The Speaker of the House Resigns

Posted by Fe Bongolan


In a stunning and historic move, coming on the eve of the eclipse on the Aries Point, Ohio Republican John Boehner – Speaker of the House of Representatives has resigned. His resignation will be effective as of October 30.

Eric Francis | Sex By Sign #16: Week of Nov. 21-28, 2014

Posted by Eric F Coppolino


Sex By Sign is a new weekly sex and relationships horoscope by Eric Francis. It combines his astrological gift with his ideas as a sexpositive activist and sex educator. We publish the column each Friday night. It’s available to Core Community Members, a membership level which gives you access to all written content on Planet Waves. Here is how to sign up.

Preview of Your Virgo Birthday Reading

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You’re invited to listen to a free preview of your Virgo reading (for Virgo Sun or rising). Actually this is a bit more than a preview — it’s a 15 minute mini-reading that gives you many details of what you get in the full product. Your reading includes two 40-minute segments of astrology and a tarot session, recorded in studio-quality audio with original music. You also get access to the live teleconference and last year’s reading. This is a beautiful package of down-to-earth esoteric wisdom. Order your reading here — and get instant access.

Welcome to Planet Waves

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Welcome. This is a new environment for Planet Waves — a space to access all of our premium content in one place. I would like to begin your experience of this website with an explanation of why we’re different than anything you’ll read on the Internet.

Are You Ready for The Mars Effect?

Posted by Planet Waves


Believe it or not, the time has come to tell the story of another year, in Eric’s 2014 annual readings. We are about to enter the peak of the Uranus square Pluto era, and what a story the charts for the next four seasons have to tell. The astrology is already coming through in waves.

Big River — Sun conjunct Jupiter

Posted by Eric Francis


The Gemini Sun’s conjunction with Jupiter tomorrow at 12:11 am EDT will correspond to a lot coming together at once. This feels like long tributaries flowing into a big river. Eric’s brilliant blog yesterday showed us the headwaters of the river. It’s not just the Sun and Jupiter, the two biggest objects in the solar system converging in one degree. It’s their location at 28+ Gemini.

The Weekend Tarot Reading — Sunday, June 16, 2013

Posted by Eric Francis


Sarah Taylor’s Tarot spread for the week continues from last week’s with the Three of Swords at centre once more. We are no longer in the realm of wounding thoughts and the self-imposed psychological barriers that we build around us. We are in heart territory, land of emotions and the unconscious. In this, it seems, we are getting closer to our depths, a place where we are more open to receive something different.

Let Us See — First Quarter Moon

Posted by Eric Francis


The lunar first quarter at 1:24 pm EDT Sunday will find the Virgo Moon square the Gemini Sun. Distinguishing this particular first quarter, but not visibly, the Moon will also be conjunct the asteroid Sisyphus. Given that the authoritative Dane Rudhyar referred to lunar quarter phases as times of crisis, and when you consider Sisyphus is named after a mythical symbol of unrelieved futility, you might feel discouraged. Let us see what we can do about that.

Big Things — Jupiter Opposite Galactic Core

Posted by Eric Francis


From Len Wallick’s astrology offering, we see Jupiter returns to reflect the center of our celestial neighborhood; it’s an auspicious time for you to reflect as well. As the year of Jupiter in mutable air reaches its last fortnight before ingress to Cancer on June 26, Len asks us, “To whom will the remaining years of your precious life belong? Beyond that, how will you emulate Jupiter by growing into what you must be?”

The Weekend Tarot Reading — Sunday, June 9, 2013

Posted by Eric Francis


Thoughts create beliefs — a belief being a thought that has been repeated to the point where it isn’t as immediately open to enquiry. It can become entrenched like the grooves of a record, which is only capable of playing the same song, over and over again. If that song is a song of fear, one that drowns out your connection to what lies at the very heart of you and separates you from your Self, then you have a choice.

Out Of Sight — Gemini New Moon

Posted by Eric Francis


The Gemini New Moon just before Noon EDT Saturday, like all New Moons, will be out of sight. It will not be the only such event in the astrology this weekend. If there is anything to the proverb “As above, so below,” the next several days will not be about appearances. Rather, you will be entering an auspicious time to observe and cultivate nascent developments to your inner life.

The Weekend Tarot Reading — Sunday, June 2, 2013

Posted by Eric Francis


The reading for June 2, 2013 is unambiguous: the events from the eclipse period and their effects are still at work in the psyche. You are being encouraged not to turn away from what was revealed to you, and to follow the call of what is yet to emerge into full consciousness, even as the land of The Moon seems alien to your thinking, logical mind.