Short Monthly Horoscope for August, 2016

Short Monthly Horoscope for August, 2016, #1111 | By Eric Francis

Aries (March 20-April 19) — After months of focusing on some deep inner questions, you are now free to explore new horizons. After considering the past and your previous involvements so carefully, you can look at the future with the confidence that your desires are within reach, and that the potential you feel is real. You might sense your ideas about life expanding suddenly. If you’re wondering whether you should act on these discoveries immediately, ask yourself what you would be waiting for. You might have a reason to pause, though remember that the journey you’re on always leads you to the next place, and the next. For your Eric Francis horoscope this week, please see this link.


Taurus (April 19-May 20) — You’re figuring out that your life is about more than feeling safe or being secure. You may even be getting the message that to have fun and to explore the possibilities, living to pay the rent is the first thing to leave behind. To do that, it would help if you made contact with your self-confidence. You don’t need to earn your self-trust; you merely need to acknowledge that you know how to take care of yourself. You always have and I trust you always will. Remember that, and you’ll feel free to experiment in the ways that you have been hankering after for months. For your Eric Francis horoscope this week, please see this link.


Gemini (May 20-June 21) — It’s time to be direct with people, and to let them be direct with you. Some feathers may get ruffled, but you’ll save a lot of time. You no longer have the need to analyze psychological motives. You can no longer afford to hope that someone will change, or that you can adapt to anything you don’t really like. Your life right now is a question of stating what you want, listening to what other people want, and deciding on the spot whether there really is a meeting between the two. If you see common ground, seize the moment; and if not, you must live your life your way. For your Eric Francis horoscope this week, please see this link.


Cancer (June 21-July 22) — Money is not the only measure of value; in fact, where value and self-worth are concerned, it means very little. Yet money is important for the things that it’s useful for. I suggest you focus your efforts on taking advantage of some rare opportunities for connecting with the financial value of your work, and equally rare openings to put your resources to work wisely. The combination of even modest funding and your mind teeming with ideas will get you far. Just remember: you must be the one who takes action; potential is only the beginning. Your choices, passion and commitment are the rest. For your Eric Francis horoscope this week, please see this link.

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Your readings are so rich with information, deeply congruous, and could not be more pertinent to my life and situations. Your voice is one of those that I count on. I cannot express greater appreciation for the services of any one person in existence.

— Tim Quigley

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Leo (July 22-Aug. 23) — You seem certain who you are and what you want. At the same time, commitments to others, or delays others are causing, might be bogging you down. Look clearly at these engagements. Are they supporting you in some way, and if so, how exactly? If not, the question is why they are in your life. It may be necessary to break this down to the seemingly cold facts of who owes what to whom. Unspoken agreements must be uncovered and then addressed clearly, if you truly want to live the life that is calling you with such fire and passion. For your Eric Francis horoscope this week, please see this link.


Virgo (Aug. 23-Sep. 22) — It’s time to concentrate your energy, rather than living in bits and pieces. You can apply this to your life, and you can apply it to any one situation that you’re trying to work out. Focus on one important situation at a time, whether it’s a relationship, your career or a personal problem of some kind. Bring your whole mind and all of your energy and determination to the table. Don’t stop till you’ve met your goal, or resolved whatever you need to work out. Zero in and take one step, then the next, till you declare that personal project complete. For your Eric Francis horoscope this week, please see this link.


Libra (Sep. 22-Oct. 23) — If you have something to say, you can be certain there are people who want to listen. If you need help, you can be sure there are people who want to collaborate with you. That’s good, because at this point it would be wise of you to seek and accept support, rather than trying to go it alone. Ask others how they perceive things, even if you see them clearly. Then, listen carefully. This is not about advice; it’s about gaining perspective. You will discover things you never imagined possible, and see potentials you would have missed otherwise. For your Eric Francis horoscope this week, please see this link.


Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22) — Over the next few weeks you may feel a need to push against an obstacle of some kind. Rather than using brute force, use the power of your ideas. Rather than engaging in a confrontation, use reason. Rather than arguing, listen carefully and find the openings where your ideas are the most valuable. You don’t want to get into a situation where one person’s beliefs are pitted against another’s. That means be less attached to what you think is right, and more devoted to discovering the truth. Remain in control of the power to change your mind. It will serve you well. For your Eric Francis horoscope this week, please see this link.


Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 22) — You will come to a point this month where everything you’ve been worrying about, and wondering about, seems irrelevant. Let this prove to you how easy it is for fear to disappear like a puff of smoke. Remember this if you find yourself concerned about something: fear is in your mind. One of your greatest assets is your flexibility. You have the ability to stretch, to bend and to compromise, especially if you’re striving for something you want. As for whatever goal you select, proceed without reservation, and let no obstacle deter you. You have both talent and momentum. For your Eric Francis horoscope this week, please see this link.


Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 20) — Many people carry burdens around their whole lives, not realizing they belong to others. This is the time when you can give up what is not yours to carry. You might think you’re helping someone by doing so, but really, you’re not benefiting anyone by weighing yourself down. You have no need to feel guilt about doing something in your own interest. It might seem strange at first, though the presence of guilt is assurance that you’re doing the right thing rather than something wrong. When you figure out the logic of this, you will be pleasantly stunned at your discovery. For your Eric Francis horoscope this week, please see this link.


Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) — There is some debate among professional astrologers whether Aquarius really is the humanitarian sign that it’s made out to be. Whatever they may decide, you have the power to help many people this month, as long as you take care of your own basic needs. That means eating, resting and — most importantly — describing how you feel and what you need from close partners. It would help if you set aside any defensiveness, expectation or emotional charge and simply state the facts. People who are actually working with you will be supportive without hesitation. Some things really are that simple. For your Eric Francis horoscope this week, please see this link.


Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) — Give people you care about the chance to cross the distance and come to you. You are used to reaching out, traveling and going out of your way to offer what is in the best interest of others. You don’t have to do that. If you relax and tune into your environment, you will notice that there are key individuals who are willing to meet you where you are, and to share what they have to offer. Your role is to be available: to keep your eyes and ears open, and to be willing to receive graciously. For you that may be the challenging part. For your Eric Francis horoscope this week, please see this link.

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