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This Land is My Land: The Story of Brook Farm CSA

Posted by Planet Waves


In this edition, Planet Waves readers will remember oft mentioned, Robert K. Anderberg in his familiar context as mastermind behind attempts to illegally claim large swaths of the Grandmother Land. This time, a community-supported agricultural project of ten years, Brook Farm, was informed, in the person of Robert Anderberg, that it would be shut down. Herein is the story…

That Was Not Cute

Posted by Eric Francis


Wednesday night when the Senate passed its bill reopening the government, the Moon was in the last degree of Pisces, that is, the last degree of the zodiac. As the House took action a bit later, the Moon was more appropriately in Aries, headed for a conjunction to Uranus and a square to Pluto — the members of that legislative body have obviously not had their fill.

Moonshine Horoscopes — Aries Full Moon Edition

Posted by Eric Francis


Friday is the Aries Full Moon and penumbral eclipse, exact shortly before 7:38 pm EDT. Eclipses are pattern-setting events; they are also portals into a kind of accelerated time-space, when your life can seem to move forward by quantum leaps. Therefore standard modern operating procedure for eclipses is to be sure you do things on and around the day of an eclipse that you love and want to focus on for the next 6-12 months.