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Len Wallick walks readers through the tangible correlations (such as the New Horizons spacecraft flying by Pluto) of tomorrow’s Cancer New Moon, along with the symbolic correlations offered by the astrology. With Mercury and Mars conjoining to oppose Pluto and Venus preparing to change signs, the sky is rich with meaning.

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The luminaries (Sun and Moon) will share the same degree of Cancer, and the same degree of longitude in the sky, shortly after 9:24 pm EDT tomorrow (01:24:19 UTC Thursday) as if to demonstrate how efficacious astrology really is. All you need to do is break it down. First off, when the Sun and Moon come together like that, it is called a New Moon.


Every New Moon begins a new cycle of lunar phases culminating in a Full Moon about two weeks later, and ending in another New Moon about two weeks after that Full Moon. So a lunar cycle from New Moon to New Moon is about four weeks long.

Each New Moon is named after the sign in which the Sun and Moon conjoin. Thus, this will be a Cancer New Moon. For astrologers the sign Cancer is distinguished in part by its ruling ‘planet’ — the Moon.

Finally, every New Moon is unseen because its illuminated side is the side facing away from the Earth, the so-called ‘dark side’. Every New Moon is also unseen because of its longitudinal proximity to the Sun, lost in the solar glare as it briefly moves through the sky alongside the Sun. The quality of being unseen, however, does not mean without consequence. The combined gravity of the Sun and Moon on the same side of Earth is quite consequential, as seen indirectly in the ocean tides.

By occurring in Cancer, the implication is that this impending Cancer New Moon will take place where the Moon’s astrological symbolism is strongest. Among other things, the Moon represents the form of consciousness sometimes referred to as the unconscious. Some of the more prominent qualities associated with the unconscious are intuition, emotion, security issues, comfort issues, your childhood, and the sort of dreams usually (but not always) experienced while sleeping.

Not every Cancer New Moon is the same. During most years there is only one new Moon in Cancer. In the roughly 12 months that usually elapse between one Cancer New Moon and the next, everything else on the zodiac (and in the sky) keeps moving. The same can be said for events on Earth. That’s how every Cancer New Moon has it own unique astral and earthly context through which the usual associations of a New Moon in its ‘home’ sign are expressed.

This year, that context is extraordinary. Late tomorrow (or early Thursday, depending on your time zone) this year’s Cancer New Moon will feature some striking tangible and symbolic correlations taking place at the same time.

Among the tangible correlations will be the location of a space-faring robotic device and the status of a large system created by (and influential for) humans here on Earth: the world economic system. Included in the array of symbolic correlations will be an uncanny alignment of planets, which either implicitly or explicitly correspond with the tangible correlations.

Take that robotic device, for example. Known as New Horizons, it was launched from Earth in 2006, back when astronomers counted Pluto among the nine planets (along with Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune) in the solar system.

At long last, New Horizons is making its closest flyby approach to Pluto today, opening a new cycle of space exploration, and roughly concurrent with the Cancer New Moon. That sort of timing can’t be ignored, especially if you factor in other, also concurrent events. Nor can the fact that Pluto (and New Horizons) will be unseen be construed to indicate no meaning.

Factor in what has become almost by default a world economic system. It is a system through which the hopes, dreams, security and safety of every human being are unavoidably and undeniably interconnected, although often in unseen ways. Now, and also concurrent with the Cancer New Moon, that system (which has evolved almost unconsciously) is confronted with a flood tide of unprecedented questions and problems — which will probably and ultimately require a new beginning of some sort to resolve.

Finally, take look at the astrology of this impending Cancer New Moon. Also in the sign Cancer with the conjoined luminaries are two planets that often correspond with economic themes for astrologers: Mercury and Mars. What’s more, as if to emulate and sing in refrain with the luminaries, Mercury and Mars will be precisely conjoined (to the degree) at the time of the Cancer New Moon. In addition, the Mercury-Mars conjunction will be precisely (also to the degree) opposing Pluto’s position in Capricorn.

Among other things, an opposition can be said to represent a confrontation seeking a resolution. You can’t make this sort of stuff up. In addition, there is the third planet often associated with economics — Venus. At the time of the Cancer New Moon, Venus will literally be on the cusp of changing signs from Leo to Virgo.

For astrologers, a planetary sign change indicates a new beginning, much as a conjunction does. If all that is not enough, once Venus does enter Virgo it will remain in the first degree (what you might call its new horizon) for about two weeks while in the process of stationing retrograde. Venus will then return to Leo (where it is today) just after the Aquarius Full Moon on July 31.

All of that astonishing and indisputable correlation and more will be part of the Cancer New Moon. All of that exquisite and amazing timing will also be part of this luminary conjunction. Finally, there are bound to be unseen but consequential events taking place behind the closed doors of economic power, as well as up in the vicinity of Pluto.

Much as with the data we await from a spacecraft even now flying past Pluto, nobody can predict with credibility what those consequences will be or what they will ultimately mean.

But if you have ever doubted that astrological events do in fact correlate with events in your life, this particular Cancer New Moon (which will take place while many of us are sleeping and dreaming) should be enough to put your doubts to rest.

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Len Wallick

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27 thoughts on “Efficacious New Moon

  1. Cowboyiam

    Len you omitted Saturn from your list of planets. I’m just looking for brownie points in case you want to see who catches it first :)
    I do like the article and yes things seem really up in the air all around don’t they. Yours is, as always, a calming beacon in the storm, guiding us stragglers toward safety. Thank you for your work here. It has helped me through many a storm this past few years and yet again I still need that beacon.

  2. Len WallickLen Wallick Post author

    Cowboyiam: Thank you. The correction has been made. Saturn is now on the list. Thank you for being a true friend and pointing out the omission for which i apologize and take full responsibility. Thank you also for your kind words in spite of my error.

  3. Amy Trafford

    “Every New Moon is also unseen because of its longitudinal proximity to the Sun, lost in the solar glare as it briefly moves through the sky alongside the Sun. The quality of being unseen, however, does not mean without consequence. The combined gravity of the Sun and Moon on the same side of Earth is quite consequential, as seen indirectly in the ocean tides.”

    Len, As my outer layers are just peeling off when it comes to astrology, I appreciate the details you included for context about what is going on right now.
    It all just makes me cry, particularly what I quoted above.
    The way you talk about the unseen reminds me of faith. Love. Devotion.
    Unseen to the eye, but felt deeply in the heart/soul/sensual body.
    Unseen does not equal unreal. There is great power and truth in that.

    Thank you.

  4. Len WallickLen Wallick Post author

    Amy: Your note of appreciation is far more deeply appreciated today than words can express. When i make mistakes (such as initially leaving Saturn off the list of planets) it makes me wonder whether i’m worthy to serve you and the rest of the Planet Waves community. My endeavor is to meet the highest standards of astrology and writing. When i fail to meet those standards, it is discouraging for me. That’s how your affirmation of my effort here today (by noticing and understanding my point about that which is unseen, yet still important) means so very much to me. Thank you for taking the time and making the effort to provide your comment. You made a difference for me.

  5. Fe BongolanFe Bongolan

    Thank you Len for the poetry of astrological fact that you make, synching us humans to this world, its events and beyond. These days feel tremendous, but then again, they’ve always been.

  6. Len WallickLen Wallick Post author

    Fe: Thank you for being so kind. You lift my spirits beyond measure. My endeavors here at Planet Waves are inspired in large part by your example as a truly superior writer. My determination is to improve and grow as a writer so as to someday be in the same ballpark with you.

  7. CarolynkcCarolynkc

    Dear Len,

    Thank you for once again, filling gaping holes in my astrological understanding. Never have I heard such a beautifully written explanation of the New Moon.

    You mentioned Venus will be sitting in the 1st degree of Virgo for about 2 weeks. (As well as sitting there at the time of the New Moon). Thus Venus will also be sitting on my natal Saturn, on the Sphynx Point. Do you have any thoughts on that aspect?

    You are such a teacher.
    Thank you

    1. Len WallickLen Wallick Post author

      Carolynkc: Thank you for being so generous. If you found my writing today to be efficacious, it would only be fair for you to give credit to my editor (Amanda Painter) without whom my grammatical and stylistic shortcomings would stand out in stark relief. Thank you also for your question about what Eric has named the Sphinx Point (the end of Leo and the beginning of Virgo). It is a very sensitive place on the zodiac, even more so because Transpluto (a calculated point) has recently made a long back-and-forth transition over that cusp on its way to ingress Virgo after over seven decades in Leo. Additionally, the star Regulus (a fixed point which does not move) has recently precessed (or appeared to move because of the slow precessional wobble of Earth’s axis) from over two THOUSAND years in tropical Leo to a new tenure of similar length in tropical Virgo. As result of the precession (only about three or four years ago) of Regulus into tropical Virgo, all the stars along the ecliptic now appear in signs regarded as having feminine quality. And we were alive when it happened. Amazing, what? So, there is all that plus the feline qualities Eric has noted (hence the Sphinx name) and yet one other thing going on with the cusp area between Leo and Virgo. That one thing more has to do with something noted by William Lilly (the first English-speaking astrologer to write a significant tome) and ancient astrologers long before him – the fact that the last and first degrees of a sign tend to yield inscrutable results for electional and interpretive purposes. Hence, all being told, my thoughts about transiting Venus having an unusually long (and at least twice repeated) conjunction with your natal Saturn is that you can throw the astrological cookbook out the window and take your own experience of the transit to be somehow unique in both your life and in recorded human history. In other words, the fortuitous (in this context) placement of your natal Saturn is about to make you a pioneer somehow in what appears to be an epoch of rapid and unprecedented evolution for humanity. We look forward to sharing your experience of the transit, and thereby showing the rest of us the way.

      1. CarolynkcCarolynkc

        Dear Len,

        After six odd decades, I am delving more deeply into who I am. I am finding my power to which I had somewhat burdened others and sabotaged myself. My Spiritual/astrological life is growing.

        As living quite reclusively, It will be interesting to see how this transit effects me…perhaps out of my home a little more often.
        Thank you for alerting me.

  8. Len WallickLen Wallick Post author

    Geoff: Thank you. Good catch about the announcement of the pentaquark. Thank you also for the link to BBC’s disambiguation of the discovery. Finally, thank you for your question regarding both the numerological and geometrical implications of the announcement’s timing (a question i shall leave the door open for others to answer).

    1. Geoff Marsh

      The numerology question is redundant. New Horizons has shown that Pluto and Charon orbit a common centre of mass that lies outside either body. The pair is therefore classified as a double planet with four major moons.

    1. Len WallickLen Wallick Post author

      Leana: Thank you for being so very kind. As regards to your question, please let us take it one step at a time. First, you are correct – there is always (as you put it) an “extra message” to be gleaned from asteroids of various types (as well as dwarf planets, calculated points, centaurs, trans-Neptunian objects, scattered disc objects, et al). First though, one must recognize that astrology has a hierarchy. The Sun and Moon are preeminent for reasons as obvious as they are. Next in importance come the “classical planets” (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn) which have been visible to the unaided eye since before there were human beings to observe and correlate their movements. The lunar nodes must be considered in the same class as the Sun, Moon and classical planets because (even though they are invisible) they are where eclipses (perhaps the biggest events for astrologers) take place. After that, come the sign ruling planets discovered by telescope (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto). Finally, in order of emphasis come other objects orbiting the Sun (all of which have their own time and place to be important, depending on context). The Earth, of course, is where we live and a primary (but not the only) perspective from which the others are interpreted. Now, the question is whether to interpret asteroids (and other so-called “minor” objects) by their name (which is often demonstrates serendipity) such as the renowned astrologer, Alex Miller does; OR by their orbital characteristics (such as the famous astrologer Philip Sedgwick does), OR by the discovery chart (such as the noted Finnish astrologer Kirsti Melto does). This is where astrology gets complicated, simplifying only after the accumulation of “proving moments” (as Eric calls them) gradually consolidate into a commonly accepted and efficacious interpretation for the object in question. All that being said, my own interpretation of the role for 433 Eros and 2102 Tantalus in the scheme of this particular Cancer New Moon seeks to combine the approach of all the superior astrologers i have noted above. Without going into my own calculations in detail, the role of 422 Eros and 2102 Tantalus will (in my humble interpretation) correlate to include some highly provocative, divisive and emotional subjects usually avoided in polite conversation in order to avoid conflict (such as religion and politics), and some complex intellectual issues (economics, higher math, etc) which are over the heads of many. Please, do you find my answer somewhat satisfactory?

  9. Beckie Bechill

    Honorable Len,
    Your service has exceeded the bounds of consciousness today! Thank you for attuning to the still point of the moment, allowing us to witness Saturn stepping back and bowing to Pluto.

  10. Len WallickLen Wallick Post author

    Beckie: Thank you so very much for your generous appraisal and perceptive interpretation of Saturn vis a vis Pluto (and welcome to Planet Waves)! Looking forward to your weighing in again as often as you please.

  11. Michael MayesMichael Mayes

    Whoa, lots of connections. I didn’t notice that Mercury & Mars would be opposite Pluto, that’s interesting. The new moon will occur right on my 11th & 12th cusp, to the degree. The past year is washing over me. I’m reflecting on losses, and gains. New beginnings are ahead.

  12. Barbara Koehler

    Not me! I’d never doubt what you say about astrological events correlating with life’s events. Isn’t it exciting just to be alive? Knowing how astrology can sometimes be so easy to comprehend and sometimes so mystifying – when these historical events happen (like pictures from Pluto and disintegrating financial structures) to be here when they take place? How frightening it would be without the passkey to understanding that astrology provides.

    Transiting Saturn’s relationship (semi-square) with trans. Pluto re-engages their mutual relationship and lets us know this is part of a (natural) process, all having to do with transformation. Trans. Saturn in Scorpio’s sesqui-quadrate with trans. Mars (and Mercury) in Cancer, the OTHER ruler of Scorpio (who opposes Pluto in this New Moon chart) only enhances the emotional tangibility (water, water) of these events. We must really open ourselves to these alternate “forms of consciousness”, in order to grasp the importance of being here now.

    The Aquarius Full Moon will arrive in 2 weeks time (a Saturn thing) and trans. Uranus will be in a quintile aspect with her, a lovely aspect that transcends our level of “being here”. The quintile forms an angle that is found in the pentagram (5 pointed star) which is utilized extensively by Mother Nature. Thus the 2 weeks between now and the 2nd July Full Moon will follow a course of releasing just a teeny bit of the Saturnian grip on “reality” (new moon trine Saturn and Mars sesqui-quadrate Saturn and Pluto’s semi-square and mutual reception with Saturn) and opening ourselves to feelings and intuitions and dreams.

    It’s alchemy I suppose. A blending of Aquarius’ rulers (Saturn and Uranus) gifts in a way that lets us see beyond the boundaries of normal human activity and understanding. Letting go of fear (Saturn) and becoming more open to Imagination (trans. Neptune is only 1 degree from the U.S. Child!) is the invitation this New Moon in Cancer is giving us. Bring your own bottle to the Aquarius Full Moon though.

  13. Pisces SunPisces Sun

    To boldly go where no one has gone before! And why not? It’s our turn!

    My natal Mars is 0 degrees Cancer, with all that I am reading with transition of signs, and the Moon in Cancer and Mercury and Mars conjunct, I can’t help but wonder…I am also ) degrees Pisces…but damn the bad luck, can’t focus on this, have to focus on whatever it is that is going on related to the Eros-Tantalus aspect you described Len in response to Leana. Big Sigh…

    Pentaquark particle? Outstanding! Number five in numerology signifies breakthrough, freedom, New Beginnings, a/k/a “New Horizons?”

    Len, you are such an eloquent writer, your love and beauty for your crafts (astrology and writing) shine through! Saturn was there for cowboyiam’s brownie points remember, that’s all, nothing more! :-)

    It makes utter sense to me why the Moon is paired with Cancer and since the tides are strongest during the new moon, the additional stirring of the emotions in our souls during this time, pulling us toward something bigger than us (the universe) but also reminding us of our fragility (earth) and being present while opening our hearts, minds and beings to alternate forms of consciousness (thanks Barbara), which leads me back to you Len and your discussion regarding consciousness or subconsciousness, which is, after all, what this Cancer Moon brings.
    Thank You!

  14. Barbara Koehler

    If a planet’s ingress chart into a sign is a snapshot of what the intent of the ingress is all about, then Saturn’s recent move back into Scorpio to clean up some unfinished business should be evident in that chart. And so it is.

    Saturn was met by Mercury, Klotho, and Pandora, all at 0+ Scorpio on October 5, 2012. That was a time when Pluto at 7+ Capricorn was square Uranus at 6+ Aries retrograde. Of all the hindsight observations that can be pointed out in this chart, it is Mars at 29+ Scorpio, a degree which transiting retrograde Saturn just crossed over, I find most appropriate for today. In this 2012 chart, Mars was square retrograde Neptune at 0+ Pisces who was opposite Venus and Karma at 2+ Virgo. Mars was also trine, thankfully, Pallas the Strategist at 29+ Pisces retrograde.

    I believe the “Saturn ingress into Scorpio” chart in 2012 foretold of the Iran Nuclear agreement that was finally completed today. Mars (effort and/or aggression) was in Scorpio (nuclear or dig deep) square Neptune (indiscriminate) in Pisces (deceptive) and Mars was also square Venus (desire) and Karma (the past comes back to haunt) in Virgo (clean up, fix).

    That Saturn (patience of a Saint) was conjunct Mercury (talks, details) in Scorpio (death and resurrection) as well as Klotho (start of new life or a new way of life) and Pandora (the unleashing of all hell – except for hope) at the same time the Moon (People) at 16 Gemini (ruled by Mercury) was conjunct retrograde Jupiter (foreign, comprehensive, law) at 16+ Gemini and they were opposite Pholus (a big brouhaha resulting from a small act) compounds the message of negotiating the dismantling of Iran’s nuclear program.

    The retrograde Neptune, Jupiter, Uranus and Pallas at the time of the Saturn ingress into Scorpio would point to the many stops and restarts these negotiations would make during the 20 months it took to complete them. I personally want to thank Saturn and all the dedicated men and women whose patience and hard work brought us a stunning step forward toward world peace. Hear, hear!

  15. P. SophiaP. Sophia

    Len! You said it. I am in AWE! of the correlations and majestry of it all. What a time. The Moon of this conjunction will be conjunct my natal Sun. Although I may feel my way in the dark, I do not see the seeds in the ground.. I have the faith and knowing that the inspiration is there and will produce the intended effect.

    Thank you for offering the same.

  16. Fe BongolanFe Bongolan


    I am reposting this article from the discussion thread on my piece on Greece. It’s from today’s UK Telegraph:

    The International Monetary Fund has set off a political earthquake in Europe, warning that Greece may need a full moratorium on debt payments for 30 years and perhaps even long-term subsidies to claw its way out of depression.

    “The dramatic deterioration in debt sustainability points to the need for debt relief on a scale that would need to go well beyond what has been under consideration to date,” said the IMF in a confidential report.

    Greek public debt will spiral to 200pc of GDP over the next two years, compared to 177pc in an earlier report on debt sustainability issued just two weeks ago.

    The findings are explosive. The document amounts to a warning that the IMF will not take part in any EMU-led rescue package for Greece unless Germany and the EMU creditor powers finally agree to sweeping debt relief.

    This vastly complicates the rescue deal agreed by eurozone leaders in marathon talks over the weekend since Germany insists that the bail-out cannot go ahead unless the IMF is involved.


  17. Barbara

    Well Len……….I recall the “flying bicycle” pc. you did late April…..the Scorpio full moon pc. …….the measurement of “where you are”….Solstice…..all this living interwoven with the mercury Rx……..all sign posts for the road….all a puzzle pc. an amazing story unfolding….feeling is seeing………..thank you……………..

  18. infinitezygote

    Thank you, Len, for your gentle and profound descriptions of this New Moon.
    My Natal Mercury happens to reside at the 29th Degree of Leo in the 2nd House plus I have a 12th House Leo Sun and Ascendant, so I am looking forward to see how that manifests!

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