Light Your Fire, Beautifully

Posted by Amanda Painter


There is a lot of fire in the sky, with significant clusters of planets in Leo and Aries aspecting each other along with minor planets in Sagittarius. That’s a lot of movement and flow in the realm of spirit; it could be easy to get lost in ‘inspiration’ without taking action, but for one thing: the fire planets are making some squares to planets in other signs.

Between Waves

Posted by Amanda Painter


As of this morning, the Moon is in cardinal Libra, bringing a desire for more diplomatic and graceful interactions than might have occurred yesterday. Did you get a little inflammatory on social media yesterday, like I did? Whoops. Today’s Libra Moon might urge some finessing of your stance — not backtracking per se, but a reconsideration of what is truly justified.

A Cancer Mood, and Keep Venus in Mind

Posted by Amanda Painter

Photo by Amanda Painter

Believe it or not, Mercury is getting ready to leave Gemini tomorrow for emotional, receptive Cancer. Due to its recent retrograde, it has spent a little more than nine weeks in a very mentally oriented, verbal, dualistic sign; it will spend only about two weeks in Cancer. Meanwhile, it’s time to look ahead to the upcoming Venus retrograde.