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Weekly Horoscope for Friday, Dec. 14, 2012 #930 | By Eric Francis The creative process is calling on you to take a chance and change the world. That’s what creativity does, and it’s what sex does. Or looked at another way, these aspects of life are about creating new worlds. Clearly it requires a measure […]

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, Dec. 14, 2012 #930 | By Eric Francis
The creative process is calling on you to take a chance and change the world. That’s what creativity does, and it’s what sex does. Or looked at another way, these aspects of life are about creating new worlds. Clearly it requires a measure of what some would call arrogance to do this. James Joyce associated being a novelist with playing God, because you control the whole universe of the story. Yet there is another perspective, preferred by many writers (including J.R.R. Tolkien) — what is created starts to take on a life of its own. Either of these situations calls on a high degree of ethics in the creative process. While it’s necessary to take risks, it’s also necessary to observe the law of unintended consequences. This is the responsibility piece of creativity, and while it’s necessary to pay close attention to this factor, you also know that there is only so far you can take it. You must use care and intention through the process, then at a certain point, you have to let the flaming arrow fly.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, Dec. 7, 2012 #929

Numerous indicators in the astrology continue to remind you to pick the locks, open the windows and tear down the walls that separate sexuality and mysticism, or what some would call God. If you start from the point of knowing that the division is itself false, and was introduced into thought as a kind of virus, with an agenda, that makes things a lot easier. The division starts with any moral position on sex whatsoever. Let me state this another way: sex is not a moral issue, and anyone who says it is has a control agenda. Sex is an experience of pleasure, a way to learn about yourself, an experiment, a journey, a matter of personal choice, a mode of creative expression, a way to explore your connection to someone, a way to mirror yourself in someone, and an offering of yourself as witness, mirror and container. It is not a moral issue. Morality potentially enters where there is deception and where autonomy is violated, but there are more practical ways to work through these problems, should they arise. Meanwhile, a passionate mystical experiment is calling your name.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, Nov. 30, 2012 #928

Your charts describe a creative explosion on the one hand, combined with the productivity of Stephen King on the other. The thing is, you will need to put these two seemingly different elements together. This is good astrology if you’re someone who tends to live a split life, for example, between your creative passions and your work responsibilities, or between your career and your kids. You have the energy and the focusing power to get it all done. So I suggest that you invest your time and energy into what matters to you the most, since the ability to work so much and so well, having so much fun, does not arrive every day. You will be better guided in your choices for where to direct your energy by using your intuition rather than following a preconceived agenda. In fact, part of what you will discover is the ways that you can change your work patterns to increase your efficiency. Under this kind of setup, seeming mistakes can count as happy accidents that teach you a better way to do things.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for December | By Eric Francis
Standing in for Weekly Horoscope #927

Nobody in this world should be excluded from healing, and in the end, nobody is. Yet you may need to balance your desire to include everyone with the understanding that some resist, some go kicking and screaming, and others have another agenda entirely. The most significant theme to focus on is your own healing agenda; if you’ve ever wondered when the perfect time would come to do this, you’re standing right in it, right now. Here are some themes as I see them: how do you handle your need to belong to the world around you? (Some options are: conforming, collaborating, communicating or coveting.) How do you relate to the past? (Some options are: destroy it, reinterpret it, regret it or learn from it.) How do you handle your obsessions? (Some options are: self-control, hyper-focus on your immediate environment, or eating your brain alive with anxiety.) How do you handle your violent tendencies? (Some options are: take them out on yourself, collect weapons, play sports, argue with everyone.) Most significantly, what is your concept of relationship? Does it include or exclude others? Are you basing your conduct on a commitment to freedom, or retreating into jealousy? The implication of your chart is that relationships are the most significant focus of your healing process right now, which will, sooner or later, include providing both an example and a safe space for others. In this regard you are far more influential than you may suspect.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, Nov. 16, 2012 #926

As you take care of the details of your home, perhaps digging yourself out of some physical or financial disarray, I suggest you consider as deeply as you can what it really means for you to feel safe in the world. I say this recognizing that there are many people who have not felt safe for one minute since the day they were born. Others have grown up in the midst of so much turmoil that it’s difficult for them to have enough of a sense of what safety feels like to recognize it when it comes their way. Still others associate violation, pain or chaos with a kind of psychological ‘safety’ that’s really just a form of familiarity. There are a scant few people who actually know what it means to be held. Current aspects are inviting you to sort out where you are along this spectrum. You’re verging on a breakthrough of understanding what it really means to feel safe in your environment — particularly emotionally. I would remind you that part of this involves knowing where your boundaries are, and knowing when you’ve reached one of them.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, Nov. 9, 2012 #925

There is no place like home, and home is a feeling as well as a place. The feeling these days is about clearing out space, both psychic and physical clutter of the past. Whether you start with three-dimensional space or emotional space, opening up one is likely to lead to the other. Cleaning closets is an emotional process, whether it be subtle or profound. When you’re moving energy on the inner planes, you may just find yourself cleaning out the attic or digging out the basement. In all respects, think of this as claiming back what is yours, and taking control over your environment. You may start to get the sensation that you’re looking for something specific, which you’re not certain even exists. It may be a physical object, a memory, a feeling or an idea — be open, and treat anything you’re doing as a simultaneous inner and outer exploration. Notice how you treat things or feelings that evoke negativity in any form. Pause before you ‘throw anything away’ with the conscious intention of seeking understanding and making peace.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, Nov. 2, 2012 #924

You may be regretting a chance you took, particularly on an investment or some form of speculation, but I don’t suggest you judge too quickly. The effect in the end may not be the one you were planning, though you don’t yet know how it will work out. Just because you may be having regrets doesn’t mean that you were wrong, or that the effect will be negative. Any doubts you may be having are not an indication of an actual problem, though they may be an investigation to go back over your thinking and check for errors in the paperwork, a little like a proofreader or auditor. Make sure you collect your documentation and have a clear sense of where you stand before you call attention to any potential concerns. The planetary setup looks as if a creative opportunity will come from this process, though you will need to give it time and patience and not be guided by an emotional reaction. The less fear you allow to influence you, the more your creative mind can have its way with your situation.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for November 2012 #923

Is this a moment of settling down, or of upheaval? The astrology for your sign this month presents two distinct scenarios, and how you respond to it will depend on a number of factors, one of which I will call your density level. This isn’t a concept I’ve used in my column before, so I will explain. Think of increased density as contraction, fear, resistance, denial and the feeling of being stuck. Think of lighter density as expansion, a sense of flow, flexibility, alertness and the sensation that you have the ability to choose. Taken on a denser energy level, the astrology of this month could be jarring, threatening to your security and come with the sensation that changes are being imposed on you by outside forces. As you go to lighter, less dense levels of awareness, the astrology will feel more like being in the right place at the right time, putting down emotional roots, and taking the opportunity to make productive, necessary and long-overdue changes. Looked at in the best light, the approaching combination of astrological factors describes a time of distinction between the past and the present. You’re being set free from negative attachments, seeming obligations and a whole raft of family karma. This is an amazing opportunity for you, except for one thing. It’s entirely too easy to be attached to a low-density level. It’s easy to be attached to the past. Therefore, focus on raising your vibration — and keep your mind focused on a vision for the future.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, Oct. 19, 2012 #922

It seems like you’re about to discover the truth about a family secret, something that’s potentially eluded you for years. This comes right around when you’ve made the decision to take charge of your personal affairs in a new way. You’ve always been one to assert leadership in your relationships and your ‘tribal’ surroundings, though not like you’re experiencing now. You appear to be making peace with how you’re emotionally motivated, which is at the seat of your ability to make and keep such deep commitments. Yet now, you’re doing something truly admirable, or you can if you want: intervening in the process of the generations going by. You have set a limit on something, with the purpose of opening up a clear space for something else. You know that these two things cannot coexist; just like being functional has a way of contradicting dysfunction. And, behold: truth contradicts secrecy.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, Oct. 12, 2012 #921

You may have some idea that you think is going to wreak havoc on people’s minds, if they were to hear about it. This has another side to it: we’re starting to figure out that we live in a world where we’re being spied on. Can you imagine every time you send a text message or email that it appears on some computer screen somewhere, or is stashed away in a database for future review? In either scenario, we have to make peace with the idea that our thoughts all have a public dimension. One’s individual mind is the connection point to something more: whether it’s an individual listener, a community or ‘the public’ (whatever that means for you). I know this has the potential to make some people extremely self-conscious; others thrive on the potential that their thoughts might have a wider influence than your average gossip, and that someone actually might care. That, by the way, is a true fact.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, Oct. 5, 2012 #920

People must do what they must do to work out their karma and their commitments to others. Plenty of it has nothing to do with you, though it can take some experience to learn how not to take any of it personally. Meanwhile, you must guide your life based on your own values, and at the moment, you know just what they are. It’s easy to get knocked off center or out of balance when others don’t show an interest in what means the most to you, though I suggest that the most direct way to making contact, and having that contact returned, is to keep your focus on what you want to be the core of your life, on what you truly value. Doing so can feel like an enormous risk — or perhaps at the moment, like an irresistible dare. I suggest, however, that if you’re going to take the chance, you not measure your success based on what others think. Measure your success based on what you think — particularly about your willingness to dare. At this phase of your life, it’s crucial that you affirm yourself, and step away from seeking the affirmation of others. Those who do offer their positive vibes of their own accord are your authentic friends.

Monthly horoscope for October 2012 standing in for Weekly Horoscope #919

Saturn’s ingress this month into Scorpio, your solar 4th house (security, home base, family) is about the use of space, and its relationship to your emotional grounding. Scorpio is a somewhat strange energy to have on your house of security, since it’s all about plunging into the deep dark waters of the psyche, and coming out a different person (something you do fairly regularly, and you’re safe knowing that you can). Seen another way, it’s the image of living with a swamp in the basement of your house, wondering if you’re going to get swallowed, or if the whole house is going to sink — and calling that shelter. Saturn making its way through this region of your chart for the next 10 seasons is about getting onto dry ground. It’s about shoring up your foundations and clearing out inner space. As part of this journey, you’re going to stabilize emotionally, which will be good for you and the people you care about. As part of this emotional stability, you will be doing an inventory of family influences from your early childhood, and making sure that you have them contained and confined to your own inner space — this way, you won’t pass them on to anyone younger than you are. One of the over-arching themes of this transit is learning how to feel safe. The combination of Saturn and Scorpio may conspire to do this in strange ways — but if you work with these influences, you will get the job done.

Friday, September 21, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #918

Keep going and you’re bound to get results. You may be experiencing mixed feelings about that idea, since you know that you’re exerting more energy than you need to. You may also be stalked by the feeling that ‘everything has to change, all at once’. While that’s going on, you may have the feeling that you’re mired in something that’s consuming your energy unnecessarily, though you don’t necessarily know what it is. You might feel at the same time like you’re pushing against an obstacle that seems like it’s outside you, but which is really part of your own emotional makeup. Yes, there is a lot going on at once. But it’s all one experience, and I suggest you step back and see your current circumstances for what they are. You’re in a truly adventurous dynamic with your environment. You’re changing it, and it’s changing you. You’re currently the one in the situation whose ideas can have the most positive influence. Therefore, stay on that level — of being open, and of respecting what comes through your mind and hopefully ends up being jotted down for reference and elaboration in the immediate future.

Friday, September 14, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #917

I know this sounds strange to say, however, feeding your doubts does not build your confidence. Understanding your limitations and working with them would be the counterpart to that. Confidence translates to faith in yourself. You know you’re working with confidence when you can stand up to a challenge, rather than worrying about whether you’re going to be able to get it done. Still, emotionally, you may be walking a fine line here. You may feel like every time you do something vaguely bold, you pay for it in insecurity and uncertainty. Note carefully the presence of any guilt that you may feel, or shame that may be associated with feeling ‘too’ ambitious. If you’re picking up any of this toxicity, I would propose that it’s associated with the feeling of exceeding a boundary or challenging someone’s authority. Look into that and remember, taking authority over your own life usually implies taking it away from someone else — even if you didn’t know they had it.

Friday, September 7, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #916

Your financial situation is now intimately linked to your creativity, and this may have you on edge. It’s always easier to assign success or lack thereof on external conditions, such as ‘the economy’ or whether your particular talent is the thing that people are paying for these days. That’s a consideration now, though it’s a relatively minor one. Even in ‘good times’ most people have to put their best foot forward, if they want to be rewarded for doing something that really matters to them. I don’t know anyone, no matter how talented, for whom this is not a delicate spot. Fortunately, your deepest personal resources — your intelligence, your ability to come up with ideas and your gift for communication — are directly connected to your revenue stream. Cast off the idea that you get paid a fixed amount for an hour of work. Consider that the quality of your ideas, and your gift for applying them to real-life situations, is what will translate into greater abundance, and satisfaction with your work.

Friday, August 31, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #915

Focus on keeping an open mind, especially about what you tend to resist the most. When speaking, imagine that everything you say on any topic or any person is actually a statement about yourself. This will keep you tuned into your thought patterns and how they reflect your ideas about your own existence — and your potential. If you do this, you’re likely to make a discovery about yourself, which I could describe generally as something that’s extremely obvious that you hadn’t put together yet, even though you had all the information you needed. When you tell other people about this discovery, they’re likely to say that they knew this all the time and figured that you did, too. Note, this is not the revelation of ‘something bad’ about you. To the contrary, no matter what the topic, you’re likely to discover a reason to appreciate who you are, which anyway is always the theme of this time of year, though right now, at this time in your life, you’re in a special moment of transition.

Moonshine Horoscope by Genevieve Hathaway, standing in for Planet Waves Weekly 914 for Friday, August 17, 2012

The past few weeks were a period of reassessment, as Mercury retrograde has been buzzing around your Moon (and it’s still close by). House cleaning of your inner space took you from cleaning out the cobwebs in the basement to refinishing the shutters in the attic. That’s a lot of ground to cover moving through the different levels of your emotional landscape. At times it felt like you were living in a Salvador Dali painting with doors in the walls and stairs that went to nowhere. You’ve been able to take stock of your emotional patterns and reactions, letting go of outdated responses. Quite a bit of space was cleared, making room for new methods of expression. Before you begin installing the new emotional fixtures, the work crew needs a short break. Spend the early part of the lunar month resting and recharging; sifting through inner layers drained your energy reserves. Mid-month an experience helps you turn an emotional corner from where you’ve been the past few weeks to where you are going. A new set of feeling patterns will quickly form in the spaces you’ve been uncluttering. This process will be accompanied by the feeling of snapping into place right after you wondered whether anything would ever fit. — By Genevieve Hathaway

Friday, August 10, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #913

Mercury just stationed direct in your sign, so you may feel like you’re coming to some conclusions about the many things you’ve had on your mind the past month or so. I suggest you think of them more as observations and studies-in-progress, because over the next three weeks, Mercury repeats for the third time a series of aspects that it’s already made twice since late June. The difference now is that you will feel less tentative about taking action in the places you know are calling for your attention — and there are a few. The difference is that you are likely to discover that your decisions actually take hold and move along the story line of your life. It’s also a lot easier to do, decide and breathe when your anxiety level is at low tide, and at the moment this is something you have in perspective. Everything you feel is energy; everything is an opportunity to make a decision.

Friday, August 3, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #912

Over the next few days, you have access to a power source that may seem like an infinite well of creativity. This is so potent you may want to approach it with respect. One way you can do that is to avoid acting on a rebellious impulse. And while I am normally an advocate of curiosity, I suggest that you monitor that particular thought form with care and caution as the week progresses. Your curiosity is so powerful right now that you have to handle it with the care of a laser. It’s a force that can activate all kinds of processes, including some that you may not find so easy to bring under control. Therefore, in addition to curiosity, I suggest you monitor your motives, and that you be clear what you want to learn, experience or discover. You also need to do something that’s exceedingly difficult for most humans, which is monitor when your judgment may be off, or when you may be working with incomplete information. When either of those conditions is true, pause.

Friday, July 20, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #911

What is the role of jealousy in your life? The question comes up right around when the Sun enters your birth sign this weekend. There seem to be two competing forces at work: the desire to include as many people as possible, and the desire to exclude whoever you don’t really like. Said another way, one energy source is guiding you to be open, loving and experimental and another energy source is saying, take control. These are incompatible, and you may be having some trouble figuring out which is the trustworthy one. If you set aside the subject matter and just sniff the energy, it will be a lot more obvious what to choose. Also, notice that you may be dealing with a prejudice about someone or something, rooted in a recent past experience. If you let that judgment go, you will find this situation a lot easier to understand. As for jealousy, how would you live if you and the people close to you were immune? Tell yourself the truth — what would you do?

Friday, July 6, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #910

Mercury has been in your sign since June 25, and it will be there through Aug 31 — longer than two months, owing to the fact that it’s about to be retrograde for the next 24 days. If I may suggest something bold, this is an excellent opportunity for you to use and develop your mind. You would be amazed how rarely this happens. If you are doing something and you encounter resistance, stop and use your mind. One thing to avoid right now is anything with the feeling of pushing a rock up a hill. If you want to accomplish something but you feel like you lack the confidence, stop and think. If you do, you’ll notice that you have more than enough experience to achieve what you want — if you remember to use what you know. The extent to which so many people forget or refuse to keep their mind in the ON position is astounding, and you will benefit handsomely from remembering.

Friday, July 6, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #909

The Sun is about to make one of its two annual square aspects to Saturn, and this is about focus and discipline. You don’t need to pour it on all at once; over the next week, gradually gather your energy and set a few clear goals. I suggest these goals be a little more ambitious than you think you can accomplish. I recognize you’ll be doing this at what is a pleasantly social time of your life, and you value the company of the people around you. That’s where discipline comes in — and not giving in to peer pressure (for example, someone randomly accusing you of ‘working too much’). In fact there is time for everything, if you keep your priorities in order. Meanwhile there are certain people in your environment who will be supportive and available to help, particularly with ideas they’ve thought through so well that you’ll both be surprised by how useful they are.

Friday, June 29, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #908

Have you ever been on one of those scales in a science museum that tells you how much you would weigh on the surface of another planet? Now imagine a more elaborate version of that same display that would allow you to feel what it’s like on another world. That’s what your astrology is giving you right now. Check for several distinct properties — there is less gravity. There is an unusual blend between dreamtime and what you previously thought of as reality. As a result, the energy field is less dense — which includes the realms of human psychology and your physical surroundings. Changes are easier to make; you have the ability to peer into and even through things that previously seemed opaque. The whole experience may pass by you as if it’s a dream; it’s up to you to pay attention and remember what you experience, which is in truth a demonstration of what is possible and indeed available all the time, if you tune your mind to the right perspective.

Friday, June 15, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #907

A combination of factors is suggesting it’s possible to increase your income while cutting your expenses. Part of doing this well is about seeing opportunities for what they are, and over the next few weeks some new ones will be coming into your life. Rather than assume that something is or isn’t a real offer, give it time and see what develops. Second, you are learning to be shrewd about your cash flow, and to do this I suggest you spend money on what actually gets results. That’s to say, if you focus on what actually benefits you, providing you with something vital, you will notice how much you spend on what does not benefit you. That’s the place to trim back. To do this may require more thought than you’ve given to ideas like ‘benefit’ and ‘provides something vital’, which generally does not include anything fashionable or for that matter, anything anyone else can even see. Note, dependable information is crucial now.

Friday, June 8, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #906

The chances are that by the time you read this, you’ll already be moving ahead with your plan. I suggest you treat this a little like surfing or hang-gliding: a somewhat dangerous but compelling activity that utilizes forces more powerful than yourself. That’s the thing to remember and respect — what you’re doing goes beyond your own personal power. In such situations, the thing to look for is how you can influence the developments rather than take control. Your influence is real, and it can be potent; control is an illusion, and it will likely backfire. Therefore, lean in the direction you want to go. Trace the trajectory of your recent movement, and see if you can figure out what direction that indicates you’re traveling. Think in terms of your immediate, intermediate and long-term objectives. Any correct choice you make now will have the quality of supporting all three.

Friday, June 1, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #905

Those born under the sign Leo (including rising and Moon) are almost all people who are admired and looked up to by others. You might still feel like lil’ ol’ you, yet there is indeed something about leadership and natural respect that you have as a gift of your birth. Do you fully appreciate how influential that is? One of the most significant crises on the planet right now involves leadership, particularly on the ‘unofficial’ or social level where you’re the most adept at it. The transit of Venus is bestowing you with the gift of charisma, though there is also something about communication skills and something even more — ethics. You have the ability to put into words what is right and what is not so right. And you have the ability to demonstrate something that the world needs to see: how to live in a way that eliminates jealousy and competition as a way of life. You can do this because you’re confident in yourself, but also because you know that if humanity keeps driving its train powered by these two nearly useless emotions, we’re going to come off the tracks.

Friday, May 18, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #904

You don’t have to be anyone you’re not. That’s the beauty of this moment. Who you are is not only adequate — it’s amazing. For the next few days, experiment with the feeling of having to live up to nobody’s expectations. You can be less visible, less vocal, even less helpful. This will help you center yourself, which will give you more energy to do whatever you want. One theme of the next few weeks (of utterly extraordinary astrology) is you finding your true relationship to the world around you. Many of the things that influenced you in the past are no longer valid or necessary. The world to which you’re forming a new relationship has never been a more frenetic work in progress — but there are patterns developing, and if you notice them you will be able to slip into the flow with much greater ease than ever before. To the extent that you’ve ever discounted the value of your intelligence, I suggest that’s the first thing that’s going to change.

Friday, May 11, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #903

You have some kind of professional opportunity that’s developing — and it looks like many people can benefit from what you do, or what happens to you. Please don’t make the mistake of doubting what’s possible. The truth is that anything is possible, and right now you’re a magnet for potential. One key is to think large, or larger than you might. I’m always surprised by how small many people’s concept of big turns out to be, so I suggest you amplify the scale of your idea by an order of magnitude. What works for you, and what always has, is to stay close to the core of what your life means, and what you want to express. What’s happening for you is not about success as usually defined by those with a mind for business. The theme is artistic integrity, contact with your values, and your natural role as a leader. What you’re leading with is your concept of what actually matters to you the most — so remember to put that first, foremost and perhaps, only.

Friday, May 4, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #902

Emotional fulfillment really is the challenge here in the Western world. Nearly every external influence we encounter is designed to stoke desire, often to the point where we don’t know what to do with ourselves once one of those desires is met by what might satiate it. I suggest you figure out what to do, if you’re wondering, or if you find yourself pursuing one ‘need’ after the next. Your solar chart illustrates the image of a life that, if not perfect, has many of the necessary elements for contentment. What you might need to do is assemble the ingredients in a mindful way, or at least notice their presence. Often the experience of reaching for more is about reaching for something in the past, which in truth you cannot touch. Yet what surrounds you now is a bold comment on what is possible. Compared to the state of affairs many other places on the planet, you are doing very well. The more open you are to receiving, the more you will feel that.

Friday, April 27, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #901

Before achievement is reached, a period of buildup occurs. Many times, work is done without necessarily fast advancement. That’s not a popular idea in a society where people line up to buy lottery tickets, but it’s a true fact. Real accomplishment is not instantaneous, but rather based on exponential growth. This type of progress appears to remain static for a while, though there is quiet multiplication going on behind the scenes. When the process reaches a threshold there is a burst of energy that moves events along quickly. Your projects, many which have appeared stalled, are approaching this point of acceleration. As the pace increases, maintain focus on the details. Harness the increased energy by applying it back to your work. Feed the tree, and remember your purpose. What you’re doing is producing work that has a long-lasting quality. — by Genevieve Hathaway

Friday, April 20, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #900

If you’ve been feeling unusual potential but don’t feel like you’ve had the ability to manifest it into something real, that is about to open up. In a word, the way to get from here to there is leadership. I can break this down to three ideas as they express themselves in your current solar chart: one is perspective. It’s essential that you have an overview of your environment, including what your colleagues and those ‘above’ and ‘below’ you are doing. Two is values. Make sure that what you’re doing is consistent with what you believe, and what you are willing to stand for. If you do this, you won’t have to worry about your reputation. Third is nourishment. In your current incarnation of leadership, you need to feed the tree without depleting yourself. Fortunately you have a lot to offer, particularly in the way of ideas and inspiration. If you find yourself blocked, pause and invent a solution. There is no limit to the information available, and you will be told everything you need to know.

Friday, April 13, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #899

The Sun opposing Saturn looks like you’re going through a test of your ethics. This comes on top of a long, careful quest to determine your true values; to figure out what’s actually important to you. The two are related. It’s one thing to figure something out in theory, and another when the time comes that you have to put your idea to work in a real-time situation. The scenario looks like you must make difficult decisions, having been confronted by a limit of some kind, be it your time, your energy or some external factor. Before you spend too much time figuring out what to do about that, I suggest you check for where you have additional resources that you hadn’t thought to apply to the situation. Most of the time (contrary to the messages of advertising) when you need something, you already have it. In this situation, though, that ‘thing’ isn’t a thing — it’s an approach to the question; you might think of it as applied science, as opposed to theoretical.

Friday, April 6, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #898

You may not have unlimited energy, but let’s not quibble over the details. You can compensate for when others fall short, and it’s a great thing that you have the mojo and the dedication to do that. Yet you’re still in the process of learning to do things entirely for their own sake. Your part in a plan or project is your part, without regard to who else has a stake or investment in the gig. The more you’re able to focus on your role, the more you’ll be able to develop your talent and the more strength you’ll have. In fact what you’re doing is integral to the entire enterprise, and you would be wise to focus on what you know are the most important goals — and to doing better work every day. You’re gradually approaching a kind of test or checkpoint, where your devotion and healthy respect for authority will come under careful scrutiny — most particularly by yourself. Keep your focus and mind your agreements. They really do matter.

Friday, March 30, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #897

You’re figuring out that you have to take initiative when it comes to manifesting the life you want, and one of the ways you can do that is to make space for it. I mean actual physical space: clearing out a room or a corner of your apartment; a table dedicated to something; striking the set on a prior project and leaving it empty for something new. You can do something similar with time: leave free time for yourself rather than scheduling everything down to the tenth of an hour increment. Open space and time represent potential, and I can tell you from experience that this can be intimidating. There is that sense of facing potential that can feel like confronting an abyss. Yet it’s exactly this sense of openness, a kind of blank page in life, that you need to help you create something new for yourself. That something is waiting to meet you, as long as it has the space available, and the time. This is not something to rush. Start slowly and build a little at a time, gradually letting it take over your life.

Weekly Horoscope # 896 for March 23, 2012

You are being liberated from a situation that has long had a grip on you, yet despite a certain advantage you have, you know that the key ingredient can come from you alone: courage. That involves giving up an attachment to something you are accustomed to, whether metaphorically or literally, as you experiment with your vision. Use fear to your advantage rather than being troubled by it; one way to do that is to recognize it’s an energy source that you can tap into. You may have your doubts but avoid being too judgmental of a situation or even yourself and your worth. You may never have all the answers, but if you are philosophical, keep perspective and summon your highest and best Self in any situation that unnerves you, you can find a way forward. And you can trust you are not alone on this journey — a partner who comes from a very different world is familiar with the territory, inviting you to a whole new world of possibilities. Be bold, spontaneous, optimistic, have faith and you can make unimaginable progress. — by Priya Kale.

Friday, March 16, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #895

I have a couple of experiments to propose for you, around the theme of money and value. Experiment one is take some cash out of the bank, if you can. Take out more than you would normally carry — as much as you can afford, or as much as makes you a little nervous to have. Carry it in your pocket and don’t spend it. Feel it as potential that you can use at any time for any purpose you want — but leave the possibilities open. Experiment two is to consider your value in any way besides monetary. Keep this as close as possible to the surface of your thoughts. Consider the influence of your ideas, the value of your time toward a goal, the value of your help to others and the appreciation that they may feel for you. Then, exert some of that influence. Make an idea known, that you might ordinarily keep to yourself. Help someone when you have the option not to. Contribute to a group project by adding your energy. As you do all of this, note the differences between money and value.

Friday, March 9, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #894

Others are far less inscrutable than they seem. The feeling that you’re looking at someone who has the capability to transform or change their appearance does not change the underlying substance of who they are. Take that as guidance to bring out the most authentic qualities you have, including your goals, and use every tool at your disposal to put your plans into action. Think through your highest goals, particularly in a professional situation. The seemingly most ambitious and valuable ones are those most likely to succeed; that’s the way your chart is set up right now. You may have to override some annoying inner message in order to think big, though it’s clear which one is true. If you want to give any nagging fears a voice, cut back on waste and do one last check-over of the details, thank your anxiety for doing its job and go back to arranging the world on the largest scale you can imagine. Your best plans aren’t really individual; many will benefit from your success, which I know you find appealing.

Friday, March 2, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #893

There’s no need to wrangle over a money issue. Your fiscal conservatism is at its most committed right now, to the point where I suggest you do what you can to avoid paranoia about money. At the same time, the values of others may seem extravagant lately when in fact they match your own values a lot more than you might recognize. I suggest you let key partners or loved ones have an influence on you that you can use to balance out any concerns you may have. However, this all goes deeper than money. You’re in an exceptionally beautiful moment to work out and let go of certain judgments about yourself that have contributed to some unhappiness in the past. These include various shades of being imperfect or not good enough. If you’re going to embark on a self-improvement campaign, you might start with cutting yourself some slack so you have actual space to make the changes that matter to you the most. You’re correct that impeccability is a meaningful agenda item, though how you get there matters.

Planet Waves Weekly Horoscope # 892, for Friday, Feb. 24, 2012

Deep surrender within a sexual or financial relationship is what the planets are calling for now. Yet this may be a situation in which you feel powerless, as if you’re swimming through shark-infested waters. Really it’s much better than that — the things swimming around are actually dolphins. There is wise counsel on hand now that can help you navigate your situation and what may currently feel like the dark night of your soul. But to trust that, you have to be willing to trust yourself and the experiences life is offering you. Your success and the gifts you have to offer this world are a direct result of your life experiences — so be grateful for these. You can lie to the world, but you can’t lie to yourself. And if you chase money, shallow desires, or try to hide from the truth, you will end up being disappointed. Seek and offer transparency, and most importantly be honest with yourself. Then you can decide the advice you want to take on board and the relationships that are worth going deeper within. Situations don’t make or break you; they simply reveal you and you can trust a situation is evolving. You have a chance to rebirth yourself now, and change the course of your future as you re-emerge with a true awareness of who you are at your core — an eternal being on a mortal journey. Keep the faith. — By Priya Kale for Planet Waves

Friday, Feb. 17, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #891

Over the next few days, the Sun is going to work its way out of Aquarius and into Pisces. Before it does that, it will make a trine (flowing 120-degree aspect) to Saturn. This is the story of working out a relationship issue, though you’re the likely partner to come up with the idea, and it may be the solution to a problem that nobody has noticed yet. Even if it seems to arrive at one ‘last minute’ or another, it’s not too late, as long as you notice what there is to notice and put the information to work as soon as you know about it. There is a risk that you’ll tell yourself this will be worth something tomorrow, and you’ll take care of it then. But what you’re about to get is specific information for a precise purpose and time. From there you can move onto subtler matters of emotions and what it means to connect with others. Once the Sun changes signs on Sunday, the premium on clarity and honesty with yourself goes up. The Sun conjunct Neptune suggests you may be trying to deny or idealize something. Balance that out with some realism.

Friday, Feb. 10, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #890

Your relationships are in a delicate spot, and you can help yourself immensely by being the person who defuses any tension and lets any seeming insult roll off your back. This may not be easy, because you’re almost as edgy as certain people around you — almost but not exactly. This is all going to come down to communication, which means being a specialist in understanding everyone’s motives: certain individuals around you, certain dynamics as they manifest in a group, and of course keeping a pulse on your own inner currents. Here is the thing to remember — life is more flexible than you remember it being any time in the recent past. Opinions are subject to change, facts are subject to reinterpretation and any situation you may encounter has many negotiable points. What will make that flexibility available is creativity: that is, imagination, seeing the possibilities, and knowing that any problem has a solution waiting to be discovered or invented.

Friday, Feb. 3, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #889

You seem to be grappling with a question about how others perceive you. You may think that you’ve inadvertently misled someone into thinking you are who you are not. Or, you may feel like someone sees something in you that you’re not sure exists. I would turn that around; imagine that the truth of who you are is transparent, and that the people closest to you are not only capable of seeing you for who you actually are, they want to do so. What you have is an opportunity for an unusually intimate and revealing exchange, which may or may not be sexual; you will know which way to take things, and that question — considered so urgent and pressing most of the time — will have little of its usual weight or urgency. You have available one of those rare moments when intimacy is the true source of energy, which leads to many possible expressions. The ‘lesson’ if you could call it that is how being authentically yourself is the most fruitful way to live, and the easiest, and the one most likely to lead to peace of mind.

Friday, Jan. 20, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #888

In a few days there will be a New Moon in your opposite sign Aquarius. This event is a reminder that you need to include more of you in your life. If you follow the teachings of Jell-o pudding, you can declare it “me o’clock” and have “time to yourself.” Yet the actual challenge seems to be about seeing every aspect of your life as something where you not only should be included but to which you are in fact integral. At the moment, however, this involves a lot of other people. When you’ve integrated yourself in that integral way, you may wonder what is left: what time, what space, what freedom to choose. I can tell you one thing from your astrology — you’re looking at the world with a blind spot in your vision. When that shifts, which it’s about to do, you will see that your involvements hold the key to your freedom. There will be an art to seeing just how that works.

Friday, Jan. 13, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #887

You may be obsessing about work, or a situation you care deeply about that you think is out of your hands. Rather than fret about what you can’t control — since worry never solved anything, or hardly anything — recognize how much you have to give and what you have the power to do. It really doesn’t matter what you do, rather how alive you feel each morning when you greet the day. Be conscious of what motivates and drives you, and let go of what is no longer working. The love and financial support you need is indeed present, but it will require you to move past pride or mental resistance and have honest conversations that deepen your trust. As long as you are not being blinded by shallow beauty, or being too rigid or picky, you can open yourself wider and heal something that has been irritating you for a long time.

Friday, Jan. 6, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #886

You need to strike a balance in a relationship situation between idealism and cynicism. That balance would come in the form of ‘none of the above’, which is to say, not trying to form a compromise between the two. Rather, a spirit of working from common ground, common values and a shared vision for what is possible will help you make the most of your situation. I suggest you give this at least a week or two to work itself out, as your emotions are currently under the influence of some form of projection. When Neptune leaves your opposite sign early next month, you will gain a more realistic perspective, and a lot more breathing room. To sum up, you have made a long series of compromises that it’s now time to begin reversing, though this will not happen overnight. It may take years, but it will help immensely if you know the specifics of what you’re working with, and what you have gained along the way.

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