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Founded in 1998. Incorporated in 2003.

Eric Francis Coppolino, Editor
 & Publisher
Anatoly Ryzhenko, Webmaster
Amanda Painter, Astrology Editor
Lizanne E. Webb, Designer
Jessica Keet, Copy Editor & Fact Checker
Amy Elliott, Client Services
Daniel Sternstein, Music Director
Nicholas Gagne, Software Engineer
Kelly Janes, Word Press Consultant
Stephen Bergstein, Contributing Editor

Judith Gayle, News Editor

Len Wallick, Writer

Sarah Taylor, Writer
Amanda Moreno, Writer
Fe Bongolan, Editorial Consultant & Writer
Kirsti Melto, Astrology Researcher & Writer
Carol van Strum, Environmental Consultant & Editorial Assistant
Rob Fraboni, Audio Consultant

Anthony Ayiomamitis, Photographer
Beth Bagner, Photographer
Danielle Voirin, Photographer
Jeffrey Bisti, Portrait Photographer
Kelly Cowan, Photography Consultant
Charlie Lemay, Photographer and Photography Consultant

Mandy Hall, Researcher
Robert Schwartz, CPA, Accountant

Michael B. Ackerman, IP Attorney

David Arner, Our Astrologer

Honorary Founders
Florence Higgins, Allan G. Rousselle, Neal McDonough,
Keiko Ito, Via Keller, Christopher Grosso, Chelsea Bottinelli, Anatoly Ryzhenko

“Some rise, some fall and some climb to get to Terrapin.”

Aunt Josie Forever.

Some artwork and graphics provided under license by Book of Blue LLC.

Photography and writing by Eric Francis appear courtesy of Book of Blue LLC.

For display charts, Eric uses Time Cycles Research or Solar Fire
and for minor planets, Serennu.com by Tracy Delaney.

Service Mark and Trademark Notice

Planet Waves, PlanetWaves.net, PlanetWaves.FM, PlanetWaves.EU, PlanetWaves.info, Planet Waves Weekly, Planet Waves Parenting, Eric Francis and EricFrancis.com are service marks and trademarks of Planet Waves, Inc. We have used the “Planet Waves” trademark and service mark to represent astrological columns and publications continuously, and exclusively, since July 1998.

Between July 1995 and July 1998, direct predecessor publications to Planet Waves were called “The Navigator,” “Star-Navigator,” and “Radio Navigator,” and we claim exclusive trademark rights to all of these names.

“Planet Waves” is a registered trademark in the United States, the Benelux area of Europe and the State of Washington. Planet Waves is an authorized press agency registered with the European Commission, the National Union of Journalists and the International Federation of Journalists.


Illustration by Betty Dodson.

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  1. Brian

    After watching your latest YouTube video addressing Neil Tyson this video popped up as a follow up. I think you’ll find this very interesting, especially starting at about the 1:45 mark. A partial quote: “One can’t be a scientist if one is uncomfortable with ignorance.” Or, ‘not knowing’. I find the dissonance fascinating.


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