3 thoughts on “The Late-Night TV Circus

  1. Len Wallick

    Yeah, good point Jen. What exactly is up with that? Seems like something is being presumed just because it fits a historical background.

  2. Pisces Sun

    I love this farce and remember the “not me ghost” too! I can’t help but wonder about Eric’s post on patterns and crystallization as it relates to Sun conjunct Uranus. The blog dialogue has been primarily focused on patterns of thinking that might emerge with this “becoming” generation reliant on the digital age and what this may mean. But look at the current thinking of today and our patterns of thinking–what does it mean to all of us? Our belief patterns are so skewed that we need comics to really make us sit back and think, “really?” I invite you to re-read (or read for the first time) , Eric’s article on the shadow feminine that he wrote two years ago. It’s located under the spirituality portal. Our society is still grappling with feminine power, in any form, and the fact that a woman comedian talk show host is somehow threatening is just plain, well, nonsensical. And our experience with this issue is almost mundane in comparison to many women and girls struggles in the world. Yes, it’s times for our world’s patterns of thinking to change and if the digital age is any form of catalyst to bring about that change, I am all for it!

    1. Amanda Painter

      Way to connect some dots, Pisces Sun! And thanks for pointing to the article about the shadow feminine under the spirituality portal (which can be found partway down the right margin, for those interested). There are some brilliant articles in those archives that we’ve made available to all readers.

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