Let Us See — First Quarter Moon

The lunar first quarter at 1:24 pm EDT Sunday will find the Virgo Moon square the Gemini Sun. As with all first quarter phases, you will be able to see the square aspect yourself. Weather permitting, Luna will be visible at its highest point in the sky while at a right angle to the setting Sun. Distinguishing this particular first quarter, but not visibly, the Moon will also be conjunct the asteroid Sisyphus.

Astrology by Len Wallick

Given that the authoritative Dane Rudhyar referred to lunar quarter phases as times of crisis, and when you consider Sisyphus is named after a mythical symbol of unrelieved futility, you might feel discouraged. Let us see what we can do about that.

First and always, no aspect or set of aspects exists in a vacuum. To fully understand the astrology of any square, conjunction or combination thereof, it’s important to see things holistically.

Chiron is perhaps the single object most closely associated with holistic themes by modern astrologers. As Eric himself wrote over a decade ago, “Chiron functions as an integrating agent.” It is therefore worth noting that Sunday’s lunar first quarter will take place within hours of Chiron’s retrograde station at the same degree of Pisces that it last occupied during the final week of February in 1964.

Integrating Chiron’s turning point into a holistic perspective of the Moon’s concurrent square to the Sun and conjunction with Sisyphus, will thus integrate some lessons from history into the astrology.

For a lot of people, especially those who identified with the established order, it felt like a crisis the last time Chiron was where it is now. An outspoken young black man (who later changed his name to — gasp — Muhammad Ali) became both boxing’s heavyweight champion of the world, and the most popular American in the world outside the United States. Other Americans who prioritized errant nationalism over what is morally right found that to be very discouraging.

Looking back on the big picture now, we can see there was no reason to be discouraged that a man with a conscience should rise to dignify a largely unconscious nation. In both his courageous deeds and mellifluous words, he let us see that it was not futile, but morally correct, to resist an unconscionable war. He was not alone in how he let us see our way through that time.

By the end of February 1964, efforts by the power elite to discredit and exterminate the African-American art of rock-and-roll became a historical symbol of unrelieved futility as The Beatles returned to the UK after having conquered the USA. Yet, a holistic view of the past reveals The Beatles to be an integrating agent if ever there was one. Indeed, it is very possible that the revival of rock-and-roll redeemed the history of a discouragingly compromised nation.

After all, historical redemption goes beyond learning what not to repeat. It also teaches that how you see the present, and what you can do about it, will determine your place in posterity. It’s one thing to feel discouragement and futility, as might be the case with Sunday’s astrology. It’s another thing to succumb to it. Let us see what you can do about not succumbing this weekend, and you will have made a good start towards being part of the solution, and the future, rather than being part of the problems that will only become the past.

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