A Story of Mercury and the Milky Way


NGC100, a barred spiral galaxy with some similar properties to the Milky Way, our home galaxy. The Milky Way has many more spirals, however, and probably looks something like this.

Dear Friend and Reader:

If you’ve been following the news, you’ve probably noticed things getting exponentially more insane by the day. Everything seems to be out of control. And if you follow astrology, you may be wondering what the holy heck is going on. I’m here with some information for you.

We’re about to experience what may be the most interesting Mercury retrograde I’ve ever seen. I’ve seen a few, and studied them all. There’s always some interesting twist, though the one that spans from Sunday, Dec. 3 through Friday, Dec. 22 has many unusual properties. This retrograde process has the distinction of being the fanfare connected to Saturn’s ingress into Capricorn, a sign that it rules.

Screen Shot 2017-11-30

Mercury has a huge core of iron, which makes it a magnet. Photo by NASA. More interesting info here.

For starters, Mercury retrograde happens three times a year. Astronomically, it’s when Mercury passes between the Earth and the Sun. So during a retrograde, Mercury is nearby; it’s a planet-sized hunk of iron. Based on one theory of astrology, it’s also getting its particular properties picked up by the solar wind, which are cascaded all over the Earth and our bodies.

Not all astrology is based in astronomy, though a giant magnet blowing by is a good candidate. I maintain, however, that most of the effect of retrograde Mercury is on our minds, which are electrical and magnetic devices. This explains how one’s disk drive might fail, and one might lose a check between the pages of a magazine that arrived in the same day’s mail.

Hence, one might deduce a mental effect, which would be right in line with Mercury (which represents the mind before anything else).

Here’s a Planet Waves classic on Mercury retrograde, for all the generalities, some details and some recommendations. Share away!

Saturn, Pholus and the Galactic Core

As you may know, Saturn is near the end of its run through Sagittarius. It’s now conjunct the Galactic Core, which factors prominently in the story of this Mercury retrograde. Saturn in Sagittarius began in late 2014, and ends on Dec. 19, two days before the solstice. I consider Saturn, with a 29-year orbit, to be a slow-mover. Saturn transits affect everyone in some significant way. I described some of what Saturn in Capricorn might be about in the current monthly edition, and Saturn conjunct the Galactic Core in the prior monthly edition. These links are worth checking out if only for the excellent artwork.

As mentioned, Saturn is slowly creeping past the Galactic Core, which is the center of our spiral island in space. This is the culmination event of Saturn in Sagittarius. To me this is about beaming in, making real and making solid the ineffable spiritual themes emanating from the heart of the Milky Way. The astrological effect is probably symbolic, though you may find it entertaining to know that the existence of the Galactic Core was discovered by a Bell Telephone engineer named Karl G. Jansky. The link takes you to some excellent Planet Waves coverage from 2007, when Pluto was conjunct the Core.

Planet Waves
Dr. Karl Jansky, an engineer for Bell Telephone, discovered the Galactic Core as a radio source in 1932. He did so using a radio telescope located in Holmdell, New Jersey; this is a replica placed at the location. Photo is from Wikipedia.

The Milky Way tends to represent things that are so high you can’t get over them, and so wide you can’t get around them: that is, people and events whose influence is profound, pervasive and often part of the invisible environment.

One of the most notable charts with the Milky Way prominent is the chart for the first flight of an airplane, which has the Sun and Uranus aligned with the Galactic Core.

It also happens that there are other planets conjunct the Galactic Core, which include the second centaur planet Pholus. Unlike Chiron, which tends to act slowly though with unusual intensity, Pholus serves as an accelerant. It represents two things, mainly: the release of something under pressure, which cannot be re-contained; and a kind of catalytic action that Munich-based astrologer Robert von Heeren has described astutely as the “small cause with a big effect.”

Saturn tends to structure and contain things. Pholus tends to precipitate uncontrolled release, like a runaway reaction. Putting Saturn and Pholus together is therefore a setup for such a release from that containment.

We are indeed seeing many factors in society run wild, from the sex crimewave of multimillionaires, to the Republican trend of nonstop horrid policies (they’re about to run up a new $1,500,000,000,000.00 [$1.5 trillion] in debt and give most of the money to the super rich, to Donald Trump projectile vomiting pure insanity.)

Whatever seems to go on and on and on often has Pholus somewhere prominent in the chart. (One of my best pieces about this involves Rupert Murdoch, called The World in a Grain of Pholus.)

Astrologers young and old, astrology students, teachers and fans, take note: Pholus is a basic and elemental energy of our time in history. It’s every bit as basic as Saturn. And note as well: much of that from which we’re seeing an uncontrolled release specifically involves Saturn-based structures (corporations and governments).

Planet Waves
Here’s a look at a commercial chart’s rendering of the moment Mercury stations retrograde. From left to right are Venus, the Sun, Saturn, Pholus, Mercury, the mean apogee, Pluto and Juno. The Galactic Center is currently at about 27 degrees and five arc minutes of Sagittarius, close to Saturn and Pholus. See next chart for what’s going on behind the scenes.

So, the basic structure of this event involves Saturn and Pholus aligned with the Galactic Core. Think of the main energy source being the Core, Saturn acting as a condenser, and Pholus pushing it out of any containment. Though the news seems to be mostly negative, you might imagine a spiritual gusher right behind it. As we used to say in Miracle Manor, “Love brings up everything unlike itself.”

Now Add Mercury to the Mix

All week long, Mercury has been creeping past the Saturn-Pholus-Galactic Core conjunction. On Sunday, Mercury will station retrograde in the very last degree of Sagittarius. It will then retrograde back over Saturn, Pholus and the Core, and proceed retrograde to mid-Sagittarius and station direct. Notably, for the station direct on Dec. 22, Mercury will be conjunct another deep-space point, called the Great Attractor (a kind of supercluster of 100,000 galaxies; yes, that is crazy, but it’s true).

Mercury is about mind, communications, communication devices, commerce and ideas. It’s a local point — it’s right nearby, both in physical proximity and in consciousness. Mercury will be concentrating and retweeting the effect of this conjunction, though it will also serve as a precipitating factor. That’s to say, Mercury conjunct these powerful points is stirring things up. And it’s converting them into what you might think of as communication brainwaves.

It would seem, therefore, that the feeling of a pressurized reaction going out of control will persist for a while. The Mercury retrograde/Sagittarius/Pholus connection is a caution about social media and the internet in general. The whole thing has the feeling of (whatever it may be) “going viral.”

Planet Waves
Here’s a complete listing of what’s in the vicinity of the Galactic Core on Sunday when Mercury stations retrograde. Apart from the points I’ve mentioned, here’s a little tour: Ixion, a slow-mover, and Bacchus in a conjunction is like being drunk on evil. Ophelia adds the theme of overreaction. Urania, which is about science, conjunct the Galactic Center, is a reminder to focus on what can be documented. The last point is Quaoar, in an exact conjunction with Mercury when it stations. Quaoar, a slow-mover, is about family patterns, creation mythology and the origin of the tribe. Notice how many points do not make it into a commercially prepared chart. This table is from the original and beautiful Please support them.

Then, on Dec. 19, Saturn will enter Capricorn and cool things off a little. Next the Sun will enter Capricorn and cool things off a little more, and then Mercury will station direct a day later and we will learn something entirely new.

Keep Your Cool, and Remember…

This whole arrangement is a setup for losing your cool. You will need to be patient about delays, frustrations and those moments when you cannot seem to keep a grip. You will need to watch your stress level.

Focus on what matters the most. Keep your priorities in order. And we need to dial back the rage, vitriol and blame that’s become part of the political and social landscape, because we cannot afford any collateral damage in the name of social justice. This is not about destroying the village so we can save it, though you don’t need to look too far to see that happening.

Remember: in the true spirit of Mercury retrograde, it may not be broke — so you may not need to fix it.

We’ll have more coverage for you in Sunday night’s subscriber edition, and on Planet Waves FM.

Oh, while I’m here — one more thing, and this does deserve more bandwidth on Planet Waves and I’ll take it up Tuesday on Planet Waves FM; however, here is a preview.

Donald Trump’s ascendant is in the last degree of Leo. Mercury stations retrograde in the last degree of Sagittarius, also a fire sign — the retrograde trines his ascendant, which is like opening a tap.

Robert Mueller III is closing in on the Drumpf. That’s part of the insanity we’re witnessing: Trump knows a lot of things that we don’t know. FBI agents assigned to the Special Counsel’s office have been interviewing his family members, former staff members, current staff members, and many other people — and sooner or later, probably sooner, something is gonna give.

When it does, it will feel like what we’re witnessing now, only greatly magnified, and probably scarier. A change of administrations during the midst of a term is a rare event and it’s always a little frightening, because suddenly it’s possible to feel how vulnerable society is.

While Saturn in Capricorn will cool things off, as many astrologers are saying, government will come into clear focus and we will witness a whole new kind of change.

With love,


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Understanding Key Life Transits of Saturn, Chiron and Uranus

Dear Friend and Reader:

The Art of Becoming is your 2018 annual reading. This is my 20th time at the rodeo! And that’s a good thing, because to write about the transits of the coming year will take experience. If you’re new to the discussion of this project, I’ve linked a letter in the last paragraph.

Planet Waves
Eric Francis.

I’ve added three new features to The Art of Becoming, for those who pre-order all 12 signs: videos that cover Chiron in Aries, and Aries Chiron returns; Uranus in Taurus, and Uranus oppositions; and Saturn in Capricorn, including those two Saturn return groups (first and second). These cover many age groups and sub-generations.

Particularly regarding Chiron, the astrological profession for a while was starting to figure out this planet, which was discovered 40 years ago this month. Now astrologers seem to be forgetting or losing interest. I have not.

I have been a student of Chiron every day since early 1995, and will share what I have learned both from study, and from reading the Chiron transits of countless hundreds of clients.

These videos are included if you pre-order all 12 signs. Then they will be spun off as separate products. They will not be included with post-publication orders, or single-sign orders. Each will be offered separately for $37.37.

I’ve wanted to do transit readings like this for years! One distinction about my astrological career is that rather than predicting transits, I’ve been listening to my clients tell me the stories of their transits for more than two decades.

The current pre-order price is $99, which includes written readings for all 12 signs, plus the Saturn, Chiron and Uranus video presentations. Those will be published before the written readings, by the way.

Delivery is expected in January. That’s the time estimate, based on 20 years’ experience doing this project. If you’re curious to read more about The Art of Becoming, here’s a detailed letter describing how I do the readings and what they contain.

And if you have not read your 2017 reading, you may do so here at no charge.

Sign up today. The next price increase will be soon!

Thank you for trusting me as your astrologer, and for participating in Planet Waves.

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Believe It or Not: Mercury Retrograde and the Gemini Full Moon

By Amanda Painter

Do you ever wonder how you’ve come to believe some of the things you believe? We’re bombarded these days with a non-stop stream of information, ideas and news stories (both real and ‘fake’), and we’re continually exposed to cultures, religions and philosophies that may be vastly different from our own. This can be stressful and overwhelming; it can be exciting and stoke curiosity; either way, you are constantly judging what you encounter according to your beliefs and biases.

Planet Waves
The 2015 Gemini Full Moon; photo by Amanda Painter.

The two major peaks of this week’s astrology both tap into these themes, and they both arrive on Sunday.

Mercury stations retrograde at 2:34 am EST (7:34 UTC). Then a little over eight hours later, we get the Gemini Full Moon at 10:47 am EST (15:47 UTC).

As with any Mercury retrograde, you’d be well advised to take care of some basic mental, electronic and financial housekeeping, starting now and running a little past the official retrograde phase, which lasts until Dec. 22. This includes backing up your computer; being extra careful, focused and patient while driving; and double-checking your wording and the recipient’s address with any and all digital communication.

The typical advice to reduce spending on major purchases (and to delay contracts) hits a snag during holiday shopping season. But you can still follow the basic principles by reading anything with fine print two or three times, paying extra attention to return policies and warranties (along with your intuition — heed those subtle inner tugs), and tracking your spending against your budget regularly.

Read more…

Planet Waves
Cate Blanchett in 12 of her 13 incarnations in Manifesto, her collaborative film project with Julian Rosefeldt. “Something that started as a love declaration to these writings has almost become a call for action,” Rosefeldt told The Guardian. “You feel like it’s time for action again.”

The Manifesto of Manifestos

By Amanda Painter

With this weekend’s Mercury station retrograde in Sagittarius and the Gemini Full Moon (opposite the Sagittarius Sun), we are fully in the realms of ideas and being able to articulate them, confrontation, multiple perspectives, and the single-pointed views of dogma. It’s an ideal environment in which to consider the form and intention of manifestos — especially as presented by actress Cate Blanchett and filmmaker Julian Rosefeldt in their cinematic collaboration Manifesto.

Planet Waves
One of the 50 manifestos used in “Manifesto.”

Using a script collaged from more than 50 artists’ manifestos from the past century, Blanchett inhabits 13 vastly different characters as she recites parts of them. Originally a gallery installation using multiple screens, Manifesto is now a feature film — though it may be “unclassifiable” as such.

Shot in just 11 days in Berlin, it showcases Blanchett in top form as a versatile character actress: one moment she’s a drunken Scottish homeless man; the next, an American news anchor. Yet this is no vanity piece: as Rosefeldt describes, the ideas in this film have been resonating in very alive ways in such places as Istanbul shortly after President Erdogan acquired sweeping new powers, and the “fake news”-saturated U.S. in this “post-Trump” era. Part of that is a result of cultural shifts toward populism and against co-called “elitism.”

“Every populist wants to cut down cultural budgets and educational budgets for a good reason: because they need stupid minds to be manipulated and to become sheep of consumerism,” says Rosefeldt in an interview in The Guardian.

Blanchett elaborates: “It’s that notion of ‘elitism’, provocative ideas being the domain of the educated, and keeping those ideas separate from the people who they’re trying to keep uneducated and disenfranchised. This is why artists’ voices are being taken away, and the social and political discourse we’re dealing with at the moment is so utterly simplistic.”

Much of the background astrology that Planet Waves has focused on for the past several years leading to our current moment has related to and been manifested in forms of revolution — something manifestos often call for. This same astrology has indicated both the conscious and unconscious forms of personal and cultural evolution that revolutions spur (the Uranus-Pluto square and the Uranus-Eris conjunction being the primary aspects involved).

We live in a world that is changing rapidly — both in terms of what is being torn down (a frequent theme of the manifestos used in the film) and what is taking up the new space and growing. We are being asked by these circumstances to invest in our personal healing and awareness and to actively engage in our communities in new ways, and with seemingly ever-higher stakes.

As Blanchett comments, “But you know, what I admire, whether or not there are certain things in the manifestos that I might find personally repugnant, there’s something brave and noble about having the courage to commit to something. I think the artist understands that you have to invest in something, absolutely.”

What are you invested in, absolutely?


Planet Waves

Bjork is an artist. She is art. She is Bjork. Promo photo from Utopia press kit.

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A Very Interesting Mercury Retrograde, Conjunct the Milky Way

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This week’s edition of Planet Waves FM [play edition here] covers the upcoming Mercury retrograde and Full Moon. This is a really, truly interesting Mercury retrograde, which involves Saturn, centaur Pholus and the Galactic Core. Mercury will station retrograde just before the Gemini Full Moon on Sunday, extending this rare quadruple conjunction.

In the second segment, I look deeper into the issue of the sex crimewave that’s being exposed, and counter some of the common theories about what is happening. To understand this we must go deeper than the superficial ideas we’re hearing in the news and on social media, and look into the background. That’s where the real clues are.

Thanks for tuning in. As always, it’s good to be with you.

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Monthly Horoscopes and Publishing Schedule Notes

We published your extended monthly horoscopes for December on Wednesday, Nov. 22. Your extended monthly horoscopes for
were published on Thursday, Oct. 26. Please note: we normally publish the extended monthly horoscope on the first Friday after the Sun has entered a new sign.

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Planet Waves Weekly Horoscope for Nov. 30, 2017, #1178 | by Amy Elliott


Aries (March 20-April 19) — If you find yourself locking horns or at an impasse with someone during the next few weeks, place negotiations on hold for the time being. You might discover that your perspective shifts quite naturally on a point where you thought yourself absolutely certain. Part of this seems to be about looking at the issue from a broader view, or considering how everyone can benefit. Be gentle with yourself, and allow your eyes to open gradually to the possibilities. You have room enough. — By Amy Elliott. For your Eric Francis horoscope this week, please see this link.

“One’s relationship to change is the underlying reality that determines how one handles transits. This relationship counts for a lot now, and you would be wise to bring it to full awareness. What you’re currently experiencing is the culmination of six years of nonstop and ever-increasing energy. All of that has been excellent preparation. Now, you’re experiencing the actual threshold, the invocation of your new life.”

— From your 2017 annual reading by Eric Francis, The Book of Your Life — which you can read here. Eric’s beginning work on the 2018 annual edition — you may pre-order that here.


Taurus (April 19-May 20) — Recent events have undoubtedly made you substantially wiser regarding your own psyche, and how you might view yourself, especially in relation to others. This Mercury retrograde season is perhaps an opportunity to review what you’ve learned, and to align yourself yet more closely with your personal truth. You may have to fend off the temptation of constant distraction, and the resulting diffusion of your efforts. Resolve instead to spend your time like the precious thing it is. — By Amy Elliott. For your Eric Francis horoscope this week, please see this link.

“You possess actual creativity, actual devotion and a strong tendency to be ethical. If you don’t let fear contaminate your mind, you will be able to connect these things in the form of your true vocation. If you are involved in what you consider to be your true vocation, you will have opportunities to go deeper and to bring in something that has the power to change you and change the world around you. That’s the mark of truth: it’s alive, it’s active, it’s provocative, and it compels you to establish an ongoing relationship with it.”

— From your 2017 annual reading by Eric Francis, The Book of Your Life — which you can read here. Eric’s beginning work on the 2018 annual edition — you may pre-order that here.


Gemini (May 20-June 21) — The next few weeks are likely to shine a light on where you are most inclined to seek your identity in partners of various kinds. You may also find that others are acting in ways that hold a mirror up to you. It might help you, therefore, to go a little easier on judging what you may perceive as insufferable failings of character. Examine yourself first, and consider why certain behavior is bugging you so much. It’s often useful to remember that, after all, everyone has their peccadilloes. — By Amy Elliott. For your Eric Francis horoscope this week, please see this link.

“The two most significant aspects of life — love, and work — are coming in at full strength at the moment. You’re in a moment unlike any other you’ve lived through, at least speaking from the viewpoint of your astrology. It’s all so much that you might not be so thrilled; you may not see the opportunities in the wild mash-up of factors that are influencing your life. To begin with, I am here to remind you that you’re larger than it all.”


— From your 2017 annual reading by Eric Francis, The Book of Your Life — which you can read here. Eric’s beginning work on the 2018 annual edition — you may pre-order that here.


Cancer (June 21-July 22) — As Mercury prepares to station retrograde on the brink of your main relationship house, watch any sense of impatience for things to move forward. You might think yourself ready to take a particular step, and that others simply need to catch up; in reality, you have some psychological preparation to do, and are likely to benefit immensely from this period of slowing down. People tend to forget the blessings they already have in seeking the next. Why not stay in the present for a while? — By Amy Elliott. For your Eric Francis horoscope this week, please see this link.

“You are the kind of person who must become your intentions and give everything all you’ve got. You feel better when you do this, even if you’re having to stretch a little. Being half-hearted does not suit you. You are a whole-hearted person, you want to feel that fully, and you want to be appreciated for what you do. This is the essence of self-esteem and it’s currently one of the most basic elements of your astrology.”

— From your 2017 annual reading by Eric Francis, The Book of Your Life — which you can read here. Eric’s beginning work on the 2018 annual edition — you may pre-order that here.


Leo (July 22-Aug. 23) — We all need to play from time to time. It’s important and nourishing to relax and let your hair down. Yet your chart is warning you to avoid taking unnecessary risks. This can seem exciting; and risk, to a degree, is part of living one’s life and growing as a person. There’s a difference, however, between that and recklessness. Part of Mercury retrograde is allowing ourselves to ease back and take stock. There’s plenty you can do in the next few weeks. A little forethought won’t hurt. — By Amy Elliott. For your Eric Francis horoscope this week, please see this link.

“The more you take a proactive and creative role, the less it will feel like changes are happening to you and the more it will feel like you are working with the incoming forces to create the change that you want. Therefore, pay close attention to just what that is: know what you want to change. I suggest you work with two lists: what you want to resolve or eliminate, and what you want to create. Both will happen as part of the same process.”

— From your 2017 annual reading by Eric Francis, The Book of Your Life — which you can read here. Eric’s beginning work on the 2018 annual edition — you may pre-order that here.


Virgo (Aug. 23-Sep. 22) — Current events may be reviving particular memories in ways that are not especially clear to you. You may find yourself thinking along certain lines or drawing conclusions that are puzzling, yet with analysis can be seen to have roots in the past. You might use the next few weeks to reflect on this, and draw out anything that’s hidden or obscure. Getting closure in these matters looks to be an important step; once you’ve taken the time you need on that, you can probably move on with far greater confidence. — By Amy Elliott. For your Eric Francis horoscope this week, please see this link.

“You could say that apart from all the psychological concepts attached to self-esteem, the experience you’re looking for is feeling good about who you are. This is a feeling, not a concept. Rather than strive for the feeling, the thing to do is give yourself the experiences that you want; the experiences that will enrich you and help you develop into your personhood. To feel good about yourself, it’s vital that you know how to express who you are, and what you feel.”

— From your 2017 annual reading by Eric Francis, The Book of Your Life — which you can read here. Eric’s beginning work on the 2018 annual edition — you may pre-order that here.


Libra (Sep. 22-Oct. 23) — Mercury is about to station retrograde in your house of communications, so it’s important that you speak and write cautiously, but also honestly and clearly. If things feel tense, it’s fine to apply a little of your Venusian charm, so long as this isn’t used to fudge over the truth or to manipulate. Be especially wary of a tendency to become confused over power dynamics; that is, to believe that certain people hold all the cards, while you go short. This picture is unlikely to be accurate. — By Amy Elliott. For your Eric Francis horoscope this week, please see this link.

“Your workplace must be not just habitable but truly supportive. You simply must like the place where you work, or you risk your mental and emotional health. Others can get by with jobs they hate, or substandard working environments; you cannot. Therefore, invest the time and energy that you need to have a place of work that supports your creativity, your health and your wellbeing.”

— From your 2017 annual reading by Eric Francis, The Book of Your Life — which you can read here. Eric’s beginning work on the 2018 annual edition — you may pre-order that here.


Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22) — You seem convinced either that you have a specific flaw and must warn others, or that people are liable to judge you. Instead, I suggest you go a lot easier on yourself. What you’re seeing is almost certainly not the full picture. Checking in with people you trust might be useful, so long as you don’t try to persuade them of what you might think to be gospel truth. It may actually be simpler to re-evaluate your ideas before voicing them; just be sure to offer yourself the same kindness you would others. — By Amy Elliott. For your Eric Francis horoscope this week, please see this link.

“You must gather with people who share common values with you. You can no longer afford to invest your precious time and psychic energy with people who do not embody the highest vibration of what you desire, and know to be true. You will feel better about yourself when you can speak openly about what you value the most, and spend time with those who share your spiritual goals and your purpose for living.”

— From your 2017 annual reading by Eric Francis, The Book of Your Life — which you can read here. Eric’s beginning work on the 2018 annual edition — you may pre-order that here.


Sagittarius Birthdays 2017-18:

Not What You Think: Your Personal Mercury Retrograde

Dear Friend and Reader:

I know what you’re wondering: how can Mercury retrograde not be what you think, when Mercury is, in fact, the planet representing the mind? What I mean is this: Mercury retrograde phases have a bad rap for being nothing but trouble; but used well, they can be incredibly useful phases of time for review and deep introspection.

Planet Waves

So, you might say that if you have your Sun or rising sign in Sagittarius, then Mercury stationing retrograde in your sign on Sunday really isn’t about ‘what’ you think; it’s about how you think.

The weeks between Dec. 3 and Dec. 22 could actually be incredibly useful for getting to the bottom of certain beliefs and thought patterns you have, among other things.

What does it mean to start your solar year with Mercury stationing retrograde in your sign? Eric will walk you through this and all of the biggest astrological events of the next 12 months in your 2017-18 Sagittarius Birthday Reading.

With Saturn, Chiron and Uranus all changing signs soon, you’ll find certain areas of your life changing in tone and emphasis. For example, what will it mean to have the planet of awareness and healing (Chiron) move into your house of play, creativity, adventurous risk, and sex for fun (Aries)?

Eric crafts these readings with the best of his life-coaching, cheerleading and problem-solving skills; the sensitivity of his therapy training; his uncanny knack to help you see challenges from a more empowering perspective; and with the kind of everyday, practical inspiration you can use immediately. You get some of the clearest, most nuanced and jargon-free personal astrology available on the internet.

Best of all, the two astrology segments (approximately 30 minutes each) and tarot reading that Eric records for you are completely different from the written Sagittarius reading that will be part of the 2018 annual edition. The Birthday Reading has a more jazz-like feeling, lending it to Eric’s knack for uncanny, spontaneous insights and nuance — and it’s recorded with the Sun in your sign.

You can pre-order the 2017-18 Sagittarius Birthday Reading for the lowest price we offer: only $33. The price of the reading will increase as publication approaches, and then again after it’s been released.

Yours & truly,

Amanda Painter

P.S. If you know someone with a Sagittarius Sun or rising sign who’s been having a rough time this year, consider giving them the 2017-18 Sagittarius Birthday Reading as a gift. We could all use a friendly cheerleader these days.



Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 22) — Recently you’ve been discovering a whole new side to your already variegated personality. During this Mercury retrograde phase you’re likely to develop your understanding further. If something turns out to be different from what you expected, don’t allow that to put any dampers on your interest or excitement. This is the season when things are not what they seem, and when we’re liable to judge in haste. What you learn now might just be a clue to a far more affirming revelation. Let it unfold. — By Amy Elliott. For your Eric Francis horoscope this week, please see this link.

“To succeed, your work plan must have metes and bounds. You must choose the specific things you need to accomplish within a specific timeframe, and these choices must be prioritized. This does not mean that you will follow your plans exactly, and you’ll very likely alter your priorities as you proceed. Yet it’s essential to start with some organized scheme, so that you have an overview, and you have a first draft to revise.”

— From your 2017 annual reading by Eric Francis, The Book of Your Life — which you can read here. Eric’s beginning work on the 2018 annual edition — you may pre-order that here.


Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 20) — At this point you seem to have a pretty clear idea of where you’re headed, and you’ve been holding your course too long to take any wrong turning. Over the next few weeks, you’ll probably be making quite a few rest stops in order to tie up whatever loose ends are lying around. There will likely be moments when you feel you might burst if you wait any longer, and are inclined to rush. If that happens, just call to mind everything you’ve learned and cultivated in the past few years. — By Amy Elliott. For your Eric Francis horoscope this week, please see this link.

“You are someone who is more connected to the wider flow of the human experience than you might otherwise be. Even if you’re not an official leader, or into politics, you are connected (often rather consciously) to aspects of life that extend far beyond yourself. This connection sometimes comes bursting into your life when you’re not vaguely interested. Sometimes you feel it as a direct calling, and you may or may not know what to do with that.”

— From your 2017 annual reading by Eric Francis, The Book of Your Life — which you can read here. Eric’s beginning work on the 2018 annual edition — you may pre-order that here.


Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) — Everyone knows Aquarians are pretty special. You have certain advantages: at the best of times, you can read the cosmos as if it were a book. Frankly, we mere mortals often have trouble keeping up. Yet you need to keep in mind that you’re also a human being in a living body with actual needs. If you haven’t quite reached Nirvana yet, that’s perfectly OK. You still possess wisdom that undoubtedly benefits your community. You can even occasionally (gasp!) have a bit of fun. Go on, it’s allowed. — By Amy Elliott. For your Eric Francis horoscope this week, please see this link.

“Within the morphogenetic fields of your sign is an inbred rebelliousness of mind. This comes with the refusal to accept patterns imposed by others; the capacity to hybridize one’s views and have original positions on social and political issues; which in turn leads to a kind of eccentricity that is very much a quality of your nature. So too is a distinct inventiveness, if you can keep your mind awake, alert and young.”

— From your 2017 annual reading by Eric Francis, The Book of Your Life — which you can read here. Eric’s beginning work on the 2018 annual edition — you may pre-order that here.


Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) — Don’t be alarmed if the results of recent career developments are not as striking or immediate as you anticipated. Likewise, if present challenges appear somewhat onerous, know that they are temporary. You can take pride in what you’ve achieved and know that the fruits are, in the main, yet to emerge. The business of your life just now is simply to live it, and to make the most of it. Rest easy; make sure you have regular opportunities to wind down; and let the flow carry you to the ocean. — By Amy Elliott. For your Eric Francis horoscope this week, please see this link.

“After many adventures, misadventures, developments, challenges and crises, you’ve integrated the many seemingly separate facets of who you were into someone who you now most distinctly are. I suggest you make a study of this gradual transformation that’s taken over your life, and which is nearly complete. Feel the ways in which you’ve worked out problems that seemed to have no solution. Notice how your confidence level has increased.”

— From your 2017 annual reading by Eric Francis, The Book of Your Life — which you can read here. Eric’s beginning work on the 2018 annual edition — you may pre-order that here.

One thought on “A Story of Mercury and the Milky Way

  1. Sue Edwards

    Thank You Eric. I have enjoyed reading your article over and over. Sometimes it takes a while for things to soak in. I’m just as dense as anyone else.

    It’s been kind of awkward for me in my ignorance of things, when issues of anxiety, fear, stress and hopelessness have been mentioned. I know all those experiences, intimately. What’s awkward is that I’m not experiencing them Now. (I am aware of the headlines and talking heads on tv.) I guess I’m just not seeing things the way other people do. Never have and despite trying, never will.

    Venus made a conjunction to my Saturn this past week. And I went out and bought a voice controlled Hero BB Robot on the day of the conjunction, specifically because I have three little dogs and seven cats in my house. Mom’s going to have some fun; she bought herself a toy. There is a lot going on in my Life that caused much distress and anxiety in my Past. I’m just not experiencing any now. I’m peaceful, tranquil and happy.

    The difference I suppose, is my attitude of Trust in a Loving Universe I can embrace in open arms. Often times I have held on to things desperately only to learn I was much healthier and happier without them. But it was excruciating and often terrifying going through the process of detachment. The more attached I was, the harder it was going to be on me.

    I used to work designing electrical distribution circuits. So seeing things as flows of energy came naturally. I see our Core much like a local generating plant. Energy leaves the generating station and travels along transmission lines of high voltage. Until they come to substations with transformers that step down the voltage to travel along the distribution lines to our homes. Somewhere close to every home there will be another transformer that will step down the voltage again, so we can use our appliances. If I plugged my toaster into the voltage coming out of the generating plant, it would most likely fry my toaster.

    In my example, our human consciousness, with our human worries and fears is the toaster. And our spiritual consciousness of Love and Enlightenment is the generating plant. In this Understanding there are very definite streams of energy emanating from our Core, (the circuits leaving the generating plant) with planets and heavenly objects acting like transformers stepping down the energy and transmitting it to us on earth.

    With your mention of Pholus and it’s nature of expression, could it possibly be transmitting (and increasing intensity of) basically Uranian energies of Freedom and release from conformity (Saturnian structures)? There are many things and ideas we have used for placebos of security that we do not need.

    I baked a cheesecake tonight. When I first mixed the ingredients, they didn’t come together. So I stirred them up until they did. That is what I see going on right now with Humanity, both collectively and individually. We weren’t coming together. So are being stirred up until we do.

    There’s a wonderful and bright future ahead of us. Like my pecan pie cheesecake that came out of the oven. Or like a lotus blossom growing up through the water (astral babble), the light and air of day is just a little bit farther.

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