Count Yourself In

Posted by Eric Francis


It’s tempting, in times of pain, chaos and transformation, to think there are no opportunities for you to participate, or feel like life is so insane that nothing matters, and besides, the world is ending anyway. Plenty of people are caught in the meme that nothing makes a difference, especially them.

Of Nuclear Bombs and Reasoning

Posted by Eric Francis


Yesterday, I was poking around the pages of The Onion, when I found this article: Historians Admit To Inventing Ancient Greeks. It featured a photo of two scholarly-looking pundits, and began: “WASHINGTON — A group of leading historians held a press conference Monday at the National Geographic Society to announce they had ‘entirely fabricated’ ancient Greece, a culture long thought to be the intellectual basis of Western civilization.”

Entering the Eclipse Room

Posted by Amanda Painter


Here we are, on the doorstep of this summer’s eclipse season: on Monday, Aug. 7, at 2:10 pm EDT, we have an Aquarius Full Moon and partial lunar eclipse; then on Aug. 21, there’s the total solar eclipse and second Leo New Moon. You might be wondering how best to step into this metaphorical room once the door opens, and the chart for Monday’s lunar eclipse offers some ideas.

The Fulcrum, the Venturi and the Cycle of Fire

Posted by Eric Francis


We’re now in the final weeks before the total solar eclipse of Aug. 21, 2017. For those who are uncertain of whether astrology has any validity, this is a good time to pay attention. Eclipses are one of the very best laboratory-of-life ways to observe astrology. You would just need to associate what you notice with the eclipses.

Chiron: Key to The Gemstone File

Posted by Eric Francis


Maybe it was the rare-to-find Orange Toastees, or maybe it was the world-famous date nut bread. Howard Johnson’s in Arlington, Virginia, might have seemed like an odd place for a conclave of the captains of industry and the stewards of government, though that’s where it happened.

This week’s full issue :: Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet: Trump, Russia and the August 21 Total Solar Eclipse

Posted by Eric Francis


Some are even arguing, now that it’s late in the week, that it really wasn’t that weird after all — that last June, Trump’s son Don Jr., Trump’s son-in-law and provost of everything, Jared Kushner, and Paul Manafort, Trump’s then-campaign chairman, all met with a charming Russian lady lawyer said to represent the Kremlin.

Calling In the Capricorn Full Moon

Posted by Amanda Painter


As I was preparing to write about this Sunday’s powerful Capricorn Full Moon conjunct Pluto, I happened to read a 2015 article by Asam Ahmad titled, “What Makes Call-Out Culture So Toxic.” I realized the article speaks to one possible level of experiencing this Full Moon, or one of its messages.

Empathy, Honesty and Power Struggles

Posted by Amanda Painter


As you head into the weekend (for many U.S. readers, a long holiday), you’ll want to know that the astrology has some things to say about power struggles and confrontations. Mercury and Mars, both in Cancer, are opposing Pluto in Capricorn. At their best, this pair of oppositions can be leveraged to get beneath the surface of things.

You Are Wearing a Gray Suit

Posted by Eric Francis


The exercise I took part in was late in the weekend, Sunday evening for a class that had started Friday night. The instructions were simple. One of the five men who was serving as a “model male” would sit in a chair. One of the students would approach him, with the instruction of making three observable statements of fact, for example, “You are wearing a gray suit.”

Those Little Gaps of Silence

Posted by Eric Francis


Within the past year or two, I received a comment from a listener to Planet Waves FM, who complained that I pause too much when I’m speaking. He said that he would be running my program through a “truncate silence” filter, in order to condense my language. He wanted to speed up the pacing of my thought process. Apparently I think too slowly for him; if he only knew.

Full Moon Door (or The Laws of Chaos)

Posted by Eric Francis


Before I touch on Friday’s Sagittarius Full Moon or today’s testimony by James Comey, I want to review one issue. Donald Trump is currently president of the United States, and he didn’t win the election. He got 2,864,974 fewer votes than Hillary Clinton. Many presidents have won by a far smaller margin of victory, most notably John F. Kennedy, who beat Richard Nixon by just 112,827 votes — a margin of just 0.17%.

Watching the Wheels

Posted by Eric Francis


The other day, looking at some astrology charts, and comparing them to the front pages of major news websites, I had an odd feeling. It was the sensation that the planets are going around and around, and the news is going around and around, which came with a question: does this story ever culminate?