In the Nature of Healing

Posted by Eric Francis Coppolino


In tonight’s Planet Waves FM, I tell the story of the first few years of my work as a professional astrologer, when I was introduced to the grief of women: their experiences of transgression and personal loss, and how I learned to work with them. I also consider the current astrology, and give an in-depth reading of Thom Yorke’s natal chart.

Mega Edition: The Boss, the Full Moon and the Showdown

Posted by Eric Francis Coppolino


Tonight, I have a monster edition of Planet Waves FM for you. We can hang out the entire evening, or even for a few days! I begin with an overview of the show, and coverage of the Full Moon in Aries — which is conjunct Chiron and Salacia; square Hebe, Niobe, Vesta and Saturn; and opposite Mercury, the Sun and monster galaxy M87. You could not ask for more!