Iran Nuclear Deal and New Horizons Reaches Pluto

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In tonight’s Planet Waves FM, I’ll be looking at the astonishing synchronicity of Western powers reaching a nuclear agreement with Iran at the same time the New Horizons spacecraft passed through the Pluto-Charon system after a three-billion-mile journey. Planet Waves FM is usually published by about 5 pm EDT (17:00 UTC).

Sneak peek at Pluto: according to the New Horizons social media team, this is the last and most detailed image of Pluto sent to Earth before the moment of closest approach, which was 7:49 am EDT this morning. You can track Pluto’s progress here.

I will look at the chart, and we’ll have our first view of the close-ups of Pluto (expected around midnight today; they take more than four hours to reach the Earth from the edge of the solar system).

This has both astronomical and symbolic implications, which manifested spontaneously as these two highly unusual events aligned: a proposed treaty to slow down nuclear proliferation, and a spacecraft reaching the Kuiper Belt.

To commemorate the moment, I’ll be playing music from the “No Nukes” concerts of September 1979 including truly gorgeous performances of “Cathedral” by Graham Nash and “The Crow on the Cradle” by Jackson Browne. The No Nukes concerts were performed in response to the Three Mile Island partial meltdown. Artists involved recognized the connection between nuclear power and nuclear bombs.

I’ll also have an overview of the Cancer New Moon, square Eris, which I introduced in Sunday night’s astrology diary. This is a stunning chart, also featuring a Mercury-Mars conjunction opposite Pluto. Inner planets are aspecting two of the planets that define the edge of the solar system, concurrently with two simultaneous conjunctions.

Apropos of Pluto, I’ll be a guest tonight on the Kepler College all-day Pluto commemoration. I’ve chosen to be on at 11 pm EDT. Check this page for details on how to listen.

Apropos of the New Moon, I’ve called for a schedule change for the late-week Core Community edition. In order to publish closer to the New Moon (which is Wednesday at 9:24 pm EDT, or 01:24 UTC) we will be publishing on Wednesday evening. If all goes well, the issue will be out a few hours before the New Moon.

Len Wallick will also be covering the New Moon in his column this afternoon on the main Planet Waves website.

If you scroll and click through, you’ll also find: Judith Gayle’s latest musings on politics and spirituality and “our fear of flying“; Amanda Moreno’s investigation of the potential beneficial use of apocalyptic imagery; guest-author Prana Regina Barrett’s article on making Tantra workshops (and any teaching) more Transgender-friendly; and a Monday tarot reading from Sarah Taylor that’s part of a clear progression, with Pluto holding the key.

In addition, I’ve posted an article on the idea of marriage as a renewable-term contract; and Fe Bonglan has followed up on the latest moves in Greece’s debt stare-down with the EU.

Catch you later on the website, and on Planet Waves FM.


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  1. Geoff Marsh

    Too right, Amy. Nice to know that any aliens arriving at the outer portal of our solar system will be greeted with a big white welcoming heart – provided they get through the Oort cloud OK and don’t hit any Kuiperlings. The congestion is a nightmare in those regions.

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