ever seen. On the morning of Thursday, Oct. 23, the Moon, Venus and the Sun are in Libra. By that evening, all three have moved into Scorpio, and then there will be an eclipse of the Sun conjunct Venus.

Photo by Eric Francis.

This is what I call a proving moment — an opportunity to see astrology display its properties in real time, in real life. What will change that day? What that is hidden will reveal itself? By proving I don’t mean ‘proof positive’. I mean a demonstration of what is possible. There are actually a few of those moments in the neighborhood right now.

Libra and Scorpio present a vivid contrast of energies. That is a characteristic of adjoining signs — they change element, as well as type of sign (Libra is cardinal; Scorpio is fixed). In many ways adjoining signs are more opposite than opposite signs. Libra is an air sign, ruled by Venus. Scorpio is a water sign, ruled by Mars.

With three planets crossing that imaginary line, followed by a solar eclipse, that’s a lot of momentum moving in the direction of Scorpio. This will help shift the discussion, I think it will precipitate events, and I think it will describe a psychological pattern that we’ll be living with for a while.

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The Weekend Tarot Reading — Sunday, October 19, 2014

By Sarah Taylor

I’ve always found the Queen of Cups in this deck interesting and challenging to interpret for one particular reason: she is not the portrait of your typical mother figure — eyelid slightly lowered, full mouth parted, blonde hair falling across one half of her face. She is more Brigitte Bardot than traditional matriarch. How can someone who seems seductive on one hand be the symbolism of motherhood on the other?

Evolution & Attachment to Crisis

By Planet Waves


Amanda Moreno writes: I was listening to Planet Waves FM today and was so relieved to hear Eric’s description of the general trend of being drawn deeper within the past week. Regardless, I am one of those people for whom the past few weeks have been particularly rough. Stressed out. Frantic. Fragmented. Shifting. And oh-so-profoundly exhausting. As Eric says in the episode — the whole world is tired. I’ve been thinking a lot about evolution — and attachment to crisis.

Anatomy of an Interlocking Pattern: My Side

By Planet Waves

Christina Louise Dietrich

Christina Louise Dietrich is this week’s sex-and-relationships guest-writer. Given that the weeks between eclipses are potent pattern-setting phases, this piece felt especially appropriate for this weekend. Christina writes: “I say these things not to beat myself up publicly, but to call attention to something I perceive is a fairly common pattern among women raised under patriarchy. And while our situation with Brendan playing the ‘mom at home’ role and myself playing the ‘dad at the office’ role isn’t conventional, it doesn’t really matter. Because we didn’t need to be parents for this pattern to show up in our lives.”

Five Stages, Reviewed

By Judith Gayle


There have been many times over the last fourteen years when national atrophy, zealous leadership, and political hijinks pushed reality into the surrealistic zone, creating — in me, at least — a mixed bag of response that Dr. Elizabeth Kübler-Ross would have recognized as the five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. I have experienced them all and sometimes on the very same day, one after the next ( a.k.a. lather, rinse, repeat.)

Planet Waves Daily Oracle for Saturday, Oct. 18, 2014

By Planet Waves


Today’s Oracle takes us to the Sagittarius weekly for Jan. 26, 2007 Two voices are speaking at the moment, and one almost has a paranoid edge, while the other seems extremely idealistic. But this is not just another Day in the Life of Sagittarius. The chatter in your mind and the dreams you have are […]