New Planet Waves TV: Sun in Leo and the Grand Fire Trine

In this week’s Planet Waves TV, Eric describes the transition we’ve made from a grand water trine to a grand fire trine. This week Mercury (in Leo) and the Moon make aspects to planets in Aries and Sagittarius — a significant shift away from the murky watery energy of recent weeks and months.

2 thoughts on “New Planet Waves TV: Sun in Leo and the Grand Fire Trine

  1. Mary

    excellent article yesterday about this progressive think tank (for lack of a better term) that might appeal to others out there into politics BUT NOT so crazy about the existing 2 party system and it’s offerings for president. I was so thrilled to know that there are so many others out there who are hopeful (or less rageful) about the state of our democracy … ps: just typed democrazy !! and indeed … that does have a more apt feel to it.

    ps: appropo of your set … any thoughts on acquiring a couple of fish (swimming in opposite directions of course) and aquarium to dress up that set??
    pps: here’s the link:

    1. Amy Elliott

      Thanks for that article, Mary; this looks as if it could be hugely important. Clinton seems to be struggling in terms of image; this is the sort of argument that could really help her. I recommend it be widely read and shared.

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