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Rob Moore is a published author and has a strong background in art direction and image work. Ever seeking to identify the truths recurring through his own life and that of others, Rob continues to express his findings via writing and imagery. Please visit to learn more.

Our Changing Intimacy Needs

Posted by Rob Moore

Ocean Reflection by Rob Moore

Tapping into an introspective Mars retrograde now in Scorpio, Rob Moore reflects upon being on the receiving end of unwanted advances as a young adult. But like all experiences, he found there was something valuable to take from it. From our hormone-driven youth to our midlife transition years, Rob considers how our priorities can notably change.

Meet The Beasts

Posted by Rob Moore

"In the Thick" by Rob Moore.

Rob Moore’s interactions lately have felt a lot like life in the wild. From lessons offered by ‘the dog whisperer’ Cesar Milan, to a woman whose aggressive behavior mimics an exotic bird, to the delicate matter of scented co-workers and lovers, he sees reasons to get in touch with your inner beast and supply some of the earthiness the sky is lacking.

All of A Sudden, Feelings

Posted by Rob Moore

"Overtaken" by Rob Moore.

With Mars now back in Scorpio and Mercury’s recent storm phase, Rob Moore relates how he’s experienced a few blockages, delays and frustrations. He explains how consciously feeling the resulting negative emotions helped to turn them into peace and positivity, through attuning with the present and the real.

If It’s Not Sex-Positive, What Is It?

Posted by Rob Moore


As the Sun moves into Gemini, Rob Moore suggests considering double-sided topics such as sex. Along the way, he explores the insanity of guilt, the idea that being scared or repulsed by sex is not metaphysical, and demonstrates how to apply Andy Warhol’s personal “So what?” philosophy to any judgments that have you tied in knots.

That Which Outlasts Mercury Retrograde

Posted by Rob Moore


Are Mercury retrograde phases a horror show or an insight-fulled opportunity for you? Rob Moore recounts his personal journey from seemingly experiencing disappointing career and romance reversals with each Mercury retrograde to being able to learn from them in ways that offer more fruit than frustration, and expanded consciousness.

So How Does It Feel To Have That Body?

Posted by Rob Moore


Rob Moore offers tribute to how freely and comfortably Jonathan Cainer lived in the physical world, and turns his attention to what an uncomfortable path many people must walk (or tunnel) to feeling at home in their physical bodies. It was not always natural for Rob, either; yet he offers some strategies to engage while the sky is oriented on Taurus.

More Things in Heaven and Earth than an Algorithm

Posted by Rob Moore


With communication planet Mercury and sex-related planet Mars fully in retrograde, we’re in a period when it can be very easy to misinterpret what’s happening at the root of our communications. Rob Moore steps back for some perspective on the double-edged sword of Facebook: quality of connection, quantity, timing and the algorithms.

Pushing, Letting It Be and Other Options

Posted by Rob Moore


With Mars retrograde and Mercury in shadow phase, it’s a wise time to tread on the easier end of the spectrum when it comes to asserting points of view and finalizing decisions. Rob Moore recounts an unfortunate instance of pushing a point too hard with a new amour, and suggests offering up decisions and actions to our personal ‘source’ for guidance and peace.