Planet Waves TV: Mercury Retrograde in Taurus, and Other News

Mercury stations retrograde Thursday. In this new edition of Planet Waves TV, Eric Francis considers the possibilities, and mentions other interesting bits about Venus and Mars as they are currently placed. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel.

4 thoughts on “Planet Waves TV: Mercury Retrograde in Taurus, and Other News

    1. Amanda Painter

      Hi balancebull — I don’t think Eric has had a chance to look into Prince’s natal chart closely, but I did mention a few of its elements briefly in the CREATE section in the Thursday members’ issue:

      I’m not proficient in reading death charts, so I did not get into those aspects; I was having a hard time seeing clear correlations there. I’m also waiting to hear what the results of the official autopsy are.

      If you or anyone else would like to check out Prince’s natal chart, you can view it here:

  1. Jon Jonsen

    Have a feeling I’m gonna love this Mercury Retrograde with relief, (because my Chiron is involved). Also, Jupiter is stationing direct by it, as Jupiter went retrograde during the last M.r in Aquarius / Capricorn. Remember the one which went direct so close to Pluto? Man! Looking forward to hearing and learning more as time comes.

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