This Week on Planet Waves: The Last Days of Scorpio

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Planet Waves
John F. Kennedy in the Oval Office, July 11, 1963. White House photo by Cecil Stoughton.

Currently we’re in the last days of Scorpio — and what a Scorpio season it’s been, winding down with flair thanks to Sunday’s Taurus Full Moon. The astrology this week is perfect for further exploration into any kind of sexual healing process you may have embarked on in the last few weeks, and then the Sun moves into cosmic Sagittarius on Thursday.

Today’s edition of Planet Waves FM will look at the charts of John F. Kennedy and his assassination. The program will focus on how the question of who killed him and why is a different question from what it was 50 years ago. Eric will consider the festering wound of the unsolved murder, and how this has thrown American society into nearly nonstop chaos and leadership crisis.

In today’s Daily Astrology column, the emphasis is on healing communication — and communication as healing. With minor planet Eros in the Uranus-Pluto square, this is a true “get it off your chest” moment when it comes to those erotic ideas you’ve never managed to speak out loud before.

Monday’s Daily Astrology column offers an overview of the week’s astrology, in particular the potential for Mars in Virgo to get obsessed with ‘getting it right’ at the expense of others (or yourself). Jupiter in Cancer offers a way out by asking you, “What feels good and is nourishing?”

Today Chiron stations direct in Pisces, on the anniversary of its similar station direct in Pisces 150 years ago as Abraham Lincoln delivered his famous address at Gettysburg. Len Wallick’s column today on the Planet Waves blog asks us each to take up the unfinished business of Chiron’s holistic, healing work in our own lives. That column posts at noon.

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