Mars in Pisces is Mueller Time

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The figure above is a sample of the inauguration chart for Donald Trump, the moment he became president. I’ve been staring at this chart every day for nearly two years; it’s hanging on my studio bathroom wall. Slowly it’s starting to make sense.

Special Comment: Today’s Senate Hearing

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Chart for the hearing. Click image to enlarge.

Let’s remember the context: the showdown is being televised just as Rod Rosenstein is supposed to show up at the White House to discuss his fate, which translates to the fate of the Special Counsel’s investigation into Russian manipulating the election — a month away from another election. Everything we are seeing right now is […]

Daily Horoscope for May 11, 2018

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To be strong, you must work with your vulnerability. The trend these days is to pile the defenses one on top of another, and all that does is seal in the bad vibes. Open up and loosen up a little. Pull back the curtains and allow the fresh air into the room. Feel who you really are.

Earth Day 2018 — Order out of Chaos

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400+Joshua Tree Apacheta Yola Dunne

Steve Guettermann writes, “For many of us, a major part of any lasting solution to acute pain and loss resides with our relationship to the planet; or, more specifically, through an intimate relationship with the natural world. It seems it takes right action, within the contexts of time and space, for anything positive to occur, whether it is societal progress, healing or personal evolution, all of which are intimately connected.”

Audio Elements from the Planet Waves AM/PM Special April Fool’s Day Edition, Originally on Radio Kingston

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Audio Elements from the Planet Waves AM/PM Special April Fool’s Day Edition, Originally on Radio Kingston

Special thanks to Daniel Grimsland, who performs “The Romans Are Coming (and it’s gonna be a mess). The lyrics are at the bottom of the page, below all the audio players. Kate Ryzhenko is Princess Kukurudza, and her dad Anatoly does the voiceover for the opening sequence (to hear that, just go to the show […]

They Were Trained for This Moment

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150+Theater Kids revolution

Dahlia Lithwick at writes, “But there is a more fundamental lesson to be learned in the events of this tragedy: These kids aren’t freaks of nature. Their eloquence and poise also represent the absolute vindication of the extracurricular education they receive at Marjory Stoneman Douglas.” When kids learn how to think, debate, create art and write journalism, they are empowered to lead.

Publishing schedule update

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Just a quick note to Len Wallick’s regular readers that he has had to step back from writing for Planet Waves, for an undetermined length of time. We hope to have Len on board again soon, and I am sure he would appreciate your good wishes.

Welcome to the Free Speech Zone

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Wednesday, March 14, was the day designated for high school students across the country to walk out of class, in honor of the young lives taken in Parkland, FL, one month ago. Here in Kingston, the school administration decided that instead of a walkout, there would be an event that would “empower the student body, […]