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The Mars Effect

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Are you ready for the intense astrology of the Cardinal Grand Cross? Check out this issue to get your planetary bearings as Eric outlines the energies heading our way, starting New Year’s Day with the Capricorn New Moon. Mars retrograde in a Venus-ruled sign should also stir up some relationship issues, and Eric offers some advice to make the most of this transformational time.

This Week on Planet Waves — and your Moonshine Horoscopes

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Mercury in Scorpio enters new territory Wednesday for the first time since its retrograde, which ended earlier this month. It does so after having made a conjunction to Saturn, which acted like a barrier between the old and the new (as Saturn often does). Infinitely curious, Mercury in Scorpio is the image of considering everything that’s off the usual menu, and/or taboo — the perfect complement to holiday get-togethers.

The Ancestor

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The death of JFK was a pivotal moment in American history, a turning point where the cultural landscape changed forever. Eric takes an insightful look at the larger context of Kennedy’s assassination, and examines how the military-industrial complex has kept us in ongoing wars ever since Vietnam.

This Week on Planet Waves: The Last Days of Scorpio

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Currently we’re in the last days of Scorpio — and what a Scorpio season it’s been, winding down with flair thanks to Sunday’s Taurus Full Moon. The astrology this week is perfect for further exploration into any kind of sexual healing process you may have embarked on in the last few weeks, and then the Sun moves into cosmic Sagittarius on Thursday.

Notes from Downwind

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When an earthquake and tsunami crippled the eastern coast of Japan in March 2011, a nuclear crisis ensued which we still have not contained. In this eye-opening edition, Eric explains the implications of nuclear energy and its toxic leftovers. He delves into the chart of the first atomic reaction, and describes the future path of this dangerous and unsustainable energy source.

Are You Ready for The Mars Effect?

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Believe it or not, the time has come to tell the story of another year, in Eric’s 2014 annual readings. We are about to enter the peak of the Uranus square Pluto era, and what a story the charts for the next four seasons have to tell. The astrology is already coming through in waves.

Moonshine Horoscopes — Taurus Full Moon Edition

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Sunday, Nov. 17 is the Taurus Full Moon, exact at 10:16 am EST — and exactly square the centaur planet Nessus in Aquarius. Full Moons are illuminating but can be stressful, as we find ourselves trying to reconcile opposing needs within ourselves, and externally in our relationships. In this edition, Genevieve Hathaway interprets the lunation with her Moonshine horoscopes.

A Steamy Sky — and Your Moonshine Horoscopes

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In case you missed it, earlier today we sent out a mailing announcing that Eric’s 2014 annual edition, called The Mars Effect, is now available for pre-order at its lowest possible price: $59 for all 12 signs (the first price increase will be on Thursday). Check the full letter here for details. Please note: one of Chelsea’s phone numbers was wrong in that mailing. The correct toll-free number is 877-453-8265.

Mercury Direct and News from Japan

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How have you been since last week’s Uranus-Pluto activity? In this edition, Eric checks out the current astrology as Mercury in Scorpio forms a trine with Neptune in Pisces, opening up channels into our emotional awareness. He also introduces the current problems plaguing Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan, an issue that the world should be keeping an eye on.

This Week on Planet Waves: Sun Conjunct Saturn

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We’ve just come though one heck of an eclipse season mixed with a Mercury retrograde in Scorpio. Approaching Mercury’s station direct on Nov. 10 (and just after), there can be an increase in retrograde-y snafus (Mercury’s ‘storm’ phase), calling for awareness and attention — especially with communication, electronics, money and travel.

Hey, Sugar: A Story of Virgo-Pisces

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Edges of cities are interesting places. When I discovered Lou Reed, I was driving regularly from New Jersey to Staten Island to visit my cousin Maura. To get there I cruised in my 1972 Dodge Dart along the ancient, strange and beautiful Route 22 and over the Outerbridge Crossing to Staten Island, on the far outskirts of New York City.