Big River — Sun conjunct Jupiter

By all appearances the Gemini Sun’s conjunction with Jupiter tomorrow at 12:11 am EDT will correspond to a lot coming together at once. That’s not surprising since a conjunction is when two or more objects come together at the same place on the zodiac. This is no ordinary case of celestial coalescence, however. This feels like long tributaries flowing into a big river.

Astrology by Len Wallick

Eric’s brilliant blog yesterday showed us the headwaters of the river. It’s not just the Sun and Jupiter, the two biggest objects in the solar system converging in one degree. It’s their location at 28+ Gemini.

As Eric’s research revealed, it’s rare for the Sun and Jupiter to conjoin at the penultimate degree of mutable air.

The two most recent precedents (1847 and 1930) symbolically connect the two previous centuries to perhaps the most prominent factor that distinguishes the astrology of our nascent one.

That’s because a disproportionate number of history-making events so far in the 21st Century (beginning with 9-11) have Gemini’s anarectic degree prominent in their astrology. Combine that with both the rapid advancements and regretful regressions that started during the Sun-Jupiter conjunctions of 1846 and 1930, and it’s a lot of history swelling into the river of your lifetime.

That’s what gives rise to the feeling of your life coming together like a big river. It does not stop there either. Other objects are also timing their aspects as tributaries.

At the same moment that the Sun and Jupiter achieve their location-sensitive hookup tomorrow, the Moon and Saturn will be conjoined to the degree in early Scorpio. Together the Moon and Saturn will be precisely (once again, to the degree) trine to Neptune in Pisces. The elemental implications of that simultaneous coalescence are nothing less than widespread and far reaching.

First of all, trines are about flow, of the unimpeded, full-on variety. Second, the monumental trine from the Moon-Saturn conjunction to Neptune involves water signs, where flow is a primal imperative. Finally, as powerful as that trine aspect implicitly is, it is but a trickle compared to its concurrency with the Sun-Jupiter conjunction.

Nearly everybody knows, at least intuitively, that the Moon is astrology’s complement to the Sun. The Moon combines with the Sun to complete it, rather than compete with it. Not everybody knows that Jupiter (expansion) and Saturn (containment) have much the same reciprocating flow of relationship. That is how, at the very least, tomorrow’s particular and unique dual conjunction of complements is contributing to the flow of a nearly unprecedented grand water trine.

A broadly aspected and yet functional grand water trine involving Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune will commence when Jupiter ingresses Cancer a week from today. Because it will last for more than a year, the grand trine will be without precedent in recent centuries, with the only previous occurrence since the Gregorian Calendar lasting less than two months in early 1967 — and look what flowed from that.

That makes tomorrow’s astrology the confluence where tributaries come together to flow into the river of your life. The first tributary is how the history of this century is deeply connected with anaretic Gemini.

The second tributary is how the two immediately previous occurrences of Sun-Jupiter conjunctions at that powerful place on the zodiac bring the immediately previous two centuries into the present, as if you have lived that long yourself.

The third tributary is how a simple water trine from the Moon-Saturn conjunction to Neptune will flow into everything that the Sun-Jupiter conjunction represents — and combine into a grand trine that will almost certainly make 1967 look like a creek you could jump over.

Which raises the question of how you will deal with the legacy of the ages coming together into the ‘now’ you must navigate. The answer is that you must grow into the challenge. The means to that growth is represented by yet another simultaneous aspect from Mars to Chiron.

Right now, Mars is bringing up the tail-end of the Gemini train, several weeks behind Jupiter and the Sun. Yet just as Jupiter and the Sun are conjoined tomorrow, Mars will be making its own contribution, exact to the degree, to the big river your life is becoming. Mars is making a square aspect to Chiron in Pisces.

Unlike trines, squares do not flow at all. There is no ease in a square, there is tension. In acting to overcome the tension, you tone up muscles that have gone soft, and stimulate the growth of muscles you did not know you had. The result is a you that you did not realize you could be.

If there is any one planet you could have in a square, Mars would be the first choice because it represents the energy you will need to resolve the aspect and grow on past it. Given the context of tomorrow’s astrology, Chiron is an excellent second choice.

That’s because Chiron’s trademark correspondence is to integration. With Chiron as part of the big picture of tomorrow’s big astrology, its role will be to promote your growth to be both the ample channel of history and its navigator.

Don’t think you are up to it? Please think again. There is a reason you are alive now. There is a reason you are reading these words. You are the reason, and the river. It is what you were born to do.

The energy will be there if you can apply it and act. The vision will be there if you can take responsibility for it by acting in integrity and growing into what you need to be. Let there be giants to stand astraddle the river flowing from the vast tributaries of history. Let you be among them to make history anew.

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