Monday: Mercury Transit of the Sun

Posted by Eric Francis Coppolino


Good Monday morning to you. While we have not had a dramatic journalistic buildup to today’s Mercury transit of the Sun, this is an unusual event and, speaking from the standpoint of astrology, indicates a genuine opportunity to make a change in some pattern you may have decided was just not gonna give.

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Dear Friend and Reader:

Good Monday morning to you. While we have not had a dramatic journalistic buildup to today’s Mercury transit of the Sun, this is an unusual event and, speaking from the standpoint of astrology, indicates a genuine opportunity to make a change in some pattern you may have decided was just not gonna give.

I describe the physics of this in the article below (which you may have already read, though it’s worth emphasizing the point). When you are considering what this might apply to, start with the very thing putting up the most resistance in your life. That might be a current issue or something going back decades.

See if you can reduce the matter to three things: your intentions, your options, and a decision you might therefore make. Be tangible and speak in words that are clear to you. Burn off any fog in your mind and be clear, first, about what you want. Then guide yourself in the direction of options and then of a decision.

Be as real as you can about what is truly important to you. My newest YouTube presentation describes the Mercury transit from a few different viewpoints. The horoscope below was written based on the chart for the Mercury-Sun alignment.

With love,


Monday: Mercury Transit of the Sun

Monday is the midpoint of Mercury retrograde. At that time, Mercury passes between the Sun and the Earth. That is the essence of the retrograde — Mercury going by. That’s called the interior (previously, inferior) conjunction of Mercury and the Sun.

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The most recent Mercury transit of the Sun, from Nov. 6, 2006 — shortly after Eris was named and Pluto was ‘demoted’ to minor planet. The transit is an invitation to define your own turning point in your life.

When it does, it usually passes a little above or below the Sun. Most conjunctions are not exact alignments; they are a little off, on the vertical axis. When Mercury and the Sun meet on both the vertical and horizontal axes, that’s called a transit of the Sun — and that’s what we get Monday.

This happens in the sign Taurus. The most fleeting of the planets, Mercury, meets the Sun in its most solid and stable sign, in a kind of mutual infusion of energy.

To me the symbolism is about where mind meets substance. We might scoff at the notion that we can conjure things with our minds, but tell that to someone who sketches a skyscraper on a napkin and then goes and builds the thing. Tell that to someone who writes a hit song, or any song. In one sense the whole universe as we perceive it is a figment of the imagination.

Now we have this exact alignment where mind and matter meet directly. This provides an occasion to develop the connection in your own life. Taking that a step back, you might acknowledge the degree to which your thoughts and your decisions determine much of what you experience as real and as true.

My Monday Morning horoscope below is devoted to this aspect.
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This is Just the Beginning: Uranus-Eris is Yet to Come

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Mars retrograde is only part of this season’s dynamic astrology. In the background, the Uranus-Eris conjunction is nearly exact — you might notice certain issues of identity and self-perception are insisting on your attention.

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Yours & truly,

Amanda Painter

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Monday Morning Horoscope for May 9, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Aries (March 20-April 19) — You have a significant financial opportunity right in your vicinity, though it’s likely to come in the form of a discovery. You might think of this as figuring out how to use what you already have, to some unusual profit or benefit. In leaner times, people were more creative, and would consider the value of their current resources before acquiring or venturing into something else. Now we just buy things. I suggest you take the older-fashioned approach of assuming that for any need or desire, you already have the thing you need in your possession. Now imagine this can work on a much larger scale, and that the ‘thing’ in question may be the solution to a puzzle, an idea for how to expand a business, or a new way to think of your talent. Remember, this is not about getting anything else; it’s about discovering what you have and how to use it in an interesting way.

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Taurus (April 19-May 20) — Many people who have experiences of enlightenment feel them as an awakening to something they already knew. It’s as if they remember their real self all at once. In that moment it seems like the most obvious thing in the world; amazing that they ever could have missed it. Then one of two things happens: either the person embodies the new idea and begins a new journey, or they forget their revelation and go on living as they had. Sometimes the discovery will be actively denied. Your solar chart describes an experience of you remembering something deep and real about yourself. It may be easy to overlook. You cannot force your memory, but you can listen to yourself more carefully. Underneath what you might think of as the usual chatter of your mind, there is an important message coming through.

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Gemini (May 20-June 21) — Your mind has the power to conjure reality. People dispute this fact, though bridges and skyscrapers, clever inventions and the lyrics of hit songs all begin with thoughts, often simple enough to write or sketch on a napkin. If that is not a form of conjuring I don’t know what is. Some highly unusual astrology is presenting you with the opportunity to put this power to work. On Monday, the planet Mercury — the one associated with your sign — will make a rare transit of the Sun. This is an exact conjunction similar to an eclipse, which is likely to make news reports in every country. Rare astrology describes a rare opening in your life. This takes place in your chart where your imagination merges with the substance of the material plane. This is another way of saying that you can create something tangible with the power of your imagination. It’s time to get busy.


Cancer (June 21-July 22) — Your solar chart right now is all about your connection to the wider world, whatever that means to you: expanding your circle of friends, connecting to new communities, or connecting somehow to the public. Despite the reputation of your sign for being private and cloistered, you are so comfortable in this realm that it could be viewed as one of your spiritual homes. It’s not so much that you want to be seen, as that you want to be known for what you do, what you offer and who you really are. Those are qualities you’re being invited to extend into the world now, and to share generously. Yes, to do this, you will need to trust existence. You may need to rise above some misgiving or question. You can do this boldly now, because you and what you are offering are of genuine value and worth to a community that expands well beyond your own four walls.


Leo (July 22-Aug. 23) — You may not think this is the best time to be making professional decisions. Yes, Mercury is retrograde in your career house; that’s supposed to be a cause for concern. Yet sometimes the exact opposite of conventional wisdom holds true, and this is just such an occasion. You can do something unusual now; for example, embark on a project, a business or a series of moves to enhance your career. There’s just one condition for success, though: in addition to the necessity for impeccable quality, you must do what you’re doing in a way that is truly your own. This is success dancing to the beat of your own drummer, based on work so good that you are willing to sign your name to it. Said another way, this is not the time to follow the rules that others have set; it’s the time to follow your own calling and your own inner code, which is a high standard indeed.


Virgo (Aug. 23-Sep. 22) — If you’ve been doubting yourself, you now have reason to be assured of what is true. You must be your own reassurance in this world. Yes, it’s helpful to have the approval and understanding of others, but that cannot determine the course of your existence. You might think you need much more confidence for that. This is really a matter of building your confidence by proving to yourself that you know what’s best for you — by doing it. You must be a leader in your own life, not a follower. There is nobody else worth following, no matter how much you may care about them. Claim back your power by being the person who defines your own needs, your own desires and your own priorities. Your astrology is blazing with one message, which is about you setting your priorities and aspiring to your own desires. If this shakes up a relationship, press ahead and you can come to a point of breakthrough where things get a lot better.

Planet Waves

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Libra (Sep. 22-Oct. 23) — You may find yourself able to reach an unusual agreement with a close partner — something that has no resemblance to what is normally thought of as compromise, but rather a whole new kind of double-win situation. You have always known this was possible; for you, mutually beneficial agreements are on the level of a biological instinct. It’s just that humans (at times, yourself included) can have an uncompromising approach to life. Yet now it’s as if what was previously unmovable and inflexible has reached a melting point. You will be amazed how little needs to change on the mental level for so much to change on every other level. Nobody is asking for a lot. Everyone involved seems capable of offering, and even willing to offer, far more. Yet embracing the notion of symbiosis — a biological relationship where two different entities thrive on one another’s presence — will lend itself to much happiness. The keys: listen, and be open.


Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22) — There is extraordinary movement developing in your house of partnerships this week. This might influence your bonds with others on every level, be it personal, professional or in the many places they overlap. Something you either have deemed impossible or have not recognized the potential of is emerging as a distinct possibility. Yet in order to get the benefits as they are offered to you in the form of an opportunity for closeness, there’s something it would be helpful to hear. Your situation may be one of not wanting to hear, though it also could be that you don’t quite understand the language someone is speaking. You might lean in a little closer, or you might remember a certain idiosyncrasy you’ve noticed in yourself lately. It’s about how a particular thing is important to you, and you don’t know if anyone gets it but that doesn’t matter. Proceed from there and you’ll get it.


Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 22) — One never knows what the future holds. Some use this as an excuse to trounce and elbow their way through life. Others use it as an excuse to be loving toward others, and to take a gentle approach to existence. Usually, this is based on how one treats oneself. Several factors indicate that you may be feeling stressed or irritated without really understanding what the issue is. You might be feeling impatient, as if you’re behind your time. I suggest you settle into a gentle and patient approach to both yourself and to your relationships. You can afford to set aside expectations, and to live a little closer to the present moment. If you do that, you might notice that certain stuck areas are starting to move, and that important goals are showing signs of life. Remember, though, the universe is made of one thing only, and that is relationships.


Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 20) — Your life has been defined recently by the relentless pressure to change and to grow. Like anyone who lives under intense conditions, eventually you get used to them. Then, when some factors change, when the pressure lets off or a welcome opportunity comes your way, you might notice how you’ve felt all along. One factor that’s working in your favor is a better ability to feel your own future. Try it and see. There’s no longer an invisible force making you look over your shoulder all the time. Yet the thing about the future is that it’s always born of our creative experience of the present moment. And that, too, is coming into focus. You might feel it as some inspiration, or better yet, the desire to experiment. That is the thing to do, without any thought of what might become of your idea or your project. One definition of learning is making the discovery that something is possible. And you do that by trying something you thought was, if not impossible, then beyond your ability or talent.


Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) — No amount of money or number of things is an assurance of feeling secure or confident. Extremely wealthy people are often the most insecure of the lot, which is because wealth on that level only provides a limited kind of confidence. And often it will substitute for other, far more meaningful, kinds of confidence — or worse, interfere with cultivating them. Right now you have an opportunity to experience what happens when confidence comes from deep within you. This may feel like the ground cracking open on a hot day and fresh water spouting out. You might feel like you’ve come to an understanding with yourself, which relates to your genuine value in the world. It is true that many people who contribute the most, and who mean the most to their friends, rarely get to feel that. Listen to yourself this week and you will hear the message that you need.


Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) — You are about to get the boost that you need. In many areas of your life, balances are shifting in your favor. You might say that your star is rising: Jupiter has just turned to direct movement and is heading toward the top of your chart. In many other areas you can make note of improvements and of a solid quality that has gradually entered your life. Yet there’s still an awkward feeling in the air, something you cannot pin down, or have not been able to put a name to. Be with that for a while. Notice that there are things you want to do, there are things you need to do, and there are others that you absolutely must do for some reason you may not understand. Honoring that, I suggest you do something that is perhaps out of character for your sign, which is to work with specific goals. Choose one from each category, carefully, making sure you write in pencil so that you can change your mind. Very soon, you will have a clear agenda, and that makes success infinitely easier.


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