Chiron in Aries: The Challenge of Individuating
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Chiron is now in Aries, for the first time since 1977. This is about the quest for individuality in the most deeply personal way: the cultivation and growth of your soul. There are challenges associated with doing this, which I plan to address eloquently and in a way that you will find reassuring and helpful. Read more...  

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Lawyer: Jeff Sessions’ Attacks on Migrant Domestic Violence Survivors Drags U.S. Back to “Dark Ages”

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On Monday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that domestic and gang-related violence will generally no longer be grounds for asylum, a far-reaching shift that could affect thousands of people, particularly women from Central America fleeing gender-based violence.

Planet Waves Daily Oracle for Friday, June 15, 2018

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You reach a turning point in your career, putting you in the spotlight again. It may be scary given your recent doubts, but I suggest you leave yourself open to imagination. A dream you’ve had is slowly starting to piece itself together, giving you a vantage point of the solid abundance available to you. Do what you can to conquer your fears and need for control.

Wave that Flag (Or Not)

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As we emerge from yesterday’s Gemini New Moon and whatever you experienced with it, the theme of ‘new’ appears to be carrying forward. Note that this ‘new’ themed astrology is happening as Mars prepares to station retrograde in Aquarius on June 26.

Trauma at the Texas-Mexico Border: Families Separated, Children Detained & Residents Fighting Back

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Outrage is growing over the Trump administration’s policy of separating immigrant families who cross the U.S.-Mexico border, many fleeing dangerous conditions and seeking asylum. At least 600 immigrant children were removed from their parents last month.

What’s New with You?

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Crescent Moon two days after last month's Taurus New Moon, viewed from the Kristin Linklater Voice Center in Orkney, Scotland. Photo by Amanda Painter.

As we emerge from yesterday’s Gemini New Moon and whatever you experienced with it, the theme of “new” appears to be carrying forward. Questions you might ask yourself include “Where in my life do I need something new?” Venus in Leo square Uranus in Taurus is pushing the issue; a Mercury-Saturn opposition heightens the thinking and feeling.

Planet Waves Daily Oracle for Thursday, June 14, 2018

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You’re about to figure out what you’re angry about. It’s funny how something can irritate or grate on you, and you don’t even know what it is. Then when you do, you have the choice to act, or suppress your feelings. There’s not much territory between. In or out are the options. However, it’s not healthy to turn anger or resentment onto yourself.

A Humanitarian Catastrophe: U.S.-Backed Forces Attack Key Yemeni Port Imperiling Millions

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In Yemen, a coalition led by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates has launched an all-out offensive against the key port city of Hudaydah. The offensive is expected to be the biggest battle in the ongoing 3-year war between the U.S.-backed, Saudi-led coalition and Houthi rebels.