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Eric Francis, Founder and lead astrologer at Planet Waves, is widely considered one of the world’s leading astrologers specializing in humanistic, esoteric and mundane astrology.  With over 20 years experience as an astrologer, Eric and his team at Planet Waves dedicate themselves to providing world class astrology articles that are not only rigorously researched but thoughtful, provocative and insightful.

Eric is considered one of the leading astrologers of the digital age. The digital age is about involvement. It’s about self-driven learning. The digital age is about having the real thing — not a fantasy or a story.

Graphic for The Mars Effect by Lizanne Webb.

Graphic for The Mars Effect by Lizanne Webb.

Astrology in the digital age is about being your own astrologer. Because there is so much technicality to astrology, you might think that will take 10 years. Yet being your own astrologer really means taking information from astrology and putting it to work for you.

In the old days, astrologers were expected to predict your life or read your destiny. Then astrology was expected to give concrete answers to questions like “should I buy a house?”

More recently, astrology has been used for character assessment and growth — psychological astrology.

Today, astrology in its most useful form is about knowing enough to make decisions that work for you. It’s about being in tune with your environment and responding appropriately. Astrology is about getting involved with existence on a new level of awareness.

At Planet Waves, our role is to help you do just that. As a Planet Waves Core Member, you will have access to the information you need to use astrology as a map and compass. We don’t tell you where to go but we have ideas about how to get where you want to be.

We treat astrology as something obvious and natural, not cryptic and mystical. A positive experience with astrology leaves a person changed so as to better be able to make the most of opportunities — and to handle at least some of the more challenging or difficult experiences in life.

As you tap into what we publish, and watch or participate in the discussion, you will start to pick up the art of astrological thinking. Our ideas are designed to give you a direct impression of the astrological conditions — even if you cannot read a chart. (After a while, you will want to! And that’s the first step.)

Some basic astrology tools,. Many others are available in online resources.

Some basic astrology tools — starting with pencil and paper. Many others are available in online resources.

With that information you can focus your thoughts and use astrology to help you get clear. If you want to learn how to read charts, you can take that step more easily here than you can just about anyplace else we know of.

We have all the resources you need, to go as far as you want, as deep as you want, or to just learn the most useful basics and be on your way. If you read consistently, you’ll take away something useful each time, which is easy to retain and integrate into everyday life for repeated future use. In other words, a little astrology goes a long way.

Your Core Membership includes teleconferences, high-quality weekly and monthly readings, SMS delivery of astrology information and up-to-date dispatches that tell you what’s happening how.

As a Backstage Pass Holder, you also receive a series of audio presentations that introduce you to the astrology of all of the signs, with detailed written interpretations that explain the astrology as they go.

Then you decide what to do with that information.

You put it to work for you. I would love being your astrologer — and would love even more if you became your own astrologer.

Planet Waves is the place to do that. Get involved today.

With love,

3 thoughts on “Get Involved in Astrology

  1. Alex Brocklehurst

    “The digital age is about having the real thing – not a fantasy or a story”

    I lose track of the number of times credible people associate fantasy with story. In truth, story comes in myriad forms. Our lives are made up of stories. Astrology tells the story of the intersection of cosmic and Earthbound overlap. It really does not sit well to reduce story to ‘fiction’ or ‘untruth’.
    It seems to me that contrasting the real thing with story is simply not representative of the human situation. This is a storied world and it is better to understand our place within such worlds than to assume some view that ‘truth’ lies outside of our storied realities. Every ‘fact’ travels through a matrix of interpretations, coloured by our experiences.

    Better to share our stories than our fixed views of so-called ‘facts’. Such facts are less a basis for consensus than our stories are!

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