Libra New Moon, the O+ Festival & a Crazy Retrograde Tale

Posted by Eric F Coppolino


In tonight’s edition of Planet Waves FM, I examine the Libra New Moon chart and what it tells us about our personal relationships in the age of the robot. Then I cover the O+ Festival in Kingston, NY. Finally I tell a strange tale from the latest Mercury retrograde.

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Sandy Davis, vocalist and writer for Pecas, which performed at the O+ Festival in Kingston this past weekend.

Sandy Davis, vocalist and writer for Pecas, who performed at the O+ Festival in Kingston this past weekend, as did all of my musical guests on today’s program.

Dear Friend and Reader:

In tonight’s edition of Planet Waves FM, I look at the chart of the Libra New Moon, which you can find in Monday’s article about the event, called You Are Human. I revisit my ideas about how robotics (that is, the Internet) is affecting our personal relationships and most of all, our ability to trust one another.

There’s a lot of interesting astrology in that first segment, including comments on the current Libra stellium, Uranus in Aries and a bit about its conjunction to Eris in Aries.

In the second segment I talk about the O+ Festival, which happened this past week in Kingston. All three of today’s musical artists performed at the festival — Pecas, Sean Crimmins and Sondra Sun-Odeon.

In the third segment I tell a wild story from the Mercury storm, which involved plumbing the depths of the internet.


What's Your Vision?

What’s Your Vision?

Getting Sorted

Dear Friend and Reader:

With Mercury finally in direct motion as of Friday and last night’s Libra New Moon, hopefully you are beginning to feel things shake out and sort themselves. Eric covered the Libra New Moon in Monday’s Astrology Diary, suggesting you “consider what you have to say to others and what you want from them. Resolve those issues one at a time, consciously.”

A very friendly Maple next to a theater in Brunswick, Maine. Photo by Amanda Painter.

Len Wallick looks at the clusters of planets in cardinal signs (initiative) and mutable signs (possibility) in his column today, and urges readers to consider giving possibility a chance. Sarah Taylor, in this week’s tarot reading, asks: what happens when you own your experience fully and walk the path of your destiny — and your heart — without apology?

Judith Gayle notes that after three months of Saturn dinking around in the last degrees of Scorpio, the Lord of Karma is racing through Sagittarius, fanning fires; just when you thought the torpor of the American political process couldn’t get worse, it did. Meanwhile, Fe Bongolan brings her political introspection to frame tonight’s Democratic presidential debates, noting that the soul of the country is at stake now more than ever.

After five days in a small town helping souls to navigate past-life memories and the afterlife, Amanda Moreno describes this week finding herself in bustling New York City, and reminded what a privilege it is to hear the stories people carry beneath their surface.

Speaking of concealed stories: it’s astonishing enough that most therapists are not well trained in addressing clients’ sexuality; but for a long time, neither were couples’ therapists. This week’s sex-and-relationships article from The New York Times looks at a few couples’ therapists who start with the question of sex, and considers why it has taken the field so long to get there.

Finally, when a guy in sales feels a little envious of his co-worker’s glowing success yet also wants to get back together with her (they used to be lovers), what should he do? Last week Madame Zolonga suggested the ‘easy does it’ approach, as Venus finished up in Leo. Winning seasons don’t come every day — and renewed self-worth is something to celebrate. Look for Madame Z’s latest column tomorrow at noon on the Planet Waves website.

I’ll be back on the Planet Waves website Thursday at midnight EDT with your weekend astrological overview; until then, I wish you serendipitous solutions to any problems you may be facing.

Yours & truly,

Amanda Painter

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One thought on “Libra New Moon, the O+ Festival & a Crazy Retrograde Tale

  1. Amy Elliott

    I think one of the reasons why love is often associated with loss and grief is projection. We’re taught to dream of our beloved as the ideal opposite for ourselves, and perhaps therefore conceive of a fictional being based on a mirror image of us. Because the reality doesn’t live up to the expectation, sadness can result.

    This isn’t only the case with projection of the person. Projection of the happy ending produces the same reaction – as does unrequited love; the feeling that love is supposed to conquer all, or at least be enough to justify the relationship we desire, sets us up for inevitable letdown. The truth is, we’re all different – we all have varying desires, expectations, ambitions, virtues and peccadilloes. The romantic ideal of two souls forever entwined in bliss is beautiful, alluring, powerful – and, sadly wrong.

    – Great music, btw. I felt Sean was channelling David Bowie just a little. Each of those pieces was remarkable in its own unique way.

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