IN THESE TIMES is my 2019 reading in the “midyear” series (now called the autumn reading). Organized by sign, it consists of 12 astrology sessions that will help you see where the stress points are, and where you can direct your energy and resources for the results that you want to get.

One of those results is feeling deeper peace of mind, balance and a sense of influence over your affairs. Using the techniques of spiritual practice, therapy and astrological counseling, I will help you focus on yourself, your priorities and your needs.

You may order this reading here, or choose your individual signs here. This reading is included with the Backstage Pass and Galaxy Pass.

Navigating an Impressionistic Sea

Posted by Amanda Painter

Photo by Amanda Painter

Amanda Painter uses the metaphor of an outrigger canoe navigating the open ocean to explore this week’s astrology. A series of Virgo planets opposing Neptune and squaring Jupiter constitutes the main event, though Saturn is lending some stability and practicality amidst the dreams and fog.

The Slow Reveal: Jupiter Square Neptune

Posted by Amanda Painter


You would think that with so many objects still moving through Virgo, that sign and its qualities might be the only thing to focus on. But here’s the thing: all of those Virgo planets are gradually making contact with a slightly slower aspect that is characterizing the entire month of September: Jupiter in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces.

There is Hope for Humanity

Posted by Eric Francis Coppolino


Decades into my project of studying the planets, I’ve figured out that the story never resolves. The cycles describe many potential points of resolution, but it rarely seems to happen. When it does, those few truly determined people are the ones who make it happen.