Short Monthly Horoscope for June 2016

Posted by Eric F Coppolino


Feel your own presence anywhere you go. Just the fact of your being somewhere has an influence in your environment, and by all indications a positive one. Imagine yourself holding the space open for the right thing to happen. You don’t need to say anything; the most important thing you can do is be aware of who and what is in your environment, and what the purpose of any meeting or project is.

Short Monthly Horoscope for February 2016

Posted by Eric Francis Coppolino


Take leadership, and do it now. Set things right from the beginning. Admit that you know more than nearly anyone else around you, and remind yourself that you have the guts to take action. If you’re clear about these things, you’ll be of true service to those around you. They will benefit from your guidance and ability to make clear decisions.

Marie Claire Horoscope for December 2015

Posted by Eric F Coppolino


Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 22) — Doubt and confidence are not opposites. Rather, confidence is what you have when you’re able to acknowledge and face your doubts consciously. Therefore, if you have questions, ask them loudly and clearly, especially of yourself. Be fearless about this. Remember, some questions have answers and some lead to deeper inquiries. That’s a beautiful thing.

Marie Claire Horoscope for November 2015

Posted by Eric F Coppolino


Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22) — There will be times this month when you are bestowed with the authentic power to heal. Start with yourself. If you have the idea, “I no longer need this struggle” — no matter what it is — take the cue to set your intentions and focus your strength. The door to a better life, and letting go of the past, is wide open.

Marie Claire Horoscope for October 2015

Posted by Eric F Coppolino


Libra (Sep. 22-Oct. 23) — This may be one of the most interesting months in many seasons. You might have the feeling you’ve been granted superhero powers and a newfound craving to solve the world’s problems. Start close to home; indeed, I suggest you start at home, making the long-overdue changes you need to make. Then expand your idea of home to include anything you believe deserves your love and attention.

Marie Claire Horoscope for September 2015

Posted by Eric F Coppolino


Virgo (Aug. 23-Sep. 22) — Rare planetary activity this month offers you unusual opportunities to grow the best things in your life. The greatest benefit will be seeing the world from the viewpoint of others. This will help you explore common ground and build trust. You have no need to idealize anyone or anything; follow your basic desires and live close to the Earth that you love so much.

Marie Claire Horoscope for August 2015

Posted by Eric F Coppolino


I started writing the Marie Claire horoscope for the American edition in March. I’m now confident enough in the column to share it with you. We’ll be emailing it to you via the Tuesday letter each month, and it’s also available on the Planet Waves website — currently under the Inner Space category. I’ll have more to say about this month’s astrology — which includes the Leo New Moon on Friday — in this week’s Thursday issue. — efc

Marie Claire Horoscope for August 2015

Posted by Eric F Coppolino


LEO — Emerging astrology this month will do wonders for your self-esteem. You are embarking on a phase of making many self-discoveries, particularly about the depth of your intelligence. Just remember: use it or lose it. Apply your wits to real problems and you will stay sharp. There are few better things in the world that will help you feel good about yourself than being the source of an innovative solution. Registered readers may view all 12 horoscopes, and much more.