The Moon, the Sun and (134340) Pluto

Posted by Eric Francis Coppolino


Thursday, in the midst of Mars retrograde, we’ll experience the first of three eclipses that will occur over the next six weeks. The order will be a solar eclipse in Cancer, followed by a lunar eclipse in Aquarius, and then a solar eclipse in Leo. The lunar nodes (which indicate the approximate location of eclipses) […]

Mercury Meets Mars Retrograde

Posted by Eric Francis Coppolino


When Mars is retrograde, the Earth is passing between it and the Sun. Since the Earth takes a year to go around the Sun and Mars takes two years, it takes the Earth a while to catch up and pass it on the inside lane. That’s what’s happening now, and the result is that Mars seems to be moving backwards through the zodiac, from the standpoint of a viewer on Earth.

Mars Shifts into Reverse, and a Full Moon Rises

Posted by Amanda Painter


Here we are, on the cusp of one of the signature astrological events of 2018: this Tuesday, Mars stations retrograde in Aquarius at 5:04 pm EDT (21:04:21 UTC). You might be feeling very curious about what you can (or want to) do right now, or too overwhelmed to take action on certain current issues.

Cancer Solstice, Venus and Mars

Posted by Amy Elliott


By Amy Elliott – with Amanda Painter On Thursday of this week the Sun enters Cancer for the Northern Hemisphere summer solstice; just five days later, Mars will station retrograde in Aquarius. If this year’s Cancer solstice has a message, it seems to be: no matter how troubling a situation seems, you can always try […]

Gemini New Moon, Mars Retrograde

Posted by Eric Francis Coppolino


The individuality that would seem to be coming from Mars also originates with Chiron in Aries (the ultimate maverick) and Uranus in Taurus (a revolution in values). With these aspects, you only get the potential for change, and the energy to make it happen; you don’t get a guaranteed outcome.

Sagittarius Full Moon, Conjunct Karma

Posted by Eric Francis Coppolino


Tuesday at 10:19 am ET (14:19:28 UTC), the Sun and the Moon oppose one another from Gemini to Sagittarius. This is one of those events where I have the feeling that writing about it can’t possibly do it justice. You just have to stare at the chart in amazement (so we’ve provided the one I’ve used to write the weekly horoscope, and this column).