In 2020 we have not one but two conjunctions that mark the turn of a generation, and of an era in history. On Jan. 12, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn form their once per 33-year conjunction. Then on Dec. 21. 2020, Jupiter and Saturn, both now in Aquarius, form a conjunction in the first degree of that sign. Read more...

Life at This Dangerous Crossroads

Posted by Eric Francis Coppolino

Thursday night, I presented the Aries Full Moon in relationship to its political implications, and how it aspects the charts of the United States, of Trump, and the U.S. Pluto return.

Planet Waves

Photo: The Daily Gazette.

To begin understanding the Aries Full Moon on a personal level, first consider what you’re feeling right now, and then consider this. We who are alive today live at a dangerous intersection, where the individual and the collective merge into one another.

This is so natural that we don’t notice it. But we live there, with all our stuff, not where two roads meet but at the railroad crossing of the collective (trains) and the individual (cars and pedestrians).

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More Kicks than Pricks?* The Aries Full Moon

Posted by Amanda Painter

Sunday night’s Aries Full Moon, which will be exact at 5:08 pm EDT (21:07:45 UTC), brings the Saturn-Pluto conjunction to the forefront. Full Moons are one of the most palpable astrological events we experience — both internally, and through witnessing others’ behavior. This one is like running the essence of Saturn-Pluto in through an IV line.

Planet Waves

Photo of a 2019 Full Moon by Amanda Painter.

Both the Aries Moon and Libra Sun are square Pluto in Capricorn; the Sun will remain so for the next couple of days. The Aries Moon is also conjunct Eris, which the Sun will oppose on Oct. 17.

When an inner planet event activates such a pivotal upcoming aspect pattern (Saturn-Pluto square Eris is exact in January 2020), it’s a clarion call to pay attention now. Don’t wait. These intersections of astrological events point out how the big changes and trends we see happening around us are not separate from us; rather, they’re reflecting and echoing what’s happening within us — just on a magnified, collective scale.

Inner planet aspects also bring some ‘personality’ to the larger, slower event (which can otherwise seem a little abstract) when they intersect. The themes of the slower aspects emerge into our personal lives in more tangible ways.

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The Aries Full Moon and Friends

Posted by Amanda Painter

Photo by Amanda Painter

How’s your sleep this week? And your relationship to authority figures — the ‘real’ ones and the internalized ones? Where are your thoughts going, and how do you feel about it? Amanda Painter considers the Full Moon that’s brewing amidst Mercury entering its pre-retrograde ‘echo’ phase, and Venus opposite Uranus.

Fear of a Female Wonk

Posted by Planet Waves

By Jen Sorensen

Cartoonist Jen Sorensen has noticed that it seems no matter what Elizabeth Warren does that’s on the side of the working and middle classes, it’s not enough to balance her policy smarts.