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More Kicks than Pricks?* The Aries Full Moon

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Sunday night’s Aries Full Moon, which will be exact at 5:08 pm EDT (21:07:45 UTC), brings the Saturn-Pluto conjunction to the forefront. Full Moons are one of the most palpable astrological events we experience — both internally, and through witnessing others’ behavior. This one is like running the essence of Saturn-Pluto in through an IV […]

The Aries Full Moon and Friends

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Photo by Amanda Painter

How’s your sleep this week? And your relationship to authority figures — the ‘real’ ones and the internalized ones? Where are your thoughts going, and how do you feel about it? Amanda Painter considers the Full Moon that’s brewing amidst Mercury entering its pre-retrograde ‘echo’ phase, and Venus opposite Uranus.

Action and Resolution at the Quarter Moon

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What's in there? Mercury in Scorpio wants to find out. Photo by Amanda Painter.

Full Moons and New Moons tend to carry more weight in astrology writing. Yet as Amanda Painter notes, this weekend’s first quarter Moon connects with one of the more important aspects we’re building up to, as does Pluto stationing direct in Capricorn this week. Mercury and Mars both changing signs rounds things out.

Get Ready for Get Real

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Tomorrow — Monday, Sept. 23 — the Sun enters Libra, heralding the equinox. It’s the beginning of a new season (autumn in the Northern Hemisphere, spring in the Southern Hemisphere), and therefore a natural check-in point.