Beginning of the Great Adventure

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The Grapes Of Wrath - 1940

I’ve found that conjunctions of the Sun to outer planets give a clue to how the outer planet can manifest. With Uranus in a new sign, many people are curious. The conjunction is exact Monday vening. Counting Monday’s, there will be a total of seven Sun-Uranus conjunctions in Taurus.

This Week: Full Moon, and Mars Square Neptune

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Three nearly concurrent events drive the week’s astrology. In the background of everything is the Libra Full Moon. Exact Friday at 7:12 am EDT, the Moon opposes the Sun across the last degrees of Aries and Libra. That has an edgy feeling, and it may also serve as a release point of the Sun passing through the Saturn-Pluto-Eris square configuration on the lunar nodes.

Sun Passes Through Pluto-Eris Square

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We are now in a new era of astrology: the Pluto-Eris square. Maybe you’ve been following along. There was the Uranus-Pluto series of squares in the 2011-2012 era; there was the Uranus-Eris conjunction of 2016-2017; and now, the torch has been passed to Pluto square Eris — the rarest of all of these combinations.

How to Breathe Under Water

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We’re about to experience one of the most unusual Mercury stations in a generation. On Thursday, Mercury turns to direct motion in an exact conjunction to Neptune. This takes place in Pisces; that is Mercury churning through a lot of water. The conjunction of Mercury and Neptune has been going on for many days, and […]

Mercury, Neptune and the Full Moon Equinox

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This week is the equinox: when the Sun enters Aries and spring begins in the Northern Hemisphere. That takes place Wednesday, March 20 at 5:58 pm EDT). Moments after the Sun enters Aries is the Libra Full Moon, making this an unusual equinox with quite a lot of momentum carrying both the energy and resulting events.

The Day of the Great Leap: Birthdays and Planet News

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The Day of the Great Leap: Birthdays and Planet News

As the Pisces Sun moves into its square to Jupiter in Sagittarius (exact tomorrow), you may want to give yourself a reality check. You may also wish to pay particular attention to your dreams tonight. Anything related to your relationship needs, communication with a partner, certain friendships, or mentorship could try to get your attention in subtle, subconscious ways.

Around and Around

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When you get astrology, you usually get my words, translated into narrative format. I have to write each piece with a beginning, middle and end. I’m an English major, too old to be a postmodernist. I try to tell you a good story, one that makes sense, with interesting characters. When I get the astrology, I’m looking at a circle, and the planets are always moving in their cycles, around and around.

An Extraordinary Pisces New Moon

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In the spirit of Pisces, we are now experiencing a sea-change. Chiron recently changed signs, entering Aries for the next eight years. Uranus is about to enter Taurus, in a matter of days. When outer planets make moves like this, there are subtle and overt shifts to both inner and outer environments. It’s as if many points of orientation rearrange themselves, and a phase of conscious adaptation is necessary.