Expert: President Trump Calling His Accusers “Liars” Confirms Women’s Fears of Not Being Believed

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Amid the torrent of sexual abuse allegations, Donald Trump rushed to the defense of Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore, who stands accused of multiple instances of sexual assault against minors. Meanwhile, CBS News, PBS and Bloomberg are all firing veteran journalist Charlie Rose.

Iraqi Civilian Describes U.S. Airstrike on His Home That Killed His Wife, Daughter, Brother & Nephew

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Today’s show looks at a damning new report that reveals how U.S.-led airstrikes against Islamic State militants in Iraq have killed far more civilians than officials have acknowledged. An on-the-ground investigation by the New York Times Magazine titled “The Uncounted” found the actual civilian death toll may be 31 times higher than U.S. officials admit.

As Zimbabwe’s Mugabe Refuses to Resign, Advocates Say Coup “Is Not the Answer” for Meaningful Reform

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In Zimbabwe, longtime leader Robert Mugabe is refusing to resign as president amid a growing political crisis. Last week Mugabe was placed under house arrest after Zimbabwe’s military seized parliament, courts, government offices, and the main airport in the capital, Harare.

“Keep It in the Ground”: As COP23 Ends, Activists Protest at Europe’s Largest Open-Pit Coal Mine

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Throughout the United Nations climate summit in Bonn, Germany, activists have been protesting against fossil fuels. About 45 minutes west of Bonn, activists unfurled a banner at the largest open-pit coal mine in Europe that read, “It’s Up to Us to Keep It in the Ground.”

Zimbabwe in Limbo As Military Seizes Control & Places President Mugabe Under House Arrest

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In Zimbabwe, longtime leader Robert Mugabe remains under house arrest and is reportedly refusing to resign as president after the country’s military seized Parliament, courts, government offices and the main airport in the capital, Harare. Mugabe has held power since Zimbabwe declared independence from the U.K. 37 years ago.

Pacific Climate Warriors Roll Out Anti-Coal “Red Carpet” for Angela Merkel at U.N. Climate Talks

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Broadcasting from the U.N. climate summit in Bonn, Germany, today’s show looks at protests underway against oil, coal, gas and nuclear power. Indian activists are demonstrating against India’s largest nuclear power station, the Kudankulam plant in India’s southern state of Tamil Nadu.

“Climate Apartheid”: South African Climate Activist Kumi Naidoo Slams Inequality at U.N. Summit

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As the U.N. climate summit gets underway in Bonn, Germany, African negotiators, activists and youth are particularly vocal about the need for urgent action to mitigate the most devastating effects of global warming. Africa is expected to suffer more from this than any other continent.

COP23: Activists from Puerto Rico to Island Nations Demand Climate Reparations, End to Fossil Fuels

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Democracy Now! broadcasts live from the U.N. climate summit in Bonn, Germany, where representatives from nearly 200 nations have gathered for negotiations aimed at bolstering the landmark 2015 Paris climate accord. Donald Trump has vowed to pull the United States out of the accord.

On Asia Trip, Trump Met by Protests Calling on U.S. to Open Diplomatic Relations with North Korea

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Donald Trump continued his tour of Asia, landing in Vietnam today for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit. Trump said on Thursday that he wants Russia’s help in getting North Korea to give up its nuclear weapons. In Korea, he attempted to visit the Demilitarized Zone, but was turned back due to bad weather.

In China, Trump Talks Trade & North Korea, Ignoring Climate Change & Crackdown on Human Rights

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Democracy Now! goes to Beijing for an update on President Trump’s meeting with Chinese leader Xi Jinping as part of his five-nation trip to Asia. Trump used the talks to call on China to sever ties with North Korea, and address the U.S. trade deficit with the country he once accused of “raping” the United States.

Voters Reject Republican Candidates as New “Autopsy” Report Finds the Democratic Party in Crisis

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As voters on Tuesday turned against the Republican Party one year after Donald Trump was elected president, a new report, “Autopsy: The Democratic Party in Crisis,” examines the role of Democratic Party loyalists in the party’s 2016 defeat.

How Domestic Violence and Militarism “Open the Floodgates” to Mass Shootings Like the Texas Massacre

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26-year-old Devin Patrick Kelley, who allegedly killed 26 people Sunday as they attended church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, was court-martialed on charges he repeatedly hit his wife and attacked his stepson. But officials failed to report his crimes to a federal database, so Kelley had no problem buying the gun he used Sunday.