As Trump Pulls Out of N. Korea Summit, Women Activists Head to DMZ to Promote Korean Peace Process

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President Trump has canceled plans for a June 12 summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. A top official in North Korea’s foreign ministry said Friday that Kim Jong-un is still willing to meet with Trump at any time and that the cancellation of the summit was “extremely regrettable.”

NFL Bans National Anthem Protests On Same Day Video of Police Tasering of NBA Player is Released

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The NFL has announced it will fine teams if players refuse to stand for the national anthem before games. But players will be allowed to stay in the locker room during the anthem. Over the past two seasons, dozens of players have knelt during the anthem to protest police shootings of unarmed black men.

DNC Deputy Chair Keith Ellison: The Democratic Party Should Stay Out of Primaries, Let Voters Decide

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Voters in several states Tuesday determined a number of key primaries, and it was another big night for female Democrats. In Georgia, Stacey Abrams made history by becoming the first African-American woman to win a major party’s nomination for governor.

Pompeo Threatens Iran With Strongest Sanctions in History, Speeding U.S. March Toward War

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On Monday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo used his first major policy address to threaten Iran with “the strongest sanctions in history.” Pompeo presented a list of 12 “basic requirements” for a new nuclear treaty with Iran.

After Santa Fe HS Shooting, Texas Lawmakers Have “Focused on Anything But Guns”

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The latest in a series of deadly mass shootings at U.S. schools took place Friday morning in Texas. 17-year-old Dimitrios Pagourtzis entered Santa Fe High School and shot dead 10 people—eight fellow students and two teachers. He used a shotgun and a .38 revolver taken from his father.

Trump’s EPA Doesn’t Want You to Know Chemicals in Teflon Are Poisoning Waterways & Firefighters

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The EPA is facing a major new scandal after it worked with the White House to bury an alarming federal study detailing widespread chemical contamination of the nation’s water supply. One Trump administration official warned release of the study would create a “public relations nightmare.”

Meet Tarek Loubani, the Canadian Doctor Shot by Israeli Forces Monday While Treating Gaza’s Wounded

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As Palestinians vow to continue protesting against the Israeli occupation of Gaza, a Canadian doctor who was shot by Israeli forces in both legs Monday while he was helping injured Palestinians speaks out. Israeli forces shot dead at least 61 unarmed Palestinian protesters taking part in the Great March of Return Monday.

Norman Finkelstein: Outrage over Israeli Massacre Shows Power of Nonviolent Palestinian Resistance

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The United States is refusing to criticize Israel after Israeli forces shot dead at least 61 unarmed Palestinian protesters taking part in the Great March of Return in Gaza Monday. More than 2,700 Palestinians were injured. At the United Nations, U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley has blocked a call for an international investigation into Israel’s actions.