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Whatever the last two weeks or so has been like for you, by now you’re probably connecting some of the dots and moving forward in some new (or newly focused) direction. Eclipse periods have a way of accelerating life — and from what I’ve heard even from friends not into astrology, the effect has been noticeable this time around.

Second-wave Millennials have practically grown up with Twitter, where hundreds posted photos of the April 4 eclipse as it happened. Photo by @jswansonphoto posted by @AspenSnowmass.

Saturday’s eclipse occurred with the Sun in Aries. Eric has done a wrap-up of that event here, along with a commentary (and great discussion) on Sun conjunct Uranus.

And right on cue, Eric is planning to wrap up the Aries reading today. He aims to have it ready for distribution by this evening; right now, it’s still available for pre-order at the discounted price.

If you’re Aries Sun or rising, Eric covers the recent eclipses in Pisces and Libra and how they describe your evolving self-concept in relationships.

He then makes “the creativity connection,” where all roads lead to Jupiter in Leo. This is yet another amazing birthday reading, and it’s also the 5th anniversary reading as well; Eric began birthday readings in April 2010 and has now done 60 of them, with their accompanying tarot spreads. (All of those tarot readings have utilized the Voyager deck by James Wanless.)

Planet Waves FM — Iran Nuclear Deal, and the Millennials

Among the surprising events of the eclipse period was last week’s nuclear deal forged with Iran. In tonight’s Planet Waves FM, Eric will look at the charts for that event. Though this has faded from the news somewhat, the issue of whether a country should have nuclear bombs is rarely discussed.

Conservatives have been pushing for the ‘bomb Iran’ approach for more than a decade. Pres. Obama seems to have made some progress on an agreement, but he’s meeting resistance from Congress. What does the astrology say about this?

Then Eric will give an overview of Millennial astrology, looking at three events between 1981 to 2001.

Coming Attractions: Millennial Reading

The Millennial generation faces many challenges that are new to the human race. To be raised in good times, emerge into adult life in difficult times and then make one’s way is not so new, but it is a special challenge. What’s new for Millennials is being born into a world that has not remained stable for two days running, from the fall of the USSR to 9/11 to nonstop war nearly their whole lives.

Millennials on board. Illustration by Lizanne Webb.

After years of study, Eric is preparing a reading for Millennials and their parents; here is information about that project.

What’s New on Planet Waves

Have you caught Eric’s foray into video yet? We’re planning to resume Planet Waves TV Thursday with a brand-new edition. You can watch the four prior editions here.

This week’s sex-and-relationships column homes in on one of the most fundamental relationships any of us has: our relationship with our fear. ‘A Woman Who Walks Alone,’ by guest author Torre DeRoche, considers how the mandate that ‘women should not walk alone’ has undermined women — and men — for far too long.

Elsewhere on the Planet Waves website:

— Sarah Taylor’s tarot reading for the week features another statistically improbable three cards from the Major Arcana, picking up a story from early last month when the same thing happened.

— Judith Gayle notes in her column that something even bigger than the nuclear deal with Iran may have been birthed last week: a shift in consciousness, as each political issue we wrestle correlates to a personal one.

— Amanda Moreno uses her essay this week to unpack what she calls ‘the priestess complex’: when devotional perseverance is undiscriminating, it can undermine trust of our deeper instincts.

Columns by these authors (as well as by Len Wallick, whose column appears today around noon EDT) are available to anyone who is registered to read blog content — that is, those with a free registration, Core Community Pass or All-Access Pass. Wednesday night (Thursday morning at midnight), we’ll post my look ahead at the weekend’s astrology.

Catch you later on Planet Waves FM!

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