Eyes On, Mind On: Saturn Conjunct Pluto

Dear Friend and Reader:

The exact Saturn-Pluto conjunction takes place just 10 days from now, on Sunday, Jan. 12. Leading into that is an eclipse of the Moon on Jan. 10; we will be carried swiftly into this aspect.

Planet Waves

A man in Lake Conjola, Australia, tried to defend a property on Tuesday as fire consumed the house next door. Photo: The New York Times. Read full article here.

Saturn-Pluto itself describes the high-pressure crux points we are in right now. It’s one of those aspects that says, "Consider this a historical turning point, and figure out what it’s about."

Headlines on the last New York Times cover of the decade would not lead a person to think that much was changing on the world. "Business Got Big Tax Cut; Lobbyists Made It Bigger" was the top story on the page. "Suspect Wrote About Hitler and Nazis in Journal," was the second-to-top story.

Nearly a century on, Hitler is still making the front page.

Another was, "Strikes by U.S. Renew Anger among Iraqis," referencing a war that has now been going on for 29 years, since Operation Desert Shield in the summer of 1990. Between the first and second Gulf Wars, the United States and Britain bombed Iraq regularly. Finally, just above the fold, we learn about "China’s Push to Turn Its Muslims Into Loyal Army of Cheap Labor."

The impeachment of Pres. Trump did not make it above the fold. That topic, temporarily lurking behind the scenes, will be back any day now.

Neither did the fires in Australia, where people are being evacuated by boat, nor did other crucial elements of global warming — especially as related to food.

The Saturn-Pluto Cycle

I believe that even for people who don’t think much about the news, these global problems lurk in awareness, as a cause for concern and worry. There is only so much we can hold them out of our awareness; there’s only so much it’s helpful to do so.

Planet Waves

This is not a revolution.

We are now experiencing the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, one of the most dependable aspects for a new cycle of history. The last one was in November 1982 in Libra, at the beginning of the “Reagan Revolution.”

The opposition aspect (the equivalent of full phase) occurred in the summer of 2001, weeks before the 9/11 incident.

When Saturn and Pluto meet in 90-degree type aspects (conjunction, square and opposition), the prevailing emotional quality tends to be fear. And that is often used to leverage political changes that would not ordinarily be so easy to pull off were people more relaxed. We might say that under Saturn-Pluto, paranoia feeds oppression.

From a personal standpoint, you can think of Saturn-Pluto as representing the relationship of the soul and the form that contains it. Soul is a controversial term, though I think of it to mean the active, living process of growing and becoming aware, rather than a thing. It also describes Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder, according to Last FM.

During Saturn-Pluto aspects, this can be a painful process of growing out of outmoded forms. This has also been true of Pluto through Capricorn, which began in early 2008.

Pluto aspects of any kind tend to make people feel vulnerable, because the forms that they previously depended upon are not quite available the same way. Change sometimes has a dangerous feeling. Pluto aspects can have an edge or desperate quality, and from there, it’s easy for manipulative people to drive the emotions of individuals and groups in negative, fearful directions.

Thinking for Yourself — Especially About Food

This is also particularly easy now due to the tribalizing influence of the internet. Tribal consciousness is the opposite of individual consciousness. Thinking for oneself is not trendy now. These days, it’s a kind of heroic act.

Planet Waves

This is not farming.

What psychologists call "group think" is the comfort zone, and it likes to sell itself as individuality. To think for oneself, it’s necessary to ask difficult questions and to stand outside of familiar mental and emotional territory. Saturn-Pluto and other aspects of its intensity tend to push people out, if they don’t make adjustments gracefully.

The Saturn-Pluto conjunction is really a seven-point alignment that consists of Mercury, the Sun, Ceres, Saturn, Pluto and Chariklo. With any conjunction, it’s helpful to handle the points one at a time, and Ceres seems to stand out in this pattern.

Mercury is about a message. Ceres is about food. Food depends on the climate, and the climate is changing rapidly: the world is getting hotter, and weather patterns are morphing wildly.

I think that one message of this chart is about food and our relationship to it. It’s also about food production as we move into the age of consequences associated with global warming. Ceres is also about the emotional body and its relationship to the food that we eat.

Americans in particular are accustomed to eating inexpensive, mass-produced food, which does not leave most people feeling so good. Many people "grab" meals, or microwave them, or otherwise eat highly processed food, and this has effects on many levels.

One thing this chart tells me is that food will be one of the most important personal, cultural and global issues of the coming decade and longer.

With love,

Planet Waves

PS — Here is a souvenir for you. As you may know, my publishing soul will always reside within the print world. This is the last New York Times print cover of the decade.

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Organizer of Me Too Kingston Admits ‘Movement’ Was a Fraud

KINGSTON — An organizer of the “Me Too Kingston” movement, which had me fired from four jobs in the spring of 2018, has admitted that the movement was a fraud, and that she knew so at the time.

Li (Lisa) Wojehowski joined “Me Too Kingston” in April 2018 and attended several meetings organized by Hillary Harvey, who worked at Chronogram and at Radio Kingston. Wojehowski offered her services as an organizer, and was at the center of events.

“I regret that this false incident distracted attention from actual abuse survivors and actual perpetrators, which in the end only damaged the integrity of the Me Too movement and feminism in general," Wojehowski wrote in her Dec. 18, 2019, apology.

Planet Waves

Hillary Harvey organized the "Me Too Kingston" movement in April 2018, which had one target — the astrologer down the street.

Local activists took up the cause in early 2018 after the Planet Waves article Take a Step Back appeared in the local publication Chronogram, where I had been a columnist for 22 years.

Previously, I had written about my own experience of sexual harassment in the New York Daily News. “Me Too Kingston” claimed that Take a Step Back was really a preemptive cover story for my alleged nefarious double life as a sexual predator.

In fact, the article called for equal treatment of male and female survivors, and discussed the potential problem of false accusations. The article quoted numerous Planet Waves clients stating their opinions about the Me Too movement, as well as Margaret Atwood, author of A Handmaid’s Tale.

‘The Goal Was To Get Eric Fired’

“I joined the Me Too Kingston movement against him (there were no other targets), and offered my services as an organizer," Wojehowski wrote. “I attended several meetings, the purpose of which was to get Eric fired from all of his jobs. There was no attempt at restorative justice. The goal was to destroy his career.

“It was much easier — and frankly, more soothing to my ego — to go along with the attempts to annihilate Eric. The consequences of the campaign have been detrimental," Wojehowski wrote.

Detrimental? You might say that — though not to her. With Wojehowski’s support, Hillary Harvey planted articles in the Kingston Times group of newspapers, which essentially spun her Facebook rumor campaign into an 8,500-word series of newspaper articles. Based on this series of fabrications, my contracts with Chronogram, Radio Kingston, Omega Institute and the Kepler Conference were canceled.

An investigation conducted for Chronogram by former United States Attorney Ryan Poscablo concluded that there was no basis to the claims, but Chronogram ignored this determination. Chronogram’s publisher, Jason Stern, had previously said that "this isn’t about the facts," and described the events as a “witch hunt.” Stern also told me that Harvey was doing this to "build up her career."

‘Convenient for Our Story’

Wojehowski’s statement is supported by extensive interviews and written statements gathered as part of a Planet Waves FM-Pacifica investigation.

Planet Waves

Fake twitter account of Me Too Kingston set up by Hillary Harvey, who also planted “Bad Moon Rising” in Kingston Times. Ulster Publishing, which owns Kingston Times, is facing multiple libel suits by other litigants. For spiritual reasons, I chose not to sue them.

Wojehowski continued:

“In my initial private meeting with Hillary Harvey she told me Eric was the ‘Harvey Weinstein of the Hudson Valley’. She also wrote this in a Facebook post. Caught up in the hype, I bought into this idea because it was convenient for our story.

“I now understand this was not at all truthful. In fact, I already knew from personal experience that Eric is not only extremely gifted, but also open-hearted, unusually generous, and genuinely invested in the well being of those around him."

She described the atmosphere inside the meetings.

“The purpose of the Me Too movement is to fight sexual harassment, assault and abuse, and I personally heard no such accusations against Eric. Most of the claims I heard were hearsay, and all of them were vague. Any claim that was made required no proof or backup. Anyone could have claimed anything."

She admitted that there was no attempt to seek me out for discussion. “To my knowledge, the group made no attempt to contact Eric, so he had no ability to respond to the discussion, answer questions, or defend himself," she wrote.

Read the whole statement here.

There exists a comprehensive resource area on the Planet Waves website, which includes my coverage, primary source documents, legal pleadings (including the draft of my civil complaint) and about 15 letters of reference from my clients and colleagues.

— By Eric F. Coppolino

PS — Here is an interesting video on cancel culture sent to me by Andrew McLuhan. This presentation breaks down the issues clearly.


Onward into 2020

By Amanda Painter

I don’t know about you, but I’ve found this to be an especially contemplative transition to a new year. I guess that’s true each time we end a decade, as we assess just how much has changed in those ten years. Yet, in moving from 2019 to 2020, I’m aware of just how much extra gravitas, pressure, awareness and restlessness I’m feeling, and its correlation to the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn.

Planet Waves

Photo by Amanda Painter.

Ten or so years ago, roughly corresponding to Pluto’s ingress into Capricorn, marked some highly pivotal events in my life.

Tracing the growth I’ve experienced in this last decade — and contrasting it to the general trajectory of the previous ten years — is offering confirmation that the processes of Pluto, daunting as they are, do offer gifts.

Even so, the lessons of Pluto and Saturn tend to be hard-won.

While the lessons of Jupiter (and even Uranus) can seem to fling the doors of one’s life wide open — simply leaving it up to us to stride through (not always easy, depending on one’s circumstances and baggage) — Saturn and Pluto demand more. They ask us to work for what we want. They insist that we make the difficult choice to undo so much that has always appeared solid, or a given, so that we can build anew in ways that afford us more space for who we’re becoming.

If you’ve taken the time to trace your path through the last decade, you might have noticed similar things. I’d be curious to hear how that arc looks for you, and what you can feel yourself closing in on in terms of your next steps.

To have a pair of eclipses so closely accompany this astrological meeting of two thematic heavyweights is heightening the effect — and today we reach the midpoint between the Dec. 26 annular solar eclipse (the Cap New Moon) and the Jan. 10 partial lunar eclipse and Cancer Full Moon.

At 11:45 pm EST tonight (4:45:7 UTC Friday) the first quarter Moon is exact. This is the Aries Moon squaring the Capricorn Sun.

Continue reading…

Planet Waves
Yo-Yo Ma playing cello against a city skyline, surrounded by animated vibration; video still.

Creative Expression is Connection

By Amanda Painter

No matter how many people are eager to be rid of the chaos and challenges of 2019, the truth is that our lives do not begin with a blank slate when the calendar page turns to a new year. Yet that need not feel like weight dragging us backward.

Rather, you can use your awareness of all that has been troubling, painful, divisive and frightening to stoke your commitment to actively creating more harmony, understanding, healing, support, community, connection, presence and joy in the world.

Earlier this year, renowned cellist Yo-Yo Ma released a video that opens with the following message: “Culture — the way we express ourselves and understand each other — can bind us together as one world.”

Ma’s vision is a far cry from the tribalism that can often pass for culture and fuel conflict. But its essence of open sharing and receiving is one we could use more of.

The video proceeds to interweave shots of him playing atop a city building with shots of people around the world expressing their creativity, passion and playfulness — all to the tune of Bach’s Cello Suite No. 1. According to Elizabeth Davis writing on classicfm.com, the video was put together from clips that were sent to Yo-Yo Ma’s team in response to the question “Show the world how you express yourself and what brings your community together.”

Even if you cannot see literal lines of musical vibration connecting your inner song to that of everyone else on the planet, you may be able to feel it if you tune in carefully.

Happy New Year, on behalf of everyone at Planet Waves. May we all serve the highest good for all concerned in all our connections with others, large and small, long beyond 2020.

The River of Night by Via Keller.

Planet Waves FM

On the Edge of Everything

Dear Friend and Listener:

I’ve got a program for you tonight [play episode here] — featuring Ram Dass and the Grateful Dead and some astrology. It’s a long show because I’ve included a 90-minute talk by Ram Dass, at the end, and a good bit of music. So this is one of those shows you can hang out with.

Planet Waves

Another iMac Selfie

I reference an article called The River of Night, written 20 years ago this week or so.

I keep getting emails from Amy Goodman today — she’s sent me about three of them, raising money for Democracy Now!

I’m going to take her example and invite you to make a contribution, small or large, to Planet Waves FM.

The program has a low budget; we do well with it, though we could do a lot more with a little more.

Those who want to become a major donor for part of the program — such as Tantra Studio or an environmental section, or sponsor my media literacy program — please contact me. Email is good, such as to efc@ericfrancis.com, copied to studio@planetwaves.fm.

Thank you for being part of our reality, for hanging out and sharing ideas. Onward into this third decade of the 21st century.

With love,
PS — If you want to contribute by phone, or discuss serving the program as a philanthropist, you may reach me by phone at (845) 481-5616.

Planet Waves
By Jen Sorensen.

Respect 2020-2021 Readings Are Now Published

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With best wishes,
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Monthly Horoscopes and Publishing Schedule Notes

Your extended monthly horoscope for January is published below in this issue. We published your extended monthly horoscope for December on Wednesday, Nov. 27. Please note: we normally publish the extended monthly horoscope after the Sun has entered a new sign.

Note: In honor of the momentous astrology we’re experiencing currently, we are re-publishing your January monthly horoscope in this issue. Eric will have a fresh Monday Morning weekly horoscope for you this Sunday night.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for January 2020 (#1271) | By Eric Francis

Aries (March 20-April 19) — It may seem your whole life is focused on your career and matters involving your family, which are related. This could be taking considerable time, effort and emotional energy at the moment. To suss out the relationship between family and profession, notice who at work is acting like whom in your family of origin. Notice the way the dramas unfold. Most of all, notice how you respond: do you feel weak and powerless? Do you feel like you have a voice? Can you stand in your strength? Do you have some influence over the flow of events? Use what you know, and remember your power of choice at all times. Whatever might seem to be going on now, your life is heading well beyond these situations that are consuming your time and energy. You are making your way to a whole new reality field, where you will find yourself on much more level ground. Your concept of power will evolve this year from a top-down model to a lateral model. You will still be able to use what you learned from negotiating your freedom and your destiny, though the rules will all be different. Bring your attention to the far wider social environment that surrounds you, and where you have much more influence. Notice the people around you. Treat everyone respectfully, as your equal, and establish yourself in your community as a person dedicated to service. This is leadership; it will take practice, and it will be worth it.

RESPECT is now available for instant access. This far-sighted yet immediate 2020-2021 annual edition tracks the story of the astrology as we cross the bridge into our new era — which is beginning now. You may order the full reading or select individual signs.

Taurus (April 19-May 20) — You cannot control how others see you. You cannot control what they think about you. You can only choose who you are, and how you express yourself. Integrity means staying close to your center and not being distracted by perceptions, opinions or the judgments of others. This includes the residue you may be carrying from how others have perceived you in the past, or the ways they’ve conditioned you to think about yourself. To sort this out takes more maturity and strength of character than would seem to be available now. And it’s certainly not in vogue to stand on your own and not be swayed from your inner truth. However, over the next four weeks, your commitment to yourself may be tested. Others may claim authority they do not have. People around you are likely to be driven by ideology that they consider the Holy Grail. I would suggest being wary of any ideology, and assessing the known facts, using your own power of reasoning. You are in a position of guiding others, and that places additional responsibility upon you to not believe what is not true. This means avoiding belief in any form. And it means avoiding what is known as “conviction” — absolute certainty about anything. These things are a kind of philosophical comfort food for many, and they tend to cloud or even paralyze the mind. Thankfully, your situation is much better than that of many people around you. You don’t need palliatives. You need to honor your truth, which means gradually finding out what it is.

RESPECT, our new annual edition, takes you deep into the astrology of 202-2012. Old challenges are about to give way to new opportunities, and this reading will help you meet them. Order now for instant access, or choose your individual signs.

Gemini (May 20-June 21) — You have been in so many situations where you’ve experienced your power being taken away, or giving it away, that you may have forgotten anything else is possible. This has gone on for years, and you are now at the crux point. You cannot go on in the same style you’ve considered acceptable for so long. The question is: why would you? Why have you? It’s time for a careful, thoughtful and honest look at the role of guilt in your life. Guilt is the toxin of social control, installed into us as a self-governing device for the convenience of those would dominate us. It is usually taken for granted. It is often used as a cudgel or a way of getting control of a person (when all else fails, there’s always a guilt trip). I would propose you want none of this: not the power you might gain, or that which you might lose. There are more and less responsible ways to attain this. We know that one problem sociopaths have is they lack guilt and remorse, and then give themselves permission to do anything. That is not what I’m referring to. The path out of this particular thicket calls for the highest degree of ethics, radical honesty, compassion for yourself, and learning how to clear your conscience. Over the next four weeks, you will have several once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to free yourself from a certain kind of oppression that is just pointless. So to my list of personal ingredients we can add courage. That is the most important one of all.

This year’s astrology calls for respect: for where you are in your life, and for the uncertainties that we now face. With RESPECT, our new annual edition, you can orient yourself and embrace it all. Get instant access to the full reading, or order individual signs.

Cancer (June 21-July 22) — You have gone through so many changes in recent years, you’ve lost track of them. This goes back about 10 years. Something has been riveting your attention, whether you liked it or not: some compelling force of nature, or of your soul. And it’s pushed, pulled, stretched and dragged you many different places through many circumstances. You are now coming to closure on all that has happened in these years. The next month brings a true-to-life turning point, which I would describe as gaining the ability to meet the world on your own terms. However, you must bring focus, devotion and impeccability to the equation. What you’re experiencing is less like flying a kite and more like flying a jet plane. The stakes are higher; it’s more dangerous; a lot more can go wrong — and you can finally get where you want to go. The thing is, nobody is going to lure or lead you. You are now handling the controls; you are making the decisions. This is true even if that involves deciding what to do when you encounter circumstances seemingly outside of your control, or people who might seem to be more powerful than you. Challenge that illusion with your presence and your intelligence. Step into the position of being steadfast and self-directed. If you need information, ask for it — whether you’re asking of spirit or of a trusted source. Then listen; assess all incoming information carefully, and make your decisions consciously. This is the whole point. Don’t let anyone decide for you. Those days are over.

RESPECT is now available for instant access. This far-sighted yet immediate 2020-2021 annual edition tracks the story of the astrology as we cross the bridge into our new era — which is beginning now. You may order the full reading or select individual signs.

Leo (July 22-Aug. 23) — It is now time to master the art and the craft of self-care. This goes beyond the mani/pedi and the spa treatment. It is an approach to existence where you place your life at the center of your world, and work your way outward. Though this will involve making many small changes, there is something structural about your life that you need to alter. You might think of this as the shape of your existence. There’s also something about “letting food be thy medicine.” You must eat what is right for you, and be in a continuous process of making adjustments. I know how challenging this can be, particularly in the midst of time crunches, and the constant temptation of prepared foods that are simply not wholesome. This message is coming through with such potency that you may be able to organize your whole existence around your food supply. Society is due for a reckoning here, but I’m not holding my breath. For you, step one is: if it aggravates, remove it. There are artificial toxins (glyphosate) and there are seemingly natural ones (soy, gluten, etc.). As a celiac person, I assure you that this can become a full-time vocation. You have to scrutinize every bite of food you eat. It’s one heck of a mindfulness exercise. Step two is: knowing what foods you need, and making sure you get them. This is more controversial, though you might start by remembering what your grandparents ate. Generally, nutrients come from food, not supplements. You may need guidance; three trusted human sources would be ideal, i.e., not the internet.

RESPECT, our new annual edition, takes you deep into the astrology of 202-2012. Old challenges are about to give way to new opportunities, and this reading will help you meet them. Order now for instant access, or choose your individual signs.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sep. 22) — Much of the agony of Western civilization involves suppressing sexual feelings. This is flogged into us from a young age, and then treated with suspicion and derision throughout the life of anyone who does not take a personal stand. You will talk to many people who think this is a good thing. Well, it is, if your life goal is to stand at attention and recite the Pledge of Allegiance perfectly. If you want access to your curiosity and your passion; if you want to experience your senses; if you want to deepen your capacity to love and feel and share; well, then, the aperture you want to open is your erotic connection. This will be disruptive to all that is stuck and boring in your life. You may push people around you to wake up, whether they want to or not. You may need to make some new friends, who support your holistic approach to creativity and who may want to participate. Most of all, you will have to confront the feelings of guilt that have stalked you for much of your life, and which can act up whenever you strive to feel good. This is really the thing you want to resolve above all else, but such never comes in the form of deconstructing the negative. Yes, you do some of that, and learn about the subject. What really does the work is your vital force pushing through the barriers. This is most organically accessed through tapping your sexual feelings, which will in turn ignite your senses and your curiosity. Hang loose, relax and, above all, do not judge.

This year’s astrology calls for respect: for where you are in your life, and for the uncertainties that we now face. With RESPECT, our new annual edition, you can orient yourself and embrace it all. Get instant access to the full reading, or order individual signs.

Libra (Sep. 22-Oct. 23) — The whole world is on shaky ground at the moment. Due to the orientation of your chart, you feel this palpably, and you understand something about your environment. So for you, there is no denying the obvious — only dealing with it. That said, it would help if you tuned into how other people are experiencing this groundlessness. This is what’s behind the feeling of panic that is taking over the world. It’s also what’s underneath this strange idea that ‘there is no truth’ and/or ‘the truth does not matter’. It’s leading people to opt for what seem like easy and expedient solutions to problems that are either misdiagnosed or that do not exist. All of these situations grow out of two things: one is collective early conditions in the family; the other is the ground of reality shifting to the internet. You are in a position to benefit the most from these changes, and you’re also vulnerable to some of their worst effects. You must know the ground that you stand upon. It is not physical ground but spiritual. You have a life apart from all of the chaos in the world, and apart from the physical conditions of your life. The many tests you’ve been through (going back about 10 years) are about to culminate in your discovery of who you actually are, and what your most vital contribution is. This includes understanding that it’s not your job to facilitate the frantic insecurity of those around you. You have a much more important and positive role right now.

RESPECT is now available for instant access. This far-sighted yet immediate 2020-2021 annual edition tracks the story of the astrology as we cross the bridge into our new era — which is beginning now. You may order the full reading or select individual signs.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22) — We live in a time when the truth has never been easier to find, and when fewer people believe it exists. Then many people are absolutely certain they know what is true, without any basis at all for their beliefs. Yet ignorance (a concept based on the verb to ignore) is not bliss. The prevailing mental state is creating a truly dangerous situation for the world. You are in a process of maturing intellectually. Depending on who you are, this may feel painful and arduous, or it may feel liberating and beautiful. Here is a bit of ancient wisdom, to help you on your journey. You do not need to seek what is true. Rather, you must seek within yourself for what is false, and clear that out of the way. Then you will be much more inclined to see reality as it is. When you discover an untruth within yourself, move it out of the way and ask to be shown what is true. It’s best not to obsess over this exchange, but rather to take it in stride. Remember, though, that untruths exist for a reason. They might be justification for something; they might seem to block something painful from your awareness; you might believe something out of a sense of loyalty to someone, particularly your family. You might latch onto something because it’s trendy and socially acceptable. It will help to know your motive, and pay special attention when it shows up. Be aware of when you’re kidding yourself. You need conscious boundaries and limits where your mental faculties are concerned.

RESPECT, our new annual edition, takes you deep into the astrology of 202-2012. Old challenges are about to give way to new opportunities, and this reading will help you meet them. Order now for instant access, or choose your individual signs.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 22) — You know you must live your life your way, though too often there are questions of circumstance that seem to prevent you from doing so. Frequently that involves the role of others who have a smaller vision for their existence than you do for yours. And, too frequently, their lives can complicate or be destructive to yours. Let’s take this in two parts. First, you have your motives, needs and values, which cannot be changed or modified by anyone else. Nor is it anyone’s responsibility to help you make those real or live them out. Then there is the influence of others, which tends to enter when you feel like you need someone to help complete you in some way. Yet it is that perception which distracts you and allows for the infiltration of influences and values counter to your own. It has a way of drawing you out of your center and, at times, depleting your resources. Which brings me to the point of money: you must become your own master, where your finances are concerned. This is the single most important issue of 2020, and it’s an issue that has been brewing for a while. It’s no great mystery how money works, on the basis of cash-in, cash-out. Where most people get into problems surrounds the issue of maturity. You need structure, and you need leadership, and those are going to come from you. It takes a certain amount of money to maintain your life; there is a way to bring that in, or lower your costs: it must be one or the other.

This year’s astrology calls for respect: for where you are in your life, and for the uncertainties that we now face. With RESPECT, our new annual edition, you can orient yourself and embrace it all. Get instant access to the full reading, or order individual signs.


Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 20) — The time has arrived for the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in your birth sign. Whatever is going on now is what this is about. Whatever you feel stands between you and the future is what this is about. In the days remaining between now and this once-per-lifetime event, you must ask yourself what you want to carry into the future and what you want to leave behind. Consider this as if it’s an actual question, with a time cutoff. Make a list of the most important factors in your life and choose what you want and what you don’t want, based on what helps you and what harms you. These can include everything from personal tendencies to relationships to roles that you play in life. Imagine you’re boarding a time ship to the future, but you have more stuff than you can take with you. So you have to determine what you want, and what you need, working within a limit. Since we are talking mostly about spiritual matters, you will need to set the boundary. Please do so carefully. You want as few useless or outmoded ties to the past as you can arrange. That means fewer attachments and obligations. Free up as much of your personal bandwidth as you can claim back. The future is upon you, and it will soon be arriving with more emphasis and intensity than it ever has.

RESPECT is now available for instant access. This far-sighted yet immediate 2020-2021 annual edition tracks the story of the astrology as we cross the bridge into our new era — which is beginning now. You may order the full reading or select individual signs.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) — You may be feeling some inner pressure that you cannot name. You may have the idea that something big has to change, but you’re not sure what. It would be better if you didn’t leap to any conclusions, or make any excuses. Rather, keep your attention focused inwardly and listen. You may not recognize it, though you’re in one of the most formative times of your life. Deep changes are taking place within you, many of which have been brewing for long years or decades. You are impressionable, and I would suggest you orient on people who set an example you want to follow. This involves two things, mainly. One is ethics. Much of civilization is currently being driven by the urge to attain raw power, and you’re not exempt from getting caught up in this trend. The other is the extent to which the tendencies and values of your family are still driving you. You’re likely experiencing this as being moved by “unconscious” feelings and motives. If that is true, it’s time to bring what is in the shadows into the full light of day. Evaluate what you’re feeling based on what you do, how you respond to people, and the responses you get from them. You are approaching the moment when there is no room for needless controversy, turmoil or upset in your life. You have neither time nor energy to waste. And you cannot have loyalties you don’t understand lurking around beneath the surface of your mind. Said another way, you must be totally real with yourself and take responsibility for all that you do.

RESPECT, our new annual edition, takes you deep into the astrology of 202-2012. Old challenges are about to give way to new opportunities, and this reading will help you meet them. Order now for instant access, or choose your individual signs.

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) — By now you have a sense of the territory you’re in. You know your surroundings, you can see the forces moving in the world around you, and you have a pretty good idea what you want. You know who you can trust. The time has arrived to go forward in one direction. Prioritize and focus on what stands out as the most important to you. This is likely to be more than one goal or project, though keep a tight grouping on what you commit to. It’s essential that you not over-extend yourself or your resources. Be realistic about time, and over-estimate how long things will take and how much they will cost. Keep up with your most important business and keep your plans close to you; do not talk about your business plans in public or on the internet. It’s also critical that you work with a communication strategy that includes the details of who you are in contact with and when, and how you approach any given transaction. For example, it matters whether something is discussed in person, on the phone, on paper, via email, or some other tool. Think this through carefully on a case-by-case basis: one size does not fit all. You are in a position to experience a series of professional breakthroughs, possibly leading to a major turning point in your life — though you must not take anything or anyone for granted. Keep up with all your important tasks. Be vigilant about staying ahead of schedule. Challenge any and all assumptions, and fact-check everything three times.

This year’s astrology calls for respect: for where you are in your life, and for the uncertainties that we now face. With RESPECT, our new annual edition, you can orient yourself and embrace it all. Get instant access to the full reading, or order individual signs.

6 thoughts on “Eyes On, Mind On: Saturn Conjunct Pluto

  1. Daniel

    I’m sorry to hear about this happening to you Eric. I’m glad the truth came out and I hope you were able to move on from it.

    In a separate personal prediction, I think this whole impeachment thing is a sham. As an outsider, it appears to be a valid part of the political process of accountability. However, I predict that all charges will be totally waived and that there will be even greater support of Trump as he tries to manipulate and market his image as one who has been wronged and victimized, feeding off our emotions and sympathies. I foresee a growing problem with Iran and wouldn’t be surprised if he is re-elected and gets the standard “war time president” second term agenda that seems to be the norm. It’s political theatre and a distraction from what is happening behind Trump, just like with so many before him. Trump is just too convenient a buffoon to not be incredibly valuable in distracting the public from what is really taking place.

    I don’t like to sound negative, it’s just that it feels all too familiar.

  2. Sue Edwards

    Dear Eric,

    Thank You. Reading your articles reminds me of listening to a baseball game on the radio. It’s a complete and accurate play by play with anticipation and excitement building. Woohoo, we’re in for a ride now.

    I’ve been focusing on watching and observing, delegating myself to the audience. It’s a Play of Consciousness and all the World’s our stage. I can heckle and cheer better from one of the seats up front.

    Darkness was created for a reason and that is to hide what we do not want to see. Like me, not turning on the light in my kitchen when I don’t want to see all the dirty dishes in need of cleaning. Or hiding the dirty litter box in a closet – the stink still permeates. There’s nothing we’re seeing now that hasn’t been there all along. It’s simply the (quantum) Light has been increased. So now we can see what’s been hidden. Our collective illusions are collapsing.

    We’re being “herded”. Taurus in Uranus. Our Values are shifting. The more we resist, the more we will be rattled until will do. Led by the nose or a jolt from a cattle prod.

    I’m old enough to remember a time when we as a country (the U.S.) weren’t all that interested in the Middle East. I remember the song “Ahab the Arab”, which would catch a lot of flack now. Seems to me that as a country we only became interested and “protecting our interests”, when we had to start paying for the oil we were pumping out of other countries. You say “food” and I think “fuel”.

    So our interest in the region is money. Plain and simple. No money, no interest. So why don’t we just leave the area alone? Respect the Sovereignty and Liberty of other nations and cultures? I’m sure that’s what some of the countries in the area would like. Besides, money is not a substitute for Worth. It is just an appearance of it. An appearance, an illusion of no substance.

    Which has been making itself painfully obvious in the lack of substance of character being displayed.

    If the price of oil goes up enough, it will make freeing us from fossil fuels appear that much more profitable. Freeing us from the use of fossil fuels being one of the shifts in our thinking. From self destructive to self self sustaining. Led by the nose or prodded?

    A much stickier problem is Israel. I remember when the area was called “Palestine”. I remember the agreement of British withdrawal was conditioned by it being jointly and equitably governed. Never happened. What did happen was a propaganda scheme to sway support, including casting Paul Newman, blond haired and blued eyed, to play a leading role in the movie Exodus.

    When I think of food, I also think of beliefs. Some support Life. Some don’t . If everywhere I moved, I had trouble getting along with my neighbors, I’d bet the problem wasn’t my neighbors.

    How about dropping the belief in A “chosen”? It implies a “Them who are not”. This is a bias, a prejudice and an idea of supremacy based upon religion. We don’t like it when we reap prejudice, so why don’t we quit sowing it?

    We are all Chosen. We are all supported by the Universe. Like any other tool, we have different purposes.

    In A Course in Miracles it writes of 2 pictures. One is a picture of nothing, framed by an elaborate and gilded frame. The other is a small picture in a simple wooden frame that is exquisite.

    Humanity is shifting from one picture to the other. And those of us attached to the old, are resisting.

    1. Amanda Painter

      Sue Edwards — good to hear from you again here! Funny, I just emailed you the other day to check in, since I had not seen a comment from you in a very long time. I hope your 2020 is off to a good start, despite all the chaos in the world, and the widespread “confusion” you describe here in your observations.

      We are, indeed, being “herded” by the universe, by Gaia herself. Maybe we need some sheepdogs in the mix to nip at our heels, too?

  3. Sue Edwards

    Hi Amanda!

    I’ll have to check my email because I didn’t notice your e. I’ve been reading, just not commenting. I simply haven’t been experiencing things the way that is often described. It’s as if I’ve already been though the Hell that others are just now going through.

    My 2020 began with me swimming a mile. My goal is to swim a mile 2-3 times a week. This is what the Saturn – Pluto conjunction means to me. The blood supply below my waist dropped to 30% and then it got fixed. Transformation, regeneration and rising from the ashes – typical Pluto energy.

    Right now I’m baby sitting my ex’s dog and cat and my daughter’s dog as they travel to visit another daughter in San Diego. This means my household is a zoo but it’s only temporary. By the eclipse and the conjunction, things we begin settling into normal again, after all the hullabaloo of the holidays. My goal will take work and discipline and I’m worth every single bit of it.

    We’ve been living in Darkness and dysfunction since the 40’s. This means quite a few generations have known only Darkness. Things are beginning to Light-en up – that’s good news.
    Humanity has been finishing its work in Darkness.

    It’s exposing a LOT of dirt and with that exposure comes the possibility of FINALLY cleaning it up. Inventions and discoveries are in the field. They’re coming. The dust will clear. It always does. Batteries and internal combustion engines are going the way of film in cameras. Oil will become really cheap because no one will want it.

    It’s going to get worse before it gets better, though. Our government is and has been in trouble. This is simply the result of Living in Darkness and being dysfunctional. Dysfunctional people create dysfunctional institutions and systems. Corruption everywhere, nothing getting done and people falling down are signs of the times.

    Our illusions have been and are, collapsing. This is a wonderful thing! We’ve been living in Darkness since the 40’s and things are beginning to Light-en up. It’s sad we have to expose the dirt before we clean it up but that’s the way it goes when our Society’s have been spiritually bankrupt.

    We WILL clean everything up, though and usher in a new age of Humanity.

    1. Amanda Painter

      Good to know you’ve been here, Sue, even if you were not piping up.

      “I simply haven’t been experiencing things the way that is often described. It’s as if I’ve already been though the Hell that others are just now going through.”

      Well, in the future, if you feel like sharing in what ways you’ve been experiencing things differently, I’d be curious to hear it. Maybe more people are sharing your experience but also not mentioning it? Either way, I think it’s always good for those of us writing for PW to have a sense of the spectrum of ways people are moving through all of this astrology, and its attendant world (and personal) events.

      If you have already been through the hell others are now going through, I take that as an encouraging sign that there is an “other side” that can be emerged into. 🙂 Though I think I already had faith in that — even if that faith got pretty cloudy (or even briefly went missing) many years ago.

      Congrats on meeting your goal to swim a mile, and to keep it up! For sure, you are worth it.

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