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On With The Show

Posted by Eric Francis


There is an obsession with having clean hands: not discussing anything controversial, be it what you really think about something in the news, what you really want from, or to do in, your relationships or who you really are in your sexual dimension. This is the illusion of purity — the only kind there is. This is astrology that can get you wet, and dirty, and agitated, and sweaty, and excited and, most of all, INVOLVED.

Big River — Sun conjunct Jupiter

Posted by Eric Francis


The Gemini Sun’s conjunction with Jupiter tomorrow at 12:11 am EDT will correspond to a lot coming together at once. This feels like long tributaries flowing into a big river. Eric’s brilliant blog yesterday showed us the headwaters of the river. It’s not just the Sun and Jupiter, the two biggest objects in the solar system converging in one degree. It’s their location at 28+ Gemini.

The Weekend Tarot Reading — Sunday, June 16, 2013

Posted by Eric Francis


Sarah Taylor’s Tarot spread for the week continues from last week’s with the Three of Swords at centre once more. We are no longer in the realm of wounding thoughts and the self-imposed psychological barriers that we build around us. We are in heart territory, land of emotions and the unconscious. In this, it seems, we are getting closer to our depths, a place where we are more open to receive something different.

Father Knows Best

Posted by Eric Francis


Today’s article is from the “too scary to think about” file. Everything we hear about of any relevance tends to be so overwhelming that one’s nervous system goes into overload. No matter how “normalized” or “commonplace” it may be, living in an environment of ubiquitous surveillance, it’s still a sign of cultural and individual sickness. And it’s never, ever for a friendly purpose…. This is a fundamentally spiritual issue.

Aries 2018

Posted by Eric Francis Coppolino


Hello Aries. This page provides you with the current year’s weekly and monthly horoscopes presented in reverse chronological order, as a narrative, plus links to archives from 2012 onwards. You may also search the full archive going back 15 years by using the ORACLE AND ARCHIVE feature.