Planet Waves TV: Focus on Jupiter and Chiron

This week, Jupiter is opposite Chiron. This aspect has a way of tapping into the invisible — in particular, the dimensions we cannot see, and knowledge without a dependable source. I suggest that all information, whether from a newspaper or a past-life reader, needs to be subjected to multiple sources of verification. That should be easy.

5 thoughts on “Planet Waves TV: Focus on Jupiter and Chiron

  1. Len Wallick

    Eric: A timely, fun and useful telecast. I do hope your time by the stream, with the trees and dog friends went well for you. Thanks especially for your innovative interpretation of Jupiter opposing Chiron for how it combines the right-brain’s imagination with a rigorous left-brained foundation in proven astrological method. Additional thanks for reminding us of Neptune’s association with the unseen (albeit often in plain sight).

    1. Eric Francis

      I’m reading about the left-right split in a McLuhan book from the late 80s. The issue is visual versus acoustic; “common sense” (geometrically trained vision) versus primal space (sounds from the forest at night).

  2. Mary

    As the Pisces piece happens in my 1st house, I ask for recommendations for grounding and “knowing where I stand” as Neptune appears and disappears. Thought? Please share.

  3. Lizzy

    Hi Mary – what works best for me is meditation. I recommend something very simple, maybe working with the breath. You can find lots of things on the Internet – you could try looking up meditation +mindfulness, or breath, vipassana, etc. But that might not work for you – long walks and swimming do it for my sister – getting into the body in some way – and less identified with the mind (which is where all the trouble starts)!

    1. Mary

      I guess I was trying to fully embrace the disappearing aspect of Neptune that Eric mentions … not sure how that works in 1st house. If I had Neptune in 7th house I’d (possibly) expect that aspect to be projected onto someone who is in and out of my life.

      anyway, thanks Lizzie for your input.

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