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Inner Space Horoscopes for September 2012

Posted by Eric Francis


September begins with the Sun in Virgo and ends with the Sun in Libra. Along the way we should have relatively clear sailing; astrology during the prior eight months of the year has been all kinds of turbulent. There has been this feeling of swimming against the tide.

The Pisces Full Moon is Aug. 31. The Virgo New Moon is Sept. 15, and there is an unusually powerful Full Moon in Aries on Sept. 29. That is the event to watch for — remember to check for details.

Welcome to Virgo (and Your Monthly Horoscope)

Posted by Eric Francis


Wednesday afternoon, the Sun ingressed Virgo, beginning the third and last month of the season. This is always true of the mutable signs, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. At the end of each of those signs, the Sun begins a new season. Virgo is an earth sign, ruled by Mercury. Though many people are taking time off from work this time of year, the mental quality of Virgo is a great time to accomplish challenging tasks that require a high level of focus.

The Folk Art of Therapy

Posted by Eric Francis


For a few years I’ve been wanting to write an article about how to pick a therapist. I know that there are those for whom opening up a real discussion about their lives is burning in their soul. Others know they’ve been dealing with the same problems over and over for years. You may see the same patterns repeating in your relationships, your career, your family life or other aspects of existence, and you decide that it’s time for that to change.

Are You Curious About Mars?

Posted by Eric Francis


This week’s astrology felt like the lid being lifted off of a steaming pot. The fourth inner planet retrograde of 2012 ended Wednesday morning when Mercury stationed direct. The odd kind of pressure you felt involved an aspect to Neptune. The feeling of Neptune is like something in the environment that you can’t see and can barely feel, but which has manifestations that start to appear in the corner of your eyes, that seep through your dreams or that you notice when they are gone.

Leo 2012

Posted by Eric Francis


Weekly Horoscope for Friday, Dec. 14, 2012 #930 | By Eric Francis The creative process is calling on you to take a chance and change the world. That’s what creativity does, and it’s what sex does. Or looked at another way, these aspects of life are about creating new worlds. Clearly it requires a measure […]

When Little Planets Make Big Moves

Posted by Eric Francis


This is going to be an interesting week — astrologically and otherwise (however in astrology, “astrology” and “otherwise” are the same thing). The two most significant moves in the sky involve Mercury and Venus — the two known ‘major’ planets whose orbits are shorter than that of the Earth. Mercury and Venus are considered personal planets in that we often experience their effects viscerally, as emotions, sensory data and ideas. When they form patterns with slower-moving points, as is happening now, they can have dramatic effects.

The Unforgettable Fire

Posted by Eric Francis


Recently, a friend suggested that I visit Youko Yamomoto at the Gomen-Kudasai noodle restaurant in New Paltz. She told me that Youko was organizing a traditional Japanese dance event called Bon-Odori, and that the event had an anti-nuclear theme. It was one of those “you have to know this person” conversations, with the suggestion I try to speak at her event on Sunday, Aug. 5, which coincides with a solemn time of year in Japanese history — and that of the United States and in truth, the world.