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Entering the Eclipse Zone with Pluto

Posted by Amanda Painter

It might look like they're about to step off the edge, but they're not. Photo by Amanda Painter.

Tonight is the Cancer New Moon, exact at 10:48 pm EDT (02:48 UTC Friday). But it’s not just a New Moon: it is also a partial solar eclipse. Not only that, it’s an eclipse opposite Pluto in Capricorn. Amanda Painter explores some of the themes for tonight’s eclipse chart, which begins a three-eclipse month.

In Your Face or In Your Flow

Posted by Amanda Painter

Coriander flowers, with salpiglossis in the background. Photo by Amanda Painter

There are seemingly opposite forces at work today, at least in terms of tone and temperament. As Amanda Painter explains, there’s some astrology offering a relaxed and possibly empathetic or idealistic vibe; on the other hand, that could take a backseat to more confrontational and entrenched interactions, depending on your personality and social context.

After the Full Moon: Ceres, Mercury, Juno Change Signs

Posted by Amanda Painter

Photo by Amanda Painter

Most likely, by the time you read this, the Capricorn Full Moon will be separating and its energy easing; though we’re still getting used to Mars retrograde in Aquarius. There’s still a lot to feel edgy and overwhelmed by in this world. Yet in the next few days, we’ll also get some shifts in tone that may help you to tap into a sense of what you can do.

Mars Shifts into Reverse, and a Full Moon Rises

Posted by Amanda Painter


Here we are, on the cusp of one of the signature astrological events of 2018: this Tuesday, Mars stations retrograde in Aquarius at 5:04 pm EDT (21:04:21 UTC). You might be feeling very curious about what you can (or want to) do right now, or too overwhelmed to take action on certain current issues.

Remembering How to Care on the Cancer Solstice

Posted by Amanda Painter

Excerpt from "The New Colossus" by Emma Lazarus; photo of a mural in Phoenix, Arizona.

Today is the Cancer solstice: the day when the Sun ingresses Cancer. As Amanda Painter writes, this year, two of the strongest themes of Cancer certainly are at the forefront of U.S. consciousness: taking care (or not), and emotions/sensitivity. There’s also an interesting Venus-Mars opposition as Mars prepares to station retrograde.

Wave that Flag (Or Not)

Posted by Amanda Painter


As we emerge from yesterday’s Gemini New Moon and whatever you experienced with it, the theme of ‘new’ appears to be carrying forward. Note that this ‘new’ themed astrology is happening as Mars prepares to station retrograde in Aquarius on June 26.