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Challenging Times for Cancer and Cancer Rising

Dear Friend and Reader:

We are living through times that are challenging for many Cancer and Cancer rising people -- and those with Cancer Moon may be feeling the pressure as well. This is coming from Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. I have a helpful, affordable reading for you.

Eric Francis.

Were you to look up those transits in 10 different books (for example, Saturn or Pluto opposite the Sun), you would get 10 scenarios you did not want to hear. I am offering something different. I describe how to work with the energy of change being driven by these two powerful planets, and how to make use of them.

A total eclipse in your sign is on its way -- another one of those misunderstood aspects -- and in this reading I describe how to use the eclipse as a pressure release and means of aligning yourself with your underlying purpose.

My readings will enhance your self-study process, and if you are in therapy, will help you focus topics you might want to work on. I give language to circumstances, issues and themes that don't easily lend themselves to easy description, but which I can spot using astrology and my ability to read its subtleties.

As the reading has been published, the cost is now $44, instant delivery. Don't worry that it does not depend on your birth time; I am the modern master of the solar chart. It really works, if you know how to work it.

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Caring in Action: the Cancer Eclipse

Posted by Amanda Painter

By Amanda Painter

Dear Friend and Reader:

Eric wrote at the beginning of the week about today’s Sun-Chiron square, and the collective healing needed to our inner masculine/yang sides. Then I looked at the chart for the July 2 Cancer New Moon and solar eclipse, and started thinking about the daily assaults on our empathy and capacity to care that are being made by the daily news.

Demonstrators gather to protest against the separation of immigrant families at the border in Austin, Texas, on June 14,  2018. Photo by Amanda Voisard / via AP

Demonstrators gather to protest against the separation of immigrant families at the border in Austin, Texas, on June 14, 2018. A year later, things are no better. Photo by Amanda Voisard / via AP

And it all cascaded together in my perception of what amounts to the ongoing psychological and physical torture of immigrant children separated from their families and being held in detention at the U.S. border. I’ll get to the astrology in a moment.

I’ve been seeing a lot about this in my Facebook feed and my email inbox. The strongest recurring theme, however, is an overwhelming sense of paralysis: not knowing what we can do; wondering ‘why isn’t anyone organizing a mass protest?'; asking ‘who is organizing something I can join with?'; feeling completely at a loss regarding which actions will help and which might actually make things worse.

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Sun Square Chiron — Now and in the Stonewall Chart

Posted by Eric Francis Coppolino

It was not a riot. It was an uprising.

Use this link if you’re using an Apple mobile device | Download MP3. Or you can click through for additional resources.

Dear Friend and Reader:

Here is a short letter introducing tonight’s intriguing edition of Planet Waves FM. First, later in the program, my guest is a man named Mitch Horowitz, an author and presenter on the subject of the metaphysical and the history of the occult.

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Sun Square Chiron: Quest for Self-Expression

Posted by Eric Francis Coppolino

This week the Sun, newly in Cancer, forms a square to Chiron in Aries. Sun-Chiron aspects suggest a discussion about the ways in which self-expression is damaged, stunted or actively resisted by forces in society and psyche.


Jim Morrison, Sun square Chiron poster child.

Sun square Chiron happens twice a year (the conjunction and opposition each happen once a year). The aspect on Thursday, June 27, is the second time for this Chiron in Aries cycle that the Sun has made a square to Chiron in Aries; the first was a year ago.

If you were listening to a client with Sun square Chiron, you might hear some version of the story about how their father was hobbled by some force they could not control: maybe they were really an inventor or an artist but were trapped in some other role in society because they had to work to pay the family bills.

The client would also be discussing their own experience. This is how charts work. A point like the Sun will often describe something about father, and then also describe how the owner of the chart experiences their own self-expression.

The Sun refers to what is often called the “masculine side.” Juan Revilla once wrote that the Sun in our chart is where we seek our glory. Take a close look at the Sun in your chart and ask yourself how you go about doing that.

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Planet Waves Horoscope — Solstice Edition

Posted by Eric Francis Coppolino


There is no room for deception in your life, particularly emotional. Such is often sly, as if you convince yourself of something that you don’t even want to be true. Often this is about portraying an image, which is a social norm in a world where everyone is trying to be their own publicist rather than be themselves.

A Reading About the Eclipses in Cancer and Capricorn

Posted by Eric Francis Coppolino

A Reading About the Eclipses in Cancer and Capricorn

Partial Lunar Eclipse: Dec. 31, 2009. Photo by Anthony Ayiomamitis. Eclipses were the first topic that got my attention in astrology. Even before discovering Pluto and Chiron, I figured out that these unusually precise alignments of the Sun and Moon described the contours of the psychic landscape — and I made a point of studying […]

Cancer Solstice Calling

Posted by Amanda Painter

Children dance to music after lunch Wednesday at the Portland (Maine) Expo. Photo by Derek Davis / Portland Press Herald

On Friday, the Sun enters Cancer for the solstice: the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, and the beginning of a new season. Amanda Painter considers some of the objects in aspect to the Sun, and how they shape the Aries Point energy of this year’s solstice.