PW TV: Opposing and Adjoining Signs: Mars Retrograde and You

In this week’s Planet Waves TV, I describe the difference between opposite and adjoining signs. Mars will be retrograde in Sagittarius and Scorpio, which contain more “opposition energy” than opposite signs Sagittarius and Gemini. I explain this in the context of some easy ideas from Esoteric Astrology by Alice Bailey, and classical astrology as well.

10 thoughts on “PW TV: Opposing and Adjoining Signs: Mars Retrograde and You

  1. Bette

    This Mars retrograde is particularly interesting for me. as the cusp of my 6th house is in the first degree Sagittarius, & as you noted, house cusps are not abrupt, cut-and-dried matters. The retrograde begins within a degree of my Sun & ends effectively conjunct my Scorpio Venus in the 5th. I’ve work to do, clearly, but so far only have some clues. No doubt much more information will float in if I can remain receptive.

    Thank-you, Eric, for the work you & other PW writers are offering us as we navigate some very interesting times.

  2. Jon Jonsen

    Good luck on that Bette. Its interesting to follow transits to ones natal horoscope, and see what one can learn about astrology and ones ‘path’ and clearing things.
    For me this Mars retrograde will station direct on the Scorpio ascendant 1st house cusp. In fact it’ll be there in my solar return chart. Wondering if this has a connection with my 1st ruler, Mars that has just had Saturn station retrograde in an, exact to the arc minute, square to my 9th house Mars, but that looks like a longer process as Saturn takes a while.
    but yeah I am in need for some organized effective integrated Mars in my life. But who doesn’t ? but I do.

  3. Jon Jonsen

    Eric, I had to chuckle when you described your rooms in analogy to the cusps, and joked about having boundary issues. Your humor is another nice element to your work I think, making stuff grounded and good.

  4. Bette

    Jon, looks like this Mars event is pretty personal for you, too. I struggle with integrating Mars (I’m sure having grown up in a culture of female helplessness/no Mars for girls conditioning) didn’t make it any easier) – but it’s all a work-in-progress, isn’t it?

    Does transiting Mars during its retrograde aspect your natal Mars? And yes, Saturn takes a while. All the best to you during this passage also.

    1. Jon Jonsen

      Thank you Bette
      lets count on it being a work-in-progress as you say. More women and girls needs their Mars identities claimed and working for them I guess. Integrating with mind and feeling, and not confuse the lot unproductively. Perhaps there is some initiating to your Venus there to, as you say it stations direct here.
      I checked. Mars will not make aspects to my Mars before it goes in a square to it about two weeks after Saturn has gone direct.

  5. this one

    Like Jon, Mars is backing over my ascendant too, and will trine natal rx Mars in Cancer after which, like Bette, contacting natal Venus in Scorpio. Watching Eric’s broadcast brought to mind what a therapist once told me to ask myself: How do you feel? What do you want? What can you do? Seems the time to keep asking.

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