Indivisible: The Relationship Within

Posted by Eric Francis


There’s a question going around: how do we convey the social unrest in our nascent era of protest into a sustained movement? Both the United States and the world have a lot of problems that need addressing — and it would seem the powers that be are not so interested. It’s up to us. I want to take this up as a spiritual question: that is, as a question of the inner life.

Better Than People Even Understand

Posted by Eric Francis


This is the conjunction that contains both the implosion and dumbing down of consciousness connected to the internet and especially the portable pocket computer, as well as 50 shades of identity crisis. It’s also the one that contains the potential for a wide-scale group awakening. This would be composed of many, many individual awakenings — that would be where you come in.

Everything You Need to Know

Posted by Eric Francis


In this week’s full Planet Waves edition, Eric Francis examines the history of the right wingnuts now in government, and offers a theory about their true agenda. He discusses the nature of the programming Bannon and others are employing, and considers what we can do to work against it.

In Search of Pluto

Posted by Eric Francis


Mercury retrograde is in full effect right now. Each one of these phases, which happen about three times a year, has its unique pattern, its own distinct feeling and its special challenges. Currently, Mercury is retrograde in Capricorn, and on Jan. 4 will track back into Sagittarius, changing to direct motion on Jan. 8.

Doing What You Must: Participating With Purpose

Posted by Amanda Painter


Although the particulars will vary between individuals and among communities (both in-the-flesh and online), we seem to be in a moment of rich awareness and potential for participating with purpose. Issues like the standoff at Standing Rock and post-election developments are commingling with people’s usual end-of-year charitable giving habits and, of course, both religious and secular ideas about the spirit of compassion inherent in Christmas.