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For Feminist Men, Damaged by Feminism

Posted by Eric Francis


Tonight, for solstice eve, I have a special edition of Planet Waves FM for you. Sometimes it seems like the most sensitive men, who respect and appreciate women the most, have been the most damaged by feminism. That’s the topic I focus in an interview with Kasia Urbaniak.

Those Little Gaps of Silence

Posted by Eric Francis


Within the past year or two, I received a comment from a listener to Planet Waves FM, who complained that I pause too much when I’m speaking. He said that he would be running my program through a “truncate silence” filter, in order to condense my language. He wanted to speed up the pacing of my thought process. Apparently I think too slowly for him; if he only knew.

An unexpected Gemini edition of Planet Waves FM

Posted by Eric Francis


Today is a full-strength bangin’ Gemini edition, featuring music by performance artist Laurie Anderson and a guest appearance by Weegee Fellig, one of the inventors of photojournalism (view chart below). And, of course, lots of astrology.

Week Off from Planet Waves FM

Posted by Eric Francis

Planet Waves FM Studio.

I’m taking this week off from Planet Waves FM. It seemed time to take a little breather. Next week, I’ll feature two outstanding Geminis: the life of photojournalist Weegee Fellig, as well as the music and the chart of Laurie Anderson. We have two new features we’re adding to PW FM: One is a streaming loop of many archived shows, which you’ll be able to click on any time and dive into the project somewhat randomly.

Full Moon Door (or The Laws of Chaos)

Posted by Eric Francis


Before I touch on Friday’s Sagittarius Full Moon or today’s testimony by James Comey, I want to review one issue. Donald Trump is currently president of the United States, and he didn’t win the election. He got 2,864,974 fewer votes than Hillary Clinton. Many presidents have won by a far smaller margin of victory, most notably John F. Kennedy, who beat Richard Nixon by just 112,827 votes — a margin of just 0.17%.

The Planets are On the Move

Posted by Eric Francis


Tonight’s edition of Planet Waves FM looks at the interesting inner-planet activity at the moment (summed up in Monday’s edition of Planet Waves). This includes Mercury, Venus and Mars all making aspects to outer planets before changing signs and forming a magnificent pattern from about June 4 through June 10.

Summer of Trust: The Great American Eclipse

Posted by Eric Francis


This is the first eclipse to touch both coasts of the United States since 1918, though that one had maximum intensity over the Pacific Ocean south of Alaska, not on land. The Aug. 21 event will be the first eclipse to make landfall exclusively in the United States dating back to 1776. In that sense, it’s an unprecedented event, arriving at an unprecedented time in U.S. history.

The Message is Fear: Bombing in Manchester

Posted by Eric Francis


The word terror means extreme fear, and that’s the goal of terrorism. In tonight’s edition of Planet Waves FM, I look at the chart for the bombing at Manchester Arena on Monday night, and ask what, exactly, we might learn from these events.

Monday Morning Horoscope for May 15, 2017

Posted by Eric Francis


This week the Sun in your sign makes a helpful aspect to Chiron in Pisces. This calls attention to the extent to which so many people (including technology-averse types who appreciate the physical world, such as yourself) have become their own publicists. You now have an opportunity to align your actual being with whatever it is you broadcast or in any way present to the community.

Trump Fires FBI Chief Amidst Russia Investigation

Posted by Eric Francis


Tuesday evening, Donald Trump unleashed yet another shit storm when he fired James Comey, the director of the FBI. The facts and particulars are extremely complicated, and are changing by the hour. But the bottom line is, this is what you get when you have a paranoid, narcissistic, borderline-personality person in a position of extreme power.

Scorpio Full Moon and Brian Eno

Posted by Eric Francis


Tonight, celebrating the 69th birthday of Brian Eno, Planet Waves FM is a tribute to his music, as well as to art and sex. We’ll hear music spanning about 30 years of Brian’s career, from his early solo days to the early 21st century, including one movement of Music For Airports, covered by the virtuoso ensemble, Bang on a Can.