What’s Up With Trump? Let’s Check his Progressed Chart

Dear Friend and Reader:

Usually I avoid the charts of presidential candidates, or at least I prefer not to dwell on them. The whole cult of personality around the American presidential election is difficult enough to stomach. Covering the elections, I generally stick to mundane astrology to get the clues and the news leads.

Time is holographic. The whole is contained in the part, and vice versa. This is why astrology works, and it’s how the progressed horoscope works. Image is a vintage hologram watch, an illusion of 3-D.

Occasionally, though, I will dip into the candidates’ natal charts, and I plan to cover the chart of Donald Trump in the current issue and that of Hillary Clinton next week. Both are too rich for words, though I will do my best.

We are living through some wild days in politics, stoked mostly by what seems to be Trump, the Republican presidential candidate, self-immolating. Nobody has ever seen anything like this. We’re actually witnessing something new and different in the world.

That something shows up as an utterly unique event in Trump’s astrology, which I’m going to break down for you in all its glorious technical detail so you can actually see what it’s about. There’s no way to sum this up meaningfully without offering the technical side.

We can see what’s happening using a somewhat weird though ingenious technique called the progressed horoscope. Progressions are not transits. Transits involve the real planets in real time, making aspects to the natal chart; an example is the Saturn return.

Progressions, which are generally used as a predictive tool, are a form of symbolic planetary movement. They are based on a scale model of time, in this case approximately 1/365th, or a day-per-year of movement. Starting with the time of birth, progressions advance the natal chart in slow motion.

Events in the slo-mo chart unfold the natal chart over time, and parallel events in real life. For example, astrological events on one’s 10th day of life describe actual events in the 10th year of life; astrological events in the 70th day of life describe one’s 70th year; and so on.

Planet Waves
Capt. Humayun Khan, US Army, 1976-2004

Rick Levine, the editor of StarIQ.com, once quipped, “Progressions shouldn’t work, but they do.” Actually, the fact that they work tells us something about astrology and about the holographic nature of time. The whole is contained in the part; small patterns parallel large ones. [For science lovers, I think that the progressed horoscope is the first use of fractal theory. And astrology is clearly an early application of chaos theory.]

I’ve been collecting examples of interesting progressions for years, in anticipation of writing an article on the subject. What’s going on now is by far the most stunning example of progressions springing to life in real time that I’ve ever seen. We get to watch this one happen live; the main event is Saturday, Aug. 6. Hold that thought.

A Rough Week for Trump and his Campaign

First, let’s recap this particular week in the life of the Republican nominee. The standout incident was Trump’s battle of words and feelings with the family of Army Capt. Humayun Khan, who was killed by a car bomb in Iraq in 2004. Capt. Khan was Muslim. Trump has promised to ban Muslims from entering the United States, seemingly oblivious to the fact that nearly 6,000 of them serve in the American armed forces.

Khizr Khan, the father of the late Capt. Khan, spoke one week ago at the Democratic National Convention. He was the carefully selected last speaker before Hillary Clinton accepted the nomination. Referring to his son, Mr. Khan said, “If it was up to Donald Trump, he never would have been in America.”

Planet Waves
Capt. Khan’s funeral at Arlington National Cemetery.

Then he asked Trump: “Have you ever been to Arlington Cemetery? Go look at the graves of the brave patriots who died defending America — you will see all faiths, genders, and ethnicities.” Then he added: “You have sacrificed nothing and no one.”

Mr. Khan also asked whether Trump had ever read the Constitution, offering to lend him his pocket-worn copy.

Trump, who dodged the Vietnam draft many times, had the expected response: he took it personally, or perhaps we could say he took the bait. On Sunday, Trump told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos that he had sacrificed through business success. Later in the day, Trump said that Mr. Khan did not know him and “has no right” to question his knowledge of the Constitution. [Editor’s note: sure he does; it’s right there, in the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Article I, freedom of speech and of religion.]

Monday, unable to let it go, Trump tweeted, “Mr. Khan, who does not know me, viciously attacked me from the stage of the DNC and is now all over T.V. doing the same – Nice!”

Yes, a Republican presidential candidate was slugging it out with the family of an Army officer killed in battle, variously insulting both of Capt. Khan’s elderly parents. As he did this, the undercurrent of racism seeped to the surface; the key fact in the scenario is that the Khans are Muslim. Otherwise the discussion would not be happening.

Is it possible to be less patriotic without actually committing treason? Republican leaders tried to distance themselves from the mess, but it was impossible, because he’s their nominee for president. They have endorsed him and have pledged to vote for him (with the exception of Ted Cruz, that is).

Planet Waves
Khizr Khan, the father of the late Capt. Khan, speaking one week ago at the Democratic National Convention. He was holding a copy of the U.S. Constitution, asking Trump whether he’s even read the thing.

This went on for days, in the most agonizing example of a politician putting his foot onto the third rail and holding it there till smoke comes out of his collar — like Mr. Blue in the original The Taking of Pelham One Two Three. It was almost as gruesome to watch.

This was merely the strangest and most heartbreaking example of Trump unraveling during the past seven days. There was also Trump’s statement that he “always wanted” the Purple Heart (awarded for sustaining a battle wound), and the lie that a veteran had given him his authentic medal, not a copy. There were news reports about how Trump’s campaign staff is frustrated and suicidal. (Understandable — campaigns are hard enough when your candidate is helpful and cooperative.)

Then there was the revelation that Trump repeatedly asked during a briefing with senior military officials why we don’t use nuclear bombs against ISIS. Meanwhile, Trump commented about how terrible it would be to “lose to corrupt Hillary.” Amid speculation that the Republicans would choose a new candidate, or that Trump might drop out, the RNC assured everyone that he would indeed be on the ballot.

And best of all, there was the revelation that Bill Clinton seems to have been the one to put Trump, a lifelong Democrat, up to running for president as a Republican.

Leo 30: An Unsealed Letter

When we look at Donald Trump’s natal chart, the first thing that stands out is that he has the last degree of Leo rising. Here’s how that looks, in the diagram below and to the right. Trump’s data has an AA rating from Astrodatabank, the highest.

Planet Waves
This is the eastern horizon of Trump’s natal chart. Notice that the degree 29 Leo and 58 arc minutes (written Leo 30) is rising. That is the last degree of Leo, with the symbol, “An Unsealed Letter.” The diagram below includes a listing of the planets contained in that degree of Trump’s chart.

Everyone with a known birth time has a rising sign (also called the ascendant sign), and that is tracked to the exact degree rising, based on the time. The rising degree moves fast, changing about once every four minutes. Your degree rising, shared by just one in 360 people on average, is like your personal astrological address, describing distinctive things about you.

When someone has the last degree of any sign rising, that can give the chart an edgy feeling — though there are many ways that can manifest, from creative to intuitive to toxic.

Trump has all the qualities of Leo rising except for dignity. In a sense, he’s a parody of Leo rising, pushing it to its braggadocio extremes. He has the pride and showiness and the red hair and the personal influence and the charisma and all of that. He has the macho bluster you would expect of a wealthy Leo rising New Yorker. He is at the center of his world.

He also has Mars in Leo, close to his ascendant. That ramps up all of these effects. What we’re seeing is not normal Leo rising; we’re seeing them in an extreme and toxic form, which is further described by other factors in the chart. Push these qualities out to the edge of the sign, indeed to the last fraction of a degree, and we have an image for his lack of a grip on reality or on his own personality.

When we study this degree in Trump’s chart closely, we learn a few things. Each degree of the zodiac gets what’s called a Sabian symbol, which is an image (offered in written form) that describes its qualities. The image for the last degree of Leo rising is “An Unsealed Letter.” To me, this is a symbol of transparency. Sooner or later, everything is known; everything is revealed.

Planet Waves
These are the asteroids occupying Trump’s ascendant. They include Apollo, the one about making the same mistakes over and over, and Patroclus, which means “the glory of the father.” Patroclus is famous for having killed another child when he was young, in rage over a game. I’m also noticing that he has Hera in the first degree of Virgo. His progressed Sun will be conjunct the Queen of the Goddesses for a year. If you know anything about Hera, you know she doesn’t take any bullshit. Minor planets cast at Serennu.com.

Occupying this degree is the asteroid Apollo, which is about making the same mistakes over and over. This is a core element of Trump’s identity.

He is the living incarnation of Apollo delineation, refusing to learn anything from his mistakes. We all have a little of this; Trump has it in great abundance.

Checking more closely, I discovered that Apollo is conjunct another asteroid called Patroclus. He’s a figure from Greek mythology who, as a child, killed another child in rage over a game.

Remember, this is all contained within ONE degree of the zodiac: Leo 30, which Trump embodies in a most palpable way. (Note, anyone can do this kind of analysis; it begins with knowing your birth time and your rising degree, and then checking the Serennu.com database for the positions of minor planets in your chart.)

Everyone with a very late ascendant has some edgy scenario, and some seem to cling to reality; but this is truly an unusual example, as Trump’s life and current manifestation are beyond the usual hubris of politicians and business execs. Remember: we’re taking about 30 Leo, which shows up another time in his chart: that is, his progressed chart, right now.

Trump’s Progressed Sun: From 30 Leo to 1 Virgo

Using what are called secondary progressions, the planets all move at their proportional speeds. The progressed Moon moves one degree a month, changing signs about every two and a half years. Progressed Pluto might move a few degrees in the course of a person’s whole life.

On the same scale, the progressed Sun moves about one degree a year. If you’re born with the Sun in mid-Taurus, it will move into Gemini when you’re a teenager. Then it will remain in Gemini for 30 years, and change to Cancer when you’re in your mid-40s. The progressed Sun changes signs just a few times in the course of a lifetime. They are always important transitions from one phase of life to another.

Planet Waves
This is a biwheel presentation. The inner wheel is Trump’s natal chart, though his rising degree of 29 Leo 58 is shown in the outermost ring. His progressed Sun is currently at 29 Leo 59, ending a 30-year run through Leo on Saturday. In this chart you can also see his progressed Mercury (in green, on the left, outer wheel) conjunct Pluto (in red, on the left, outer wheel). Mercury conjunct Pluto can have some extremely self-destructive manifestations. Yet if used creatively, it might be about getting one’s message out. Trump seems to be doing both.

Trump’s progressed Sun has been in Leo since he emerged as a public figure in the mid-1980s. The Sun has been passing through Trump’s 12th house all of this time, and is now at the very end of that run.

The 12th is a strange place where you can really lose yourself. If you’re too invested in the 12th, it’s like living a hallucination but thinking it’s real. There is little ground to stand on in the 12th. It’s a useful space for artists, musicians and actors, who need to morph the real and the unreal.

Trump’s progressed Sun has been in the last degree of Leo, conjunct his rising degree, for a year. I noticed this back when I did his chart in the early spring, and suggested that something weird was about to happen. This is a rare instance of the progressed Sun passing through the rising degree of a natal chart — and changing signs at the same time. What we’ve been seeing all week is his progressed Sun crossing his ascendant. On Saturday, his progessed Sun will enter Virgo.

The Sun in Leo these past 30 years has coincided with Trump’s rise as the Republican candidate, which he seemed to do on the force of personality (a good image of Sun in the ascendant degree). I would say he’s proceeded with the force of his ego, but the correct psychological term is id. Trump is belching forth all of the raw material from what psychiatrists call the unconscious and, strangely, people have related to this. Americans are holding a lot in. He’s been the symbolic catharsis for a massive swath of society, displaying their racism, sexism, greed and general disgust with life.

The ascendant of his chart, as you can see, has 29 degrees of Leo and 58 arc minutes rising. It’s just two arc minutes, or 2/60ths of a degree, away from Virgo. And this very week, Trump’s Sun passed through 29 Leo and 58 arc minutes, crossing over his very edgy ascendant.

It’s as if he’s being exposed, or born, or is waking up from a dream. Coming out of the 12th and crossing over the ascendant can be an intense transformation. When transiting planets (actual planets, moving in real time) such as Saturn, Chiron or Pluto do go over the ascendant, one’s life is often totally redefined. The ascendant degree is extremely sensitive to transits, and with careful calculation, it’s possible to time things down to the day.

Planet Waves
Trump’s natal chart, which I cover in greater detail in the current Planet Waves FM. The other stand-out feature in this chart is that he’s born two hours before a total lunar eclipse. If we use progressions, that indicates the potential for an extremely traumatic incident at about one month old.

Trump’s progressed Sun is not only crossing his rising degree; it’s ending a 30-year cycle and changing signs, all at the same time. The sign change is from Leo to Virgo. His Sun has been in its own sign for all those years — a masculine, hot, fiery, fixed sign. It’s now about to enter Virgo, a feminine, cool, moist, mutable sign.

Virgo presents challenges for many men, because it’s just so feminine. Any well-adapted Virgo man has a touch of transgender to him.

So, several things are happening at once: we are really seeing the “unsealed letter” come out of the envelope. We are seeing Trump, who has lived veiled in his own 12th house for three decades, emerge as the person who he really is.

Then his hot, fiery, macho, out-of-control Sun is about to get cooled off by Virgo. For him this will feel like being extinguished. Virgo is nothing if not rational, and Trump is the embodiment of irrationality. On a good day when you combine Leo with Virgo, you get the blend of creative passion with applied science, or at least careful thought. (Kate Bush is the perfect example of blending Leo and Virgo.)

However, there is nothing especially creative about Trump. In true toxic 12th house style, he seems on the brink of losing his mind. Now he will find himself in some other state, as if he’s woken up from a 30-year bender.

There are two other progressions of true significance going on in Trump’s chart. One is that his progressed Moon is in ultra-sensitive Cancer, currently making a to-the-degree square to Chiron in Libra. We are seeing the wounded, bleeding child on full display, but we’re seeing it in the form of a billionaire who wants control of the nuclear arsenal.

Planet Waves
Donald Trump as a child.

Additionally, Trump’s progressed Mercury is conjunct his progressed Pluto. Developing his whole life, this comes to fruition Aug. 19. Mercury conjunct Pluto in Leo is the perfect image of how Trump speaks and what he says; it describes his obsession with power and his use of words as weapons, or to consider the actual use of plutonium as a weapon.

It’s truly unusual to have all these progressions happening at once. It’s a lot of pressure to be under — mainly to do the one thing that Donald Trump seems to have the most challenges with: to grow.

The last thing is a transit. Trump has his natal Saturn at 23+ degrees of Cancer. There is a major event going on over at 23+ degrees of Aries: the Uranus-Eris conjunction. That Saturn in Cancer is trying to hold his emotional body together, but it’s facing tectonic pressure from the two planets that are genuinely difficult for Saturn to take simultaneously. It’s like he’s trying to personally hold back progress and change, and in the process emitting total chaos.

We might well call this a ‘get real’ moment for The Donald. Or you might say he’s about to meet the Goddess, in the form of Hera in Virgo.

Astrology is good for at least one thing: helping people empathize with the plight of others. Donald Trump is in a lot of pain right now. He feels like he’s being hung over an abyss; at the same time he feels like he’s going to explode. It’s no small wonder he’s spewing rage and displaying the worst of what looks like either borderline personality disorder or bipolar disorder — or both. He is likely to be suffering from far more severe conditions, so far as I can tell. To me this situation seems even worse than it appears on the outside. You can be sure that the people around him are struggling with this from hour to hour.

The problem is that when someone is that powerful, their personal struggle can become the pain of the whole world. Their own self-destruction can take out many people with them, starting with the ones who love them the most, and then the rest of us. We don’t need any more of that.


— Additional research: Amanda Painter

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Shifting Direction Like a Dragonfly

By Amanda Painter

This weekend’s astrology presents an interesting mix of the mental, emotional, visceral and philosophical. The inner landscape has shifted from last week, calling on you to embody your inner dragonfly.

Planet Waves
Photo by Amanda Painter.

Mercury left Leo for Virgo (a sign it rules) last weekend. Mars finally exited Scorpio on Tuesday, and is now retracing its early spring path in Sagittarius. As of 11:27 am EDT Friday (15:27 UTC), Venus will be in Virgo after three-and-a-half weeks in Leo.

All three planets have moved or are about to move from a fixed sign to a mutable sign, and from perhaps a more physically oriented sign to something a little more cerebral.

Along with Mercury and (soon) Venus, Jupiter is also in Virgo — as is the Moon until Saturday afternoon. So if you have practical details of a project to plan or organize, this is a great weekend for it.

Yet there are still planets in all three water signs, with a notable cluster in Pisces. That brings in some emotion to balance the intellectual, and some creativity to balance the practical. In Sagittarius, Mars and Saturn offer the complementary impulses of direction/propulsion and structure.

In fact, glancing at the chart just now, I saw the image of a dragonfly: two wings made of planets in Virgo and Pisces; Mars and Saturn as the rudder-like tail. Yet where the head should be — Gemini — is where you come in. You’re the one who needs to supply the omni-directional dragonfly eyes, consider all sides of any story, and make sense of all that you see.

It’s up to you to search for, notice or provide some perspective on your thoughts and emotions this weekend — and how they feed each other.

There is some caution in the astrology about getting so stuck on seeing flaws, fears and criticism that you fail to see the whole truth. Perception could get confused due to heightened sensitivity, especially in interpersonal interactions. You might temporarily find emotional fears harder to see through.

For example, notice if you find yourself thinking that just because X happens, then Y cannot happen. When you think in rigid, black-and-white terms, it’s easy to forget that there are always multiple factors in any situation, and possible outcomes that are even better than your notions of Y. Maybe when you choose X, Y will suddenly have the freedom to transform itself in a complementary way.

Planet Waves
There: do you see it? A pair of wings and a tail, waiting for you to bring your eyes and mind into the equation. Simplified chart for Venus ingressing Virgo on Friday at 11:27 pm EDT / 15:27 UTC. Clockwise from top left: Jupiter, the Moon, North lunar node, Mercury and Venus in Virgo; Chiron, South lunar node, Neptune, Nessus and Pallas in Pisces; Pholus, Saturn and Mars in Sagittarius.

See what I mean? You have to use those omni-directional dragonfly eyes: take a step back from your thoughts, question them, and take in a fuller context. That’s what will let you flutter those wings productively and get somewhere (or create something), rather than just hover in one spot semi-paralyzed. And if that’s how you’re feeling, take a wider look around the garden; you’re not the only dragonfly out here who hovers once in a while.

Now, a note about Mars in that Sagittarius dragonfly tail: when Venus ingresses Virgo, it will square Mars (exact Saturday 8:20 pm EDT / Sunday 00:20 UTC).

Virgo is not the most comfortable sign for Venus; it can be overly critical or conservative emotionally. Yet it also can be put to work positively — key word being ‘work’, or ‘service’ if you prefer.

Service to what purpose? In a Venus-Mars square, that would seem to be the release of a lot of love or erotic energy however you (with or without a partner) desire.

True, a Venus-Mars square can indicate conflict in a relationship (including within yourself), if there is unexpressed sexuality or some related hidden tension. However, assuming there’s been some sexual expression and communication in your life lately, chances are you can work this energy productively.

Consider that Mars has just been on a deep-sea expedition, and has returned to the surface with some valuable understanding of his desires, which he can now use to inform his beliefs.

That is, you have just been on a deep-sea expedition, and you likely have a more visceral understanding of your desires. Which means that you are the one who gets to use that understanding to shape your beliefs about what you want and whether it’s possible (hint: it likely is, in some form). And you get to choose your actions based on how well they support those desires and your wellbeing.

Now the real beauty comes in the fact that Virgo and Sagittarius are both mutable signs (as are Gemini and Pisces). They offer the flexibility that allows you to shift your understanding of your beliefs and desires as you grow, so that you can stay true to that growth.

Sometimes it all comes down to not letting your mind box in your heart, or not letting your beliefs dictate your desires. Not always easy, but possible. When Venus wants to serve and work and Mars wants to explore its desires and ideals, there’s a good chance humanity (and you) will benefit if you can harness that energy and get your wings moving.


Planet Waves

Solomon Linda (far left) and the rest of the vocalists that made up The Evening Birds pose in 1941 after winning a choir contest in a Zulu-speaking working-class district of Johannesburg. They recorded “Mbube” in 1939. Rian Malan writes, “The third take was the great one, but it achieved immortality only in its dying seconds, when Solly took a deep breath, opened his mouth and improvised the melody that the world now associates with these words: In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight.”

The Lion Wakes Up

By Amanda Painter

Everybody knows “The Lion Sleeps Tonight,” often also called “Wemoweh.” Whether you grew up listening to it being performed by Pete Seeger, The Tokens, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, countless others or on the soundtrack of Disney’s The Lion King, you know this haunting and catchy tune.

But do you know where it came from?

Meet Solomon Linda and the Evening Birds here, performing the true original version: “Mbube” — which is the Zulu word for “lion.” It does not sound quite like the ‘famous’ versions, and for good reasons. Yet the musical lineage is unmistakable if you listen carefully.

Comments on the YouTube page present a confusing mix of accounts as to who did or did not get compensated, how much, and when. This, however, is clear: Solomon Linda, creator of the song, died penniless in South Africa in 1962 (his widow could not afford to erect a headstone for him); Linda generally does not get credited for the song on recordings; there was a settlement with his surviving family in the early 2000s.

Although you can get the basic facts about Linda on Wikipedia, instead give “In the Jungle,” by South African journalist and author Rian Malan a read (a version of which first appeared in Rolling Stone). Available at that link in online PDF form, it offers the full story of the iconic song about a lion, brought into the world by Solomon Linda, in vivid context.


This Week on Planet Waves FM
Donald Trump, Our Spiritual Teacher

Dear Friend and Reader:

This week’s program [play episode here] leads up to a discussion of Donald Trump as the embodiment of the Kali archetype. Yes, he’s a half-baked, weak and tweaky version of Kali, but one who’s no less attempting (and potentially succeeding at) embodying the destructive force of the cosmos.

Planet Waves
Hey, that’s not Donald Trump! It’s Kate Bush.

Many spiritual traditions have documented this phenomenon, from Hinduism to Tantra to the work of Carlos Castaneda.

The program begins with a discussion of the Council of the Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers, who will be offering their final conference later in the month at the Menla Center in Phoenicia, New York, a short hop from where I’m sitting.

You can also find out more at the Grandmothers’ own website. I’m planning to be at much of the event, from Aug. 24 through Aug. 28.

I also give a detailed reading of the Leo New Moon chart [which you can view in detailed format, or simplified format]. I discuss Mars ingressing Sagittarius, and that story developing into Mars conjunct Saturn, square Neptune, which takes place approximately between Aug. 23 and 28 — interestingly, during the final meeting of the Grandmothers’ Council.

If you want a focused discussion of the Leo New Moon in video format, here is the most recent Planet Waves TV.

My musical guest is Kate Bush. I devote a whole section to discussing her music, her approach to life and art, and her astrological chart, which I’ve rectified to Virgo rising. If you don’t know Kate’s music, you are about to enter a universe on the level of a teenager discovering Pink Floyd, only in full-on feminine form. It was David Gilmour of Pink Floyd who discovered Bush and who made sure that she had a proper demo tape, and thus the outstanding career that she’s had. Here is her 2010 album Aerial on Amazon and iTunes.

I’m now working on BALANCE, your 2016 midyear reading. It will take me about two weeks from now to pull that together; the price will increase during that time, so I suggest you get in early. I’ll be sending out an email soon asking how you keep in balance in these crazy times, and using your ideas to develop my readings.

Thanks for tuning in, and thank you to our Planet Waves members who make non-profit Planet Waves FM happen every week.


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Planet Waves TV: The Leo New Moon, In Three Part Harmony

In this week’s Planet Waves TV, I cover the Leo New Moon, which happened Tuesday. Mars changed signs two hours before, entering Sagittarius: we now get the spiritual side of the sexual equation revealing its true purpose. I look at the chart in three different formats: the New Moon and major aspects, the asteroids, and the centaur planets. View the New Moon charts here and here. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel.



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Short Monthly Horoscope for August, 2016, #1111 | By Eric Francis

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Taurus (April 19-May 20) — You’re figuring out that your life is about more than feeling safe or being secure. You may even be getting the message that to have fun and to explore the possibilities, living to pay the rent is the first thing to leave behind. To do that, it would help if you made contact with your self-confidence. You don’t need to earn your self-trust; you merely need to acknowledge that you know how to take care of yourself. You always have and I trust you always will. Remember that, and you’ll feel free to experiment in the ways that you have been hankering after for months. For your Eric Francis horoscope this week, please see this link.


Gemini (May 20-June 21) — It’s time to be direct with people, and to let them be direct with you. Some feathers may get ruffled, but you’ll save a lot of time. You no longer have the need to analyze psychological motives. You can no longer afford to hope that someone will change, or that you can adapt to anything you don’t really like. Your life right now is a question of stating what you want, listening to what other people want, and deciding on the spot whether there really is a meeting between the two. If you see common ground, seize the moment; and if not, you must live your life your way. For your Eric Francis horoscope this week, please see this link.


Cancer (June 21-July 22) — Money is not the only measure of value; in fact, where value and self-worth are concerned, it means very little. Yet money is important for the things that it’s useful for. I suggest you focus your efforts on taking advantage of some rare opportunities for connecting with the financial value of your work, and equally rare openings to put your resources to work wisely. The combination of even modest funding and your mind teeming with ideas will get you far. Just remember: you must be the one who takes action; potential is only the beginning. Your choices, passion and commitment are the rest. For your Eric Francis horoscope this week, please see this link.

Planet Waves

Photo by Martin Fisch.

Your readings are so rich with information, deeply congruous, and could not be more pertinent to my life and situations. Your voice is one of those that I count on. I cannot express greater appreciation for the services of any one person in existence.

— Tim Quigley

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Leo (July 22-Aug. 23) — You seem certain who you are and what you want. At the same time, commitments to others, or delays others are causing, might be bogging you down. Look clearly at these engagements. Are they supporting you in some way, and if so, how exactly? If not, the question is why they are in your life. It may be necessary to break this down to the seemingly cold facts of who owes what to whom. Unspoken agreements must be uncovered and then addressed clearly, if you truly want to live the life that is calling you with such fire and passion. For your Eric Francis horoscope this week, please see this link.


Virgo (Aug. 23-Sep. 22) — It’s time to concentrate your energy, rather than living in bits and pieces. You can apply this to your life, and you can apply it to any one situation that you’re trying to work out. Focus on one important situation at a time, whether it’s a relationship, your career or a personal problem of some kind. Bring your whole mind and all of your energy and determination to the table. Don’t stop till you’ve met your goal, or resolved whatever you need to work out. Zero in and take one step, then the next, till you declare that personal project complete. For your Eric Francis horoscope this week, please see this link.


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Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 20) — Many people carry burdens around their whole lives, not realizing they belong to others. This is the time when you can give up what is not yours to carry. You might think you’re helping someone by doing so, but really, you’re not benefiting anyone by weighing yourself down. You have no need to feel guilt about doing something in your own interest. It might seem strange at first, though the presence of guilt is assurance that you’re doing the right thing rather than something wrong. When you figure out the logic of this, you will be pleasantly stunned at your discovery. For your Eric Francis horoscope this week, please see this link.


Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) — There is some debate among professional astrologers whether Aquarius really is the humanitarian sign that it’s made out to be. Whatever they may decide, you have the power to help many people this month, as long as you take care of your own basic needs. That means eating, resting and — most importantly — describing how you feel and what you need from close partners. It would help if you set aside any defensiveness, expectation or emotional charge and simply state the facts. People who are actually working with you will be supportive without hesitation. Some things really are that simple. For your Eric Francis horoscope this week, please see this link.


Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) — Give people you care about the chance to cross the distance and come to you. You are used to reaching out, traveling and going out of your way to offer what is in the best interest of others. You don’t have to do that. If you relax and tune into your environment, you will notice that there are key individuals who are willing to meet you where you are, and to share what they have to offer. Your role is to be available: to keep your eyes and ears open, and to be willing to receive graciously. For you that may be the challenging part. For your Eric Francis horoscope this week, please see this link.

11 thoughts on “What’s Up With Trump? Let’s Check his Progressed Chart

  1. Michael Mayes

    Whoa, interesting info on Patroclus in his chart. Yeah, I’ve been getting the sense that sooner or later everything will be revealed about him. This is interesting, about his progressed Sun going into Virgo. I’m curious to see how, or, if he changes. That 30th degree can be tricky in any sign. I’ve got a few planets & asteroids on a few 30’s around the wheel. It’s interesting you mention how the people who are close to him are probably feeling the brunt of his insanity the most; something I haven’t thought about. That 30th degree can be tricky from any sign. I’ve got a personal planet & a few asteroids on a few 30’s around the wheel. The 30th degree holds a lot of mojo, Trump’s made a mess of his; poor guy.

  2. Len Wallick

    A great “clip and save” lesson in understanding natal and progressed charts. The perception of progressed charts as “holographic” is especially pertinent in the case of Mr. Trump. Echoing the comment of Mr. Mayes, special thanks for the insight on what appear to be two very useful asteroids. I would encourage readers to “plug” both Patroclus and Apollo into some other (especially contemporary) natal and event charts.

    1. Eric Francis

      There is a kind of “battle group” that includes Achilles, Apollo and Patroclus associated with the Trojan War. These would have some relevance in light of Eris, who legend has it precipitated that scenario, with mucho help from the hubris and vanity of the gods.

    1. Amy Elliott

      Ah yes. Eric alludes to the matter of Patroclus above, and he makes an important connection with Apollo, who was also key to Patroclus’ story.

      Patroclus’ major source of renown is from the events of the Trojan War (it’s recounted in the Iliad). Basically, there’s a big childish spat between Agamemnon (the Greeks’ leader) and Achilles (the best fighter, and half-divine). Achilles refuses to fight and much of the early Iliad centres around his staying put. He’s eventually (and expensively) won round enough to send out his best buddy Patroclus disguised as himself. Patroclus fights wonderfully until Apollo steps in and deprives him of his wits, and then he’s killed by Hector. The death of his friend finally brings Achilles into the battle, thirsting for revenge.

      Homer is a rather cynical storyteller, but if we cut to the essence, Patroclus’ fame stems from posing as Achilles. There are several ways to read this in the context of the Drumpf: he may be hiding a fiercer, darker side, or the majority of his passion; he may be all hot air; or he may be someone’s puppet.

    2. Amy Elliott

      Regarding Gunhild – I’m not so well versed in the Eddas as in Greek mythology, but assuming the asteroid Gunhild is named after the wife of Erik Bloodaxe, here are the basics from Wiki:

      The sagas relate that Gunnhild lived during a time of great change and upheaval in Norway. Her father-in-law Harald Fairhair had recently united much of Norway under his rule. Shortly after his death, Gunnhild and her husband were overthrown and exiled. She spent much of the rest of her life in exile in Orkney, Jorvik and Denmark. A number of her many children with Erik became co-rulers of Norway in the late tenth century.

      In the sagas, Gunnhild is most often depicted in a negative light; she is described by Jenny Jochens as known for her “power and cruelty, admired for her beauty and generosity, and feared for her magic, cunning, sexual insatiability, and her goading.”

      Reading the article carefully, it seems to me Gunnhild is not so much a ‘negative’ character as a figure of that elusive feminine power feared and detested by misogynists such as Trump. I wonder if this points to his mother as a possible source of his fear and hatred of women, since Gunnhild was the ‘Mother of Kings’. Anyone on more familiar terms with the Eddas, please feel free to chip in!

  3. Kelly Grace Smith

    Empathize with Trump? Absolutely. Excuse and condone? No.

    Mr. Trump, like all of us, has always possessed the freedom to learn and grow and change, that’s not the path he chose. Of course our society, deeply entrenched in beliefs and paradigms and illusions about money, power, success, wealth…has been his greatest enabler.

    And so it goes, just like the “fractal” example of a family, we the enablers, will also suffer his fall. Why? Because we are also responsible…whether through our choices and actions, or our unwillingness to choose and act. No choice…is a choice.

    And yet, Trump is illuminating for us the truths and realities we’ve been unwilling to look at. We too, like Trump, have been jamming so much stuff into our unconscious closet for many, many years. He is mirroring for us where we allowed our own lives, and our society, to go.

    There’s an illusion out there that all of Trump’s supporters are uneducated, at the fringe, rednecks. Not so, I know many, many wealthy, well-educated, priviledged folks who support Trump…he will protect their wealth and their way of life from those seeking a more just, fair, and equal society.

    Sometimes, when you put so much into that unconscious closet, the only thing that can relieve the pressure and create the opportunity for change…is a stick of dynamite. There are other paths, better paths, for sure, but this is the path Mr. Trump, and our society has chosen to take.

    The only question is…will we use this challenge as an opportunity? We can do so, person by person, and as a society…Kelly Grace Smith

    1. Amy Elliott

      It’s true that even intelligent people can sometimes be led by their emotions without realising it. No-one is really immune.

      And certainly there is no condoning going on here. Just an attempt to understand what the hell’s happening, which is necessary if he’s going to be defeated.

  4. Geoff Marsh

    Interesting that Mars was transiting square to Trump’s natal Mars, Ascendant and progressed Sun as the presumptive president was denigrating the sacrifice of the Khan family.

    The warrior god was in a real-time showdown with Trump’s delusional 12th house energy but all the Donald could come up with was some business ‘sacrifice’ of his own in response to Khan’s. This may turn out to have been a fight to the death, and you can’t kill a dead man.

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