Planet Waves TV: Focus on Jupiter and Chiron

Posted by Eric Francis Coppolino


This week, Jupiter is opposite Chiron. This aspect has a way of tapping into the invisible — in particular, the dimensions we cannot see, and knowledge without a dependable source. I suggest that all information, whether from a newspaper or a past-life reader, needs to be subjected to multiple sources of verification. That should be easy.

Planet Waves TV: When In Doubt, Go Within

Posted by Eric F Coppolino


This week’s aspects deliver one message above all: when you’re feeling doubt or fear, check in with yourself. Find your inner sanctuary. The world, particularly news from the United States, has been painful and stressful. Yet if you’re in contact with your feelings, you will lessen the effects and make some helpful discoveries.

Planet Waves TV: Cancer New Moon, and the USA Horoscope

Posted by Eric F Coppolino


The new edition of Planet Waves TV covers Monday morning’s Cancer New Moon, the grand water trine and kite pattern with Pluto. I also cover the United States Sibly chart, the most widely used chart for July 4, 1776. I look at the question: why is the United States so neurotic? Why do we squander our resources? The answer seems to be that we feel guilty about how we got them.