Who Is Brett Kavanaugh? Inside the Right-Wing History of Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee

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President Trump has nominated federal Judge Brett Kavanaugh to fill Anthony Kennedy’s seat on the high court. Kavanaugh has deep ties to the Republican Party and will push the Supreme Court further right if he is confirmed.

CIA-Linked Military Contractor Used Arizona “Black Site” to Secretly Jail Dozens of Migrant Children

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A federal judge will hold a hearing today on whether to delay Tuesday’s deadline that mandated the reunification of all children under the age of 5 whom the Trump administration separated from their parents at the border.

As Scott Pruitt Resigns, Former EPA Officials Warn His Radical, Anti-Science Agenda Harmed Nation

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Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt has resigned, amid an onslaught of financial and ethics scandals and widespread opposition to his campaign to roll back key environmental protections. President Trump announced Pruitt’s resignation via Twitter.

Asylum Seekers Win in Court as Federal Judge Rules Against Indefinite & Arbitrary Detention

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A federal judge has ruled that the Trump administration may not arbitrarily detain people seeking asylum. U.S. District Judge James Boasberg ruled asylum seekers who have passed a credible fear interview should be given humanitarian parole, not indefinite detention.

“What to the American Slave Is Your 4th of July?”: James Earl Jones Reads Frederick Douglass’s Historic Speech

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This Fourth of July holiday special begins with the words of Frederick Douglass. Born into slavery around 1818, Douglass became a key leader of the abolitionist movement. On July 5, 1852, in Rochester, New York, he gave one of his most famous speeches, “The Meaning of July Fourth for the Negro.”

Mexico’s Leftist President-elect AMLO Promises Sweeping Changes on Corruption, Poverty, Drug War

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In a landslide, voters have elected Andrés Manuel López Obrador to be Mexico’s next president. The former mayor of Mexico City—who is known as AMLO—will become Mexico’s first leftist president in decades.

Leftist Andrés Manuel López Obrador Wins Mexican Presidential Election in Landslide Victory

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In Mexico, leftist politician Andrés Manuel López Obrador, known as AMLO, has claimed victory after winning Sunday’s presidential election by a landslide, vowing to transform Mexico by reducing corruption and violence.

Texas Protesters March to Federal Courthouse Where Migrants Are Being Prosecuted in Mass Trials

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Thursday’s Families Belong Together rally at the federal courthouse in Brownsville, Texas, culminated with people marching across the street to the federal courthouse, where migrants apprehended under the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” policy have been prosecuted in mass trials.