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Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for April 2017

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One thing that’s fast going missing here in the internet age is something known as an inner life. You can think of this as the sanctity of one’s thoughts; a private inner experience of the world; a relationship with the ‘you’ nobody knows. One reason for this loss is an unwholesome obsession with appearances and glamour: looking like something at the expense of being that thing. There’s another problem: the internet has blown our minds inside-out.

Welcome to the Vernal Freaquinox!

Posted by Eric Francis


As Eric writes, among many interesting features of the Equinox chart is that the Moon is conjunct Saturn and the Galactic Core to the degree. This is a reminder to stay strong on your spiritual footing, and not to let your mind be seized by prejudice, greed or uninformed opinions.

Interview with Ward B. Stone, American environmental hero

Posted by Eric Francis


In tonight’s edition of Planet Waves FM I drove up to Troy, NY, to meet my old friend and mentor Dr. Ward B. Stone. You may know that I have some years in as an environmental investigative reporter, and Ward was one of the people who helped me.

Feel the Momentum: Venus Retrograde, Full Moon

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Venus is now retrograde, which shifts the emotional momentum of our moment in one gesture. The retrograde lasts through April 15. And at the same time the Moon is heading into full phase; the Virgo Full Moon happens March 12, a week from now, but this one is going to gather energy and go off like a clap of thunder.

Short Monthly Horoscope for March 2017

Posted by Eric Francis


You will have some interesting financial opportunities this month. Yet be aware that you may not be working with full information. Therefore, you will need to maintain a practice of due diligence. Check the bona fides of anyone you’re doing business with. Nothing is as good as it looks, and everything is subject to change.

Venus Retrograde and Lou Reed’s 75th Birthday

Posted by Eric Francis


Today’s Planet Waves FM is dedicated to Venus retrograde in Aries. I’m accompanied by Lou Reed as I take you on a tour of this spiritual territory.