X Factors, Not Wearing Business Suits

Posted by Eric Francis Coppolino


Did you ever have the experience of sitting in your living room on a spring day, with the windows open, and the sound of a leaf blower stops? And suddenly you feel a sense of relief, because that vile sound is gone, though you hadn’t consciously noticed it was even there. But you notice when it’s gone.

Take a Step Back

Posted by Eric Francis Coppolino


It’s taken me a while to figure out what’s really going on with the #MeToo movement, at least so far as I can tell. I don’t accept as valid what I don’t understand, or what I see serious problems with. I might, when I gain an understanding, and see past the problems.

Moving Ground

Posted by Amanda Painter


The astrological traction that has been available to you all week (and which you’ve hopefully used to move some project or facet of life forward) is still in force. Though as we head toward the weekend, there are a couple of shifts in the energy.

Fire and Fury, a la Scorpio and Capricorn

Posted by Amanda Painter


Even if the New Year’s Day Full Moon did not herald any major events in your personal life, this first week of 2018 still managed to begin with exceptional drama: namely, Pres. Trump’s incendiary, innuendo-loaded tweet taunting North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, and Michael Wolff’s tell-all book describing the insanity in the current White House. We have some juicy astrology brewing, which means you can expect things to get stranger.