U.S. Tied to Torture in Network of Secret Yemen Prisons Run by UAE

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As the U.S. moves ahead with a massive arms deal with Saudi Arabia, Saudi’s king has deposed his nephew as crown prince and has replaced him with his son—the same man presiding over the devastating U.S.-backed, Saudi-led war in Yemen. The move comes a month after Donald Trump signed a series of arms deals with Saudi Arabia.

Four Winds Report for June 22, 2017

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Yesterday, both Mercury and the Sun entered the early degrees of Cancer. This offers a unique chance to clear out anything that perhaps no longer has a place in your life, and to embark on something entirely new. The nature of these changes probably reflects something that’s been on your mind for a while.

Cycles and Your Inner Sea: Cancer New Moon

Posted by Amanda Painter

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On Friday — just two days after yesterday’s solstice (when the Sun entered Cancer to begin the summer season) — the Sun and Moon will conjoin for a New Moon in Cancer. As Amanda Painter writes, with this event comes an opportunity to understand better the cycles of constant change in your life, and the sense of calmer inner seas that can bring.

Planet Waves Daily Oracle for Thursday, June 22, 2017

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Simply trust that your strength will not only hold up, but increase. You know you’re working toward something that is deeply important to you; vital and personal and connected to your mission in the world. This week’s Full Moon may have arrived with what seems like choices, neither of which are viable, but what you are experiencing is really an outgrowth of your perspective.

As Jon Ossoff Loses Georgia Special Election, Where Do Democrats Go from Here in Challenging GOP?

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In the most expensive congressional race in history, Republican Karen Handel has defeated Democrat Jon Ossoff in a special election in Georgia. Today’s show looks at the role of gerrymandering in shaping the outcome of the race. Amy Goodman spoke to Georgia state Senator Nan Orrock and Rev. Raphael Warnock, the chair of the New Georgia Project.

Four Winds Report for June 21, 2017

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Today is the solstice: the longest day in the Northern Hemisphere, when the Sun enters the sign Cancer. This year, Mercury follows close on the Sun’s heels, immediately making a conjunction in the first degree of the sign. That’s Aries Point territory; notice how you feel as your life and the world around you intersect.

For Feminist Men, Damaged by Feminism

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Tonight, for solstice eve, I have a special edition of Planet Waves FM for you. Sometimes it seems like the most sensitive men, who respect and appreciate women the most, have been the most damaged by feminism. That’s the topic I focus in an interview with Kasia Urbaniak.

A Year for All Seasons

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Every seasonal change this year is being accompanied by something more. It is almost as if the equinoxes and solstices of 2017 are being astrologically underlined for greater emphasis. On the eve of the Cancer solstice, Len Wallick outlines the pattern of synchronicity and its meaning.

Arundhati Roy on Returning to Fiction, Redefining Happiness & Writing about Worlds Ripped Apart

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It has been 20 years since acclaimed Indian writer Arundhati Roy’s debut novel, “The God of Small Things,” made her a literary sensation. While the book won the Booker Prize and became an international best-seller, selling over 6 million copies, Roy soon turned away from fiction. Now, two decades later, Roy has returned to fiction and has just published her second novel, “The Ministry of Utmost Happiness.”

The Scarlet Lunch

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By Jen Sorensen

Did you know that for decades, kids without lunch money have been given low-grade substitutes or put to work? Jen Sorensen asks how far American schools will go with the shaming.

Four Winds Report for June 20, 2017

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That original or startling idea that seems to come out of nowhere? Negotiate moving it forward just a little, and you may find it takes off on its own somehow. Harness your intuition, remember to be precise, and understand that your opinions might strike others as extreme. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, since today seems to call for a little action.