Welcome to the Vernal Freaquinox!

Posted by Eric Francis


As Eric writes, among many interesting features of the Equinox chart is that the Moon is conjunct Saturn and the Galactic Core to the degree. This is a reminder to stay strong on your spiritual footing, and not to let your mind be seized by prejudice, greed or uninformed opinions.

We’re now at the Vernal Point: the Sun is about to enter the first sign of the zodiac, Aries; that’s at 6:29 am EDT (10:29 UTC). The change of seasons comes with a surge of energy, enough that every critter, flower and tree experiences it.


The newborn Aries Sun gleams from this chart, center left. It’s the yellow circle toward the left with all the zeros.

Humans of all creatures are the most oblivious to seasonal changes, though we do seem to like them. The habit of living indoors staring into illuminated rectangles tends to mute the effect. We will experience this one way or another.

Our esteemed and beloved government servants seem to be brewing up another week of antics, particularly an attempt to reverse the United States’ first nascent step toward a nationalized health care system. I could go on and on about this, but I’ll give it a paragraph.

There is nothing with which to replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA). This thing that became known as Obamacare is the replacement. The thing it replaced was the very centralized or socialist health care system that people attack it for being. Yes, Obama was president when a Democratic-controlled Congress put it through. But the ACA is a creature of the pro-corporate, pro-profit, greed-and-religion-driven Heritage Foundation. We covered this back in 2012. Yes, the Republicans are crying foul and trying to repeal their own proposal, which is really a tax cut for the very wealthiest among us. There’s your paragraph! That’s all yer gettin’, cus that’s all there is!

Equinox means the Sun crosses over the Aries Point, that great village square where personal, collective, private and public all intersect. The Aries Point is the location where the tropical zodiac is reckoned against the sidereal (star-based) zodiac. And the Sun’s arrival here resets ‘sidereal time’, a way of measuring the year using a 24-hour clock, to midnight.

Night and day are of equal length, implying balance. They’re also of equal length when the Sun is at the autumnal equinox, in Libra, the sign of balance. So the kind of equilibrium we get on the Aries side is an assertive, even aggressive, compensation for things having gone too far one way or the other.

Among many interesting features of the Equinox chart is that the Moon is conjunct Saturn and the Galactic Core to the degree. This is a reminder to stay strong on your spiritual footing, and not to let your mind be seized by prejudice, greed or uninformed opinions. If you hear yourself arguing vehemently that a triangle has four sides, take a deep breath.

The next week or so comes with some super-interesting, downright freaky astrology, which I’ve had under a microscope all weekend writing daily horoscopes.


Fractal by Barbara Lane.

There are two highlights: on Saturday, March 25, Venus and the Sun form their interior conjunction, which is the midpoint of the current Venus retrograde (which ends April 15). Just after that happens, Mercury aligns with the Earth, the Sun and the Uranus-Eris conjunction. That’s the astrology that the whole week is building up to. All the craziness in the news can be seen through this filter.

That filter is the internet. With people in public office vomiting lies and propagating chaos around the clock, we might wonder what’s going on. We live in an echo chamber, which magically and mysteriously magnifies everything. Not only is it never silent; every new sound adds to what’s already there.

Consider that what we’re witnessing and experiencing — the turmoil and the confusion and the deception — is all a function of electronic media in general and the internet in particular. The strange behavior, the near-total state of contradiction, is an effect of the background, the environment or what we call ‘the media’.

We live in a maelstrom. The only way to not get dizzy is to focus on one thing for a little while and see what happens when you hold your attention there.

4 thoughts on “Welcome to the Vernal Freaquinox!

    1. Patricia Proctor

      I was thinking about this very thing Vincent, all this week – slave wages. You know we pay waitresses a little over $2.00 per hour and no-one blinks an eye or cares a hoot about how pitiable they have it, most working two jobs. Migrant workers are no longer needed because technology has replaced them with automatic carrot, turnip, and sugar beet pullers. Even the Chinese contract out work to countries where they can get lower hourly rates (slave wages), like in Africa and Viet Nam. They can bring work back the US now that people think that $18 an hour is a fantastic salary. I ran across this anthropology site, and one author said that race and gender are a technology. And how! But people seem to be becoming obsolete, which makes me worry when people like Bill Gates want to say things like we’re overdue for a pandemic. Where, Bill?! https://savageminds.org/2015/02/09/race-is-a-technology-and-so-is-gender/

    2. Geoff Marsh

      Well, that video seems to confirm all my worst fears, Vincent, although I would respect its auteur more if the correct name for the CEO of the Daily Mail – which is Lord Rothermere, not Rothmere – had been used. It’s just a click away …

      For me, as a Brit, it made me wonder what influence the Nazi connection might have had on the abdication of King Edward VIII on December 10, 1936. We are told that it was due to his love for Wallace Simpson, an American double divorcée, a relationship which the church and British establishment found unacceptable.

      My father, a Labour supporter, respected the new king because of his concern for the plight of the working man in Britain at that time. It seemed to him that there might be a new kind of socially-aware conscience on the throne. Turns out Edward was probably more of a National Socialist than a humanitarian. In those days, after all, one was either a communist or a fascist, no grey areas permitted. Was Wallace Simpson the excuse for, rather than the cause of, Edward’s abdication?

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