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The Book of Your Life


You might say that astrology is the book of your life. It tells the story of your purpose, your days and your years, if only you’ll look and see. Astrology has a beautiful way of showing us how things make sense; that there’s rhyme and reason to the choices we make and the events we experience.

This will be a written reading only. It will be easily printable, so you can take it into the tub or sit in your favorite chair, away from the computer.

The reading will focus on narrative, both of the worldly realm and the astrological symbols. At times, the planetary patterns are softly whispering many sublime truths, and then blazing out obvious things we need to pay attention to.

The same astrology that is behind the madness and fragmentation is also offering ideas for how to restore our sanity and peace of mind. The same astrology that is scattering the sense of what a person is, is also taking us to a deeper level, one where we can recall our wholeness of character and integrity of spirit.

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It’s All In The Houses


If you missed Eric’s latest class, It’s All In the Houses, don’t worry — you can order the full recording here, and it comes with all class materials and a resources list that’ll supply you for weeks.

If you want to understand an astrology chart, this class is essential for you. Learning the houses takes NO technical knowledge: it’s all about life. The houses are the easiest, most grounded and most useful element of astrology.

The houses describe themes and physical environments. Once you have a grasp on how the system is organized, astrology suddenly becomes possible on a whole new level.

Your Core Community Member discount is available here.

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We have an extraordinary array of goodies at the Planet Waves Boutique. Drop in and get hold of your newest birthday reading, an incredible 12-sign project such as Vision Quest or the video journey known as BALANCE, or one of Eric’s inspirational and fun classes. We update the Boutique regularly, so you can visit when you like and check out our latest offers. These readings and classes also make great gifts for loved ones.

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