Stir It Up

Wake up tomorrow present to possibility and remain that way for about 48 hours. Give it a try. Exclude nothing and nobody. Refrain from ruling anything out. Open windows and doors of every kind, however and whenever possible. Wednesday and Thursday will be days to not only allow in but also stir up what could be, because of what the Moon will imply.


As tonight becomes tomorrow, avail yourself of this time window of just over 48 hours by giving everything and everybody a chance. There is no certainty as to what will happen if you do, but there are already anticipations everywhere you look.

Look in your heart. Can you really say you feel the same as you did only days ago? Look at the world. Can you really say it looks the same as it did at this time last week? Is something not astir even amidst fatigue and fear?

Among all things in the sky and on the zodiac evocative of stirring, a Sagittarius Moon must certainly be counted among them. It so happens the Moon will leave Scorpio (where it is today) and enter Sagittarius for just over two days at 1:08 am EDT (05:08 UTC) tomorrow.

Hours after ingress, the Moon will briefly share the same degree of Sagittarius with the only sign-ruler that will still be retrograde by the end of Wednesday: Saturn. By itself, a conjunction of the Moon and Saturn is often less than promising. In tomorrow’s context, however, what would normally signify a downer could yield something entirely different if you will do your part by being present to some implicitly stirring possibilities.

That’s because the Moon in Sagittarius tomorrow will rejoin a flow around the fire signs for the third time in less than three weeks. Just look at what has happened in that short period.

The Moon first jumped into the flow when it entered fiery Aries almost immediately after eclipsing the Pisces Sun on March 20, and just hours before the Sun followed suit into Aries to begin a new season. Then the Moon mixed it up with fire in Leo again last week, when Eric clued you into an emerging “fire trine theater” following the solar eclipse of March 20. 

Tomorrow, the Moon follows its own lunar eclipse last weekend by joining the fiery flow once more with ingress to Sagittarius. Hence, the Moon’s conjunction with Saturn need not bring you down if you will only be present to its potential to stir you up.

For the Moon (among other things) represents what Robert Hand has called “your need to be human.” Nearly every time that need is confronted by the cold reality often signified by Saturn, you are presented with a choice.

Beginning tomorrow you will have that choice again. It’s a choice between asking ‘why?’ or ‘why not?’ Tomorrow morning, if you will only be present to the potential that ‘why not?’ offers, you will almost certainly stir possibilities out of what otherwise might be lost to the callous and/or careless complacency implied by ‘why?’.

Just asserting your need to be human tomorrow could in turn open a window of a little more than 48 hours when some very good things could come in out of what started stirring less than three weeks ago. The promise of a new season could be made more real. The distance traveled between eclipses could be measured, and what you have up to now only felt or seen hints of could become yours.

Let the next two days make a difference by making that difference yourself. What have you got to lose by simply being present to possibilities and allowing yourself to jump in like the Moon, to stir them up into reality?

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16 thoughts on “Stir It Up

  1. chief niwot's son

    Great observations Len, all under the title of a great song. What occurs to me in reading your words is that the Moon-Saturn conjunction also gives us a chance to give structure to what was evoked at the Equinox-Solar Eclipse, and during the grand fire trine. In a sense the Moon is completing the circuit of it’s own self fire trine, and we have the possibility of seeing the new that has formed during this particular cycle of time.

    Thank you, as always, for your erudite reading of the heavenly indices.

  2. Len Wallick Post author

    Chief Niwots Son: Thank you for your cogently discerned parallax – the import of structure with the ingress of the Moon. Most of all thank you for how you continue to combine a discerning eye with a graceful mind and a generous heart. We are all so very fortunate to have you share your thoughts here.

  3. Cowboyiam

    Len as you so often do, here again, you allude to some edgy psyche energy and then proceed to powerfully persuade us to reach for the beauty hidden within. Your advice always inspires me to overcome my inner doubts, and sometimes chronic pessimism, and strive to expect more of myself and my universe. Very good advice. Thanks for the heads-up.
    Tomorrow, I am going to jump out of bed and open myself to the possible and then remind myself all day to look for novelty and focus on whatever beautiful possibilities arise. I feel good already.

  4. Len Wallick Post author

    Cowboyjam: Thank you for sharing your inspiring resolution, worthy of emulation. Please accept my gratitude also for sharing how my service has been useful for you.

  5. Nancy

    Thank you Len,
    Very inspired to get on with it. As I sit here getting ready to take off to Denver and really stiir things up after a brief highatus and revamp. I will certainly keep your advice at the front of my thoughts. Always helpful

  6. Len Wallick Post author

    Nancy: Thank you. May your journey be safe and fulfilling. Actually, the astrology strongly supports travel right now with Jupiter stationing direct at 12:57 EDT tomorrow (after being retrograde through Leo since December 8) and Mercury’s exterior (or “superior”) conjunction from the Sun in Aries (when Mercury is as fast as it gets while also being as far from retrograde as it gets) just seconds after Midnight EDT on Thursday morning. You picked well! Interestingly, both the Jupiter station direct and the Sun’s conjunction with Mercury are taking place as part of the transiting Fire trine and thus serve as a subset of the Sagittarius Moon astrology.

  7. Michael Mayes

    Yeah, sometimes it’s best to make room for the unknown. That goes for inside as well as outside ourselves. I’m often surprised at how energy moves when I just jump into something because I never know how my ripple will effect the water. You just never can bet on what kind of effect your energy will have on others, or vice-versa. It’s quite delightful when jumping right in, or leaving room for something to jump right in to “stir it up” leaves you feeling uplifted, and more open to possibilities.

  8. Barbara Koehler

    Thanks so much for observing and sharing with us the human element of life Mr. Len. Outside my window I’m observing the leaf buds on the maple tree about to burst open. . . I’d say tomorrow morning for sure. Along with Jupiter’s station direct, Mercury will also be conjunct Uranus tomorrow and had I not realized the role of the Moon you as you explain it to us here, I might not have been too conscious of that humanness. (Blame it on my Aquarius Moon!)

    Way too easy to slip into the “why”, especially in the morning! Will be open to the “why not” now, thanks to you. Mercury’s more accessible (he being the so called lower octave of Uranus) energy in that conjunction tomorrow could easily lead to overlooking the greater (higher octave) of what starts tomorrow. Because of his new cycle start with Uranus we who have been advised will see the “why not” possibilities now. Grateful as always.

  9. Pisces Sun

    Len, thank you. You have suggested that we join the fiery flow of the moon, which only makes sense since to go with the flow means to move freely. Free in our thoughts, without judgment of ourselves, first and foremost and then without judging others, is how I interpret this. When one removes the judgments then one truly has opened the world of possibilities to the “why not?” And although you suggest to let go during the next 48 hours, a lifetime of unlearning the patterns of self-judgment and societal judging is even better, which may be part of the Sun conjunct Uranus element suggestion. And finally, If the moon represents the “need to be human” in this digital/robotic age, it is good that we have a nightly reminder of our humanity, and with Saturn underscoring that-which-makes-us-human, ever so often, all the better. The best way NOT to slip into the “why” in the morning is to begin your morning in gratitude. Positive energy flows, possibilities open, and gratefulness become the norm. Within time, we may even learn not to ask “why” or “why not.” Just be. Maybe we had a hint of that in the solar eclipse in March?

  10. aWord

    While I don’t plan to actually travel tomorrow, Sun, Merc, Uranus continue to light up my 9th house. Hera is there now too, transiting my stellium of Liliths and semi-sextiling herself on my MC. If physical travel is not in the works, then other forms of transcendence certainly are—lighting a bit of fire under my many term papers due soon, perhaps?
    And moon on Saturn in Sagg is all good to me, heralding upcoming Sat return with a monthly “need to be human” — I’ll take that one, Len, thanks for passing along Mr. Hand’s perception of this conjunction, I may just make it a monthly celebration for the next few years.
    What with the subject matter of said term papers, focus on being human could be just the fire to achieve success with the writing and propel me forward on my educational journey.
    Thanks Len, inspiring as always.

  11. Yoniyoganidra

    Thank you Len for the inspiration and highlighting the fire flow and what’s possible when we get out of our own way….”Why Not!” “Sure” Let’s give it a go and see what happens”

    Friday afternoon an OBGYN professional asked me if I would consider teaching a pelvic floor program, based on my Yoni Yoga program, for their newly pregnant Mother’s.

    “When can I start” came flying out of my mouth before my brain had a chance to fully “organize” the concept.

    The whole weekend was one-long Eclipsing bliss-fest for me, feeling the possibility of helping to create environments (wombs) that could provide a different kind of nurturing eco-system for the growth of new souls coming to solve the problems that are snowballing beyond our influence.

    Thanks for always helping us to get ahead, or in alignment with, the opportunities as hand!

  12. Len Wallick Post author

    Michael: Thank you for sharing the reassuring benefit of your experience by jumping in with your comment today.

    Barbara: Ah! We know you to be humane in a very substantial way, as are all those born under an Aquarius Moon. Thank you, by the way for noting swift Mercury’s Aries conjunction with Uranus which will take place tomorrow (before Mercury flies on to catch the Aries Sun – from behind, so to speak – as Thursday gets underway. That is indeed a double dose of galvanizing energy we should not overlook partaking of. Wish i could see those maple buds open with you.

    Pisces Sun: Welcome to Planet Waves! i whole-heartedly endorse your “without judgment” interpretation. Your invocation of gratitude, and (compassionate?) being likewise. As to whether the seed of such insights was indeed planted with the total solar eclipse of March 20, i’m willing to think so, although we must each do our part to prove your interpretative harmony with the sky. One thing for sure, we could do a lot worse. Thank you for the dose of humanity you brought for all of us today.

    aWord: Thank you for sharing those transits to your 9th house again in such a timely manner. May they indeed serve to enhance the focusing of your energy at this time. It’s gratifying to think my mention of the transiting Moon will provide you with a monthly fest break your Saturn down into regular observances. May there be a cumulative – and instructive result that allows you to make the most of what could fairly be called a new lease on life. May your success in the more immediate term fuel the fire of your further long-term evolution!

    Yoniyoganidra: Thank you for sharing the inspiring story of how you jumped to accept an opportunity to apply the culmination of your experience to widen the field of your service in a way that seems transcendental. It is almost as if you will be providing for the intersection of parallel universes in a sacred rather than scientific way. That’s pretty darn cool.

  13. Vicchi Oleski

    Well, great news for me then Len!, tomorrow is my birthday, so I will say, ‘why not’ to materializing a seven year project. It has been a haul to here and I will tag along with wakingUP and being my own Present for my birthday by saying the mantra….’why not’? Thanks for all your kind words and whimsical musing too!, brightens up the linguistical language. namaste’

  14. Len Wallick Post author

    Vicchi: Happy birthday, welcome to Planet Waves, and thank you for sharing your inspiration. Speaking of a significant haul, seven years correlates with Saturn the approximate time it takes for Saturn to move three signs and Uranus through the the entire 30 degree span for one sign. So, basically you are looking at Saturn late Aquarius or early Pisces and Uranus in mid-Taurus, Jupiter in Pisces or Aries, after its Aquarius conjunction with Saturn in 2020 (i believe) . Looks like a powerful finish to your project. It’s an honor to know you found my service useful today.

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