1/21 :: Women’s Voices Heard Around the World

Posted by Eric Francis


The buck stops now. We do have that opportunity now. You might say that Nessus includes all that stuff about misogyny and boundary issues and sexual transgression. Nessus is on the South Node, the release point of the zodiac. And this weekend, women of the world spoke up. There was both an embrace and a vast letting go. This was not an angry protest. This was a loving protest, a statement of presence, an experiment in raising our collective voices.

Welcome to 2017, Where the Political is Personal

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Today’s edition of Planet Waves FM introduces the Age of Trump with my reading of Friday’s presidential inaugural chart. I offer two different takes on this most interesting horoscope, which has been adorning my notebooks, my studio walls and my mind for nearly two years.

David Bowie: Hot Tramp, We Love You So

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It’s been one year since David Bowie departed the physical plane. Today’s edition of Planet Waves FM features a reading of David’s chart and some selections of his music.

Mercury Direct, J. R. R. Tolkien’s History of the World

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Today is the 125th birth anniversary of J. R. R. Tolkien (1892-1973). Today’s Planet Waves FM is an extended special edition, devoted to the work to which Tolkien himself was most devoted: The Silmarillion.

Special Focus: The Astrology of 2017

Posted by Eric Francis

Special Focus: The Astrology of 2017

In tonight’s edition, I look first at the Capricorn New Moon (which happens Thursday). This takes place conjunct Mercury, which is about halfway through its retrograde, and sextile Mars. Mars is applying to a conjunction with Neptune on New Year’s Eve. Be the designated driver! I then give you a preview of the astrology of 2017, looking out as far as 2020.

This Dark Hour, and an Interview with Sabrina Ourania

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This week we have a special guest on Planet Waves FM, Sabrina Ourania. She is a women’s health and wellness coach and she has some truly helpful and interesting information to offer, ranging from spirituality to menstruation to dealing with hormonal imbalances.

Gemini Moon, Real News/Fake News and the Burden of Women

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Here’s a very short summary of tonight’s program. I begin with the Gemini Full Moon, which is happening as we mail this letter out. I then personalize that into the chart of Donald Trump, who was born with a lunar eclipse right in range of tonight’s lunation, describing the influence this may have.

Success at Standing Rock and the Astrology of 2017

Posted by Eric Francis


In tonight’s edition of Planet Waves FM, I take a second look at the chart for Monday’s evacuation deadline at Standing Rock. As you’ve probably read, Pres. Obama directed the Army Corps of Engineers to deny the Dakota Access Pipeline an easement to dig under the Missouri River, thus avoiding a violent standoff between North Dakota officials and water protectors.

Standing With Standing Rock

Posted by Eric Francis


In tonight’s edition of Planet Waves FM, we visit the Standing Rock protest in Cannon Ball, North Dakota. The governor of that state has set a deadline of Dec. 5 for the camp to be evicted, and I read that chart. It’s not pretty. If we want to avoid a bloodbath, we’re going to need to join forces and get involved.

Looking Back on John F. Kennedy

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In tonight’s edition of Planet Waves FM, I look at the astrology of JFK, his inauguration and his assassination. I believe the modern presidency is defined by Kennedy — which includes the fact that he was killed for reasons nobody seems to understand.

That Strange Thing About U.S. Elections

Posted by Eric Francis


The strange thing about U.S. elections is that the loser can take office. And that’s what we’re now witnessing. The last time, in 2000, things didn’t go well. People were jumping off the World Trade Center just 10 months later. In tonight’s edition, I look at some of this history, and evaluate what we might have in store under a Trump presidency.