In Search of Pluto

Posted by Eric Francis


Mercury retrograde is in full effect right now. Each one of these phases, which happen about three times a year, has its unique pattern, its own distinct feeling and its special challenges. Currently, Mercury is retrograde in Capricorn, and on Jan. 4 will track back into Sagittarius, changing to direct motion on Jan. 8.

Doing What You Must: Participating With Purpose

Posted by Amanda Painter


Although the particulars will vary between individuals and among communities (both in-the-flesh and online), we seem to be in a moment of rich awareness and potential for participating with purpose. Issues like the standoff at Standing Rock and post-election developments are commingling with people’s usual end-of-year charitable giving habits and, of course, both religious and secular ideas about the spirit of compassion inherent in Christmas.

Your December Horoscopes, and a Message of Thanks

Posted by Amanda Painter


When things get as rough as they have this year, and when the world seems turned upside-down like it has this month, gratitude can feel like the last thing one might turn to. Yet the simple act of expressing thanks and appreciation for even mundane blessings can have a profound effect on your emotional body and perspective — and on the ability to take action.

The Chaos Factor

Posted by Eric Francis


This week, Eric considers the astrology of our era, and how this applies to the United States in particular. The resulting article is founded on much previous research, but is also spectacularly unique in its analysis: it takes the recent movements of metaphorical giants Uranus, Pluto and Eris and fits them together seamlessly.

Trigger Warnings

Posted by Eric Francis


The one item I don’t remember including in any of my election coverage is that this is all happening in the midst of the Uranus-Eris conjunction, so anything is possible. Maybe I mentioned it somewhere. Uranus is the god of ‘expect the unexpected': developments, revolutions, upsets, inventions, breakthroughs. We got one of those this week. There will be others. The most important ones are in your consciousness.

This is a Test: War of the Worlds

Posted by Eric Francis


In this week’s edition, Eric looks at an intriguing event that took place around this time in 1938: Orson Welles’ broadcast of War of the Worlds, a novel adaptation some people took as a real invasion. Examining both the chart of the night itself and Welles’ progressions, Eric uncovers some pretty astounding astrology, featuring our old friends Eris and the Aries Point.